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brat bunny Sep 2018
Do you hear the suffering,
and cries.
Do you see the desperation
in my eyes.
Do you see the drowning
of your lies.

Can you feel, Mrs. Black Widow?
Or is your heart black as coal,
and your mind void of hope?
brat bunny Sep 2018
I can fall in love so quickly and effortless
I see you and my heart is taken
Why does this happen?
I don’t know

But it hurts so much to climb back up and piece myself together
People’s hearts are like glass, one tiny push and everything falls apart
Mine is made of broken glass and missing it’s pieces

I can fall in love so quickly and effortless
I don’t why it happens to me
I’m boreeddd
brat bunny Sep 2018
There was once a girl,
she wasn't well known,
she fell down a rabbit hole.
She tried to get up,
but she couldn't break free,
and she was locked in the chains of insanity
CREDIT to Alice in Wonderland; Madness Returns
brat bunny Sep 2018
I feel like we live in the world now where every little piece of you, your body, your heart, your mind, everything makes you apart of something bigger than yourself.
I feel like every little piece of you is lovable and always will be that way.
Don't let anyone tell you that something is wrong with you.
I feel like every little piece of you is imperfect in its own way
I feel like no one is perfect, the only thing is imperfect, and that makes you completely human and alive and real ... and lovable.

I feel like
How I feel for today.
brat bunny Sep 2018
Cotton Candy Skies
Won't You be Mine?
I am just using lyrics don't get mad
brat bunny Sep 2018
How do you write your whole world into one line?
It feels like I am pouring the ocean into an Olympic swimming pool.
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