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carvermon Jun 14
Let the words go
let them flow and spread out
all about
'fore you're dead from a head steamed with dreams
muffled screams
and the reams of mute prose
that never arose
to those minds of your kind
needing feeding from reading the lines that you've mined.
carvermon May 28
I want my tears to change something
To fix the time
Restart the song
Return the missing spark

Knowing the years hold everything
Dances and dreams
Blessings and pain
All that we've had and will need

Longing for fears to mean nothing
Not feeling loss
Conscious of love
Aware of the light that has shone
carvermon May 26
All called
To stand ground for ideals
Futures stalled
To crush walls that oppress
Free to fight, fight to free
When led honestly
Bring more light
To the world
- Not less

Many sent
In the wake of thoughtless fear
Lives spent
To pay rent on a worthless machine
Years of death, death of years
Reckless plan engineers
Feed their pride
Fill their purse
- Truth unseen
carvermon May 25
Enjoying a White Russian
and then
set it down to my side
and then
told the cat he'd better not mess with it...
and then he did
and it got all political
Freakin' Russia
Freakin' cats
Freakin' borders
Freakin' gnats
Always buzzing
Tension mounting
Release will come
Once we stop counting
Just sip your drink
And cool your head
Relax yourself before you're dead
At least
that’s what
that one self said
carvermon May 24
Bolt of sudden loss
Numb glimmers of disbelief
Past glow offers calm
carvermon May 23
She spoke
To the wall that shouldn't be there
She spoke
To challengers of her dare
Dreams, nerves and notions
Will kindle emotions
But the voice can put change in the air

— The End —