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Sep 2020
Just a man, a simple man,
Living all alone and sad,
Stuck inside hurt and pain,
Poor man, lonely once again.

Living life, without a hope,
Walking slowly on a rope,
A rope that holds on too tight,
Going to bed, alone at night.

Just a man, who's lived long,
Forgotten times, missing songs,
Partners come, and they go,
Remembering names, who to

Married long and married love,
Just one morning, life was shoved,
Buried deep in some lost land,
Couldn't help it, deep in sand.

Growing laundry in a pile,
Dishes soiled, no peace, no mild,
Mild moments laughing, and gone,
Where now to be, where to belong.

Eyes of water with vision lost,
Heart is breaking, heavy cost,
Aching body moves so slow,
No medical help, no more to know.

Just a man in a crumbling home,
Feels like he's gone, a stodgy knome,
No feels, no reason, to wake at dawn,
No place to be, where to belong.

A long and winding road ahead,
Someday he'll go, he will be dead,
But no one knows his sorrow and pain,
He walks alone in a heavy rain.

Just a man, with no crowd around,
One day he tripped and wasn't found,
Spent days in pain, lying on the floor,
Then came a knocking on the door.

They tried to save him, what a cost,
Another soul gone, another one lost,
And life goes on, no stopping there,
Who stopped to know, who really cared?
Written by
Carl Gene Hardwick  65/M/Arizona
   Norman Crane
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