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A child lays down and wants to sleep,
Some kind of love, some kind of peace,
A fragile child who has learned no fear,
Her parents are close, both are so near.

She breathes and yawns as she does,
Outside her window, now waits a dove,
The hate to come must now be learned,
A sad reminder, a curse she'll earn.

The dove so patiently stands so tall,
Her parents show her, show her all,
With differences, all people show,
Of worldly things, she does not know.

From birth, we are most a clean slate,
We know no prejudice, know no hate,
We do not steal, we do not reap,
Or do we have what we can't keep?

The little children playing at school,
Have they been taught the Golden Rule?
What people will they all become,
With eyes darkened, hearts so numb?

When they awake, these young people,
Who works so hard to climb a steeple,
Then pushing others far, far aside,
They can not linger, they can not hide.

These lessons come with many years,
We're taught to separate and to fear,
Grind all who are different into the ground,
Humanity lost goes round and round.

The little child wakes up and now sees,
Her parents laughing, she wants to be,
But, will she learn that love paves the way,
For better lives and most loving days?

The little child won't know.
Now rabbits are fine in the morning,
But I must now give you a warning,
When the time comes to make all the food,
Sometimes all they can be is rude.

One fellow who now comes to mind,
Was so private and silly and fine,
But his jacket of gold stood him proud,
And his voice was so sweet and not loud.

His mother awoke one fine morning,
Said "it's time" without any warning,
When the babies came early that day,
Little Timothy had nothing to say.

His brothers and sisters were wild,
But Timothy was tender and mild,
Never speaking long in his growth,
His mother loved him now the most.

All the others laughed when he fell,
Falling headfirst into a deep well.
Neither mother nor father aware,
One less rabbit, who really cares?

But Timothy lay lonely and sad,
Scared his parents yelling and mad,
When they learned what he had done,
Deep inside the well with no sun.

But his mother yelled, "where is my son?
Other rabbits, what have you done?"
No one spoke or told her of the well,
Or, how Timothy had so clumsily fell.

All the children stood silent and still,
Until one had felt bad and so ill,
"Mother, I pushed him into the well,
and I'm sorry, I hope you can tell."

All was good when Timothy rose,
Showing his little and small nose,
At the top of the well, he jumped down,
Ever smiling and not wearing a frown.

"No more ever silent will I will be,
I forgive you dear brother can't you?
Timothy rabbit now stood tall,
Finally speaking to one and to all.
Someone said the time is past,
With hatred, darkness, will it last?
Why do people have anger inside?
What are these people trying to hide?

The separate notion we are singular beings,
Block out the sun with no one seeing,
Of all what Earth has now to give,
Must now we focus on how to live.

A little child with the skin of brown,
Feels lost, alone, is nowhere found,
The child, so beauty and happiness,
Does not have to be hardily pressed,

An Asian child comes skipping here,
She's singing hope and has no fear,
The man sees her and knocks her down,
She cries and screams so lying ground.

The white children know they belong
Together dancing and singing songs,
But, here the man comes racing to see,
Just how to make these children flee.

The reservation holds many at bay,
They try to speak, kept far away,
No one cares much about them now,
Why such injustice is allowed?

The final analysis tells us one thing,
We're only humans, let all of us sing,
We need to share and learn to grow,
Our children never have hated to know.

Here is my heart, my pledge to you,
To spread the love, not just a few,
Some want to hate and still to slay,
But their day is coming, anyway.
grab, grab, grab the gun
run, run, run along
crowd, crowd, crowd here
****, ****, **** the march
laugh, laugh, laugh out loud
see, see, see  children now
want, want, want to speak
push, push, push alone
scream, scream, scream to hear
soldiers, soldiers, soldiers fear
bullets, bullets, bullets on skin
ranting, ranting, ranting words
listening, listening, listening horn
lights, lights, lights at night
cold, cold, cold the wind
sudden, sudden, sudden now
gas, gas, gas fly at us high
burn, burn, burn the eyes
blood, blood, blood on face
fight, fight, fight human race
wish, wish, wish for light
glass, glass, glass gone from stores
panic, panic, panic is clear
run, run, run from the fear
trucks, trucks, trucks clear
men, men, men hate the place
freedom, freedom human race
race, race, race to our cars
hope, hope, hope not so far
living, living, living is gone
who took democracy and our songs?
Just a man, a simple man,
Living all alone and sad,
Stuck inside hurt and pain,
Poor man, lonely once again.

