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Aug 2020
Once again a masquerade,
A simple plan, hide in the shade,
Some people stare and see no one,
I am the one, most forgotten son.

Laugh hard inside, show no fear,
Hold nothing close, no one near,
Lost in a storm that rips the soul,
They tried to place me in a mold.

Just couldn't conform, nothing new,
So many thoughts, what should I do?
No one is here, to record my life,
Most pain and sorrow cuts the knife.

Grand plans were coming on in dreams,
With hopes, desires, a singular theme,
When life goes crazy, stops on a dime,
So many present to record my crime.

A simple man with a mask of hate,
Born much too late, no other mate,
Silently sat, a corner and window,
No stones to toss,  no one to owe.

Sent to the finish schools demand,
In academia lost, couldn't understand,
No social contacts, no friends abound,
Inside my head, lurks the lonely sound.

Came home a youth with wild notions,
Gave in and took society's slick potions,
Pretended to be a father, such a man,
But cries went unheard, in this sorry land.

So, here am I, long gone so mad,
From an older man to a desperate lad,
Retracing steps, reliving my past,
This slipshod life, it couldn't last.

They put me where the damp is new,
A cell of concrete, designed for two,
With silence still rings out in time,
Oh, yes, I finally lost my mind.
Written by
Carl Gene Hardwick  65/M/Arizona
   Bogdan Dragos
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