Living life, without a hope,
Walking slowly on a rope,
A rope that holds on too tight,
Going to bed, alone at night.

Just a man, who's lived long,
Forgotten times, missing songs,
Partners come, and they go,
Remembering names, who to

Married long and married love,
Just one morning, life was shoved,
Buried deep in some lost land,
Couldn't help it, deep in sand.

Growing laundry in a pile,
Dishes soiled, no peace, no mild,
Mild moments laughing, and gone,
Where now to be, where to belong.

Eyes of water with vision lost,
Heart is breaking, heavy cost,
Aching body moves so slow,
No medical help, no more to know.

Just a man in a crumbling home,
Feels like he's gone, a stodgy knome,
No feels, no reason, to wake at dawn,
No place to be, where to belong.

A long and winding road ahead,
Someday he'll go, he will be dead,
But no one knows his sorrow and pain,
He walks alone in a heavy rain.

Just a man, with no crowd around,
One day he tripped and wasn't found,
Spent days in pain, lying on the floor,
Then came a knocking on the door.

They tried to save him, what a cost,
Another soul gone, another one lost,
And life goes on, no stopping there,
Who stopped to know, who really cared?
Once again a masquerade,
A simple plan, hide in the shade,
Some people stare and see no one,
I am the one, most forgotten son.

Laugh hard inside, show no fear,
Hold nothing close, no one near,
Lost in a storm that rips the soul,
They tried to place me in a mold.

Just couldn't conform, nothing new,
So many thoughts, what should I do?
No one is here, to record my life,
Most pain and sorrow cuts the knife.

Grand plans were coming on in dreams,
With hopes, desires, a singular theme,
When life goes crazy, stops on a dime,
So many present to record my crime.

A simple man with a mask of hate,
Born much too late, no other mate,
Silently sat, a corner and window,
No stones to toss,  no one to owe.

Sent to the finish schools demand,
In academia lost, couldn't understand,
No social contacts, no friends abound,
Inside my head, lurks the lonely sound.

Came home a youth with wild notions,
Gave in and took society's slick potions,
Pretended to be a father, such a man,
But cries went unheard, in this sorry land.

So, here am I, long gone so mad,
From an older man to a desperate lad,
Retracing steps, reliving my past,
This slipshod life, it couldn't last.

They put me where the damp is new,
A cell of concrete, designed for two,
With silence still rings out in time,
Oh, yes, I finally lost my mind.
Here comes the eternal day,
The day, where all have come to play,
A time when all times mixed together,
We've braved the storm, the lonely weather.

There is the moment, itched hard in stone,
Where children play, there's those alone,
Together, wondering what is to come to past,
Where nothing is here, and nothing can last.

When off, we go so skurrying around,
There is no judging, there's is no sound,
High on the temple, the priestess sings,
There's hope, where hope, will finally bring.

So, is this life that endures beyond life?
No hate, no longing, no endless strife,
Together melting as souls sometimes do,
The innocent, the loving, the silent few.

We give, we take, we hope and we cry,
Along the path, we sometimes die,
But live the life that begins, nothing ends,
Share what we have and let it be, my friend.

In leaving a message, a creative remorse,
This living a life, I heartily must endorse,
Leave knowing, and sharing, and laughing, true,
Life's for the beginning, one's brand new.

Fear, not the coming, the eventual tide,
The time when there's nothing to hide,
Step lively into the interstellar belief,
That's life's for living, have nothing, grief.
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