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Somewhere between hopeful eyes
And clumsy smiles
Lies everything I wish I knew how to say.

Somewhere between stumbling words
And averted glances
Rests a graveyard of rhetoric,
Haunting a head anything but vacant.

If my affection is lost between shrugs of insecurity and nervous laughter,
Do the butterflies in my stomach
Stir up the words I've swallowed?

If communication's greatest grasp is
non verbal,
Does the sighing of my heart speak for
The absence within my tongue?

Somewhere between clenched teeth
And an expended explanation,
Lies everything I can't say
About everything I can't have.
 Sep 2015 brokenperfection
this habitation of the mind
bone, skin and muscle

has the power to travel
anywhere its imagination goes

leaving behind for awhile
constrictions of place and time
 Aug 2015 brokenperfection
His smile has rained over my ribcage
where inside rests a soil field
for him to grow hundreds of red tulips
as red as my kiss to his sweet lips
and they've been blocking my breathing
each time he tells me that he's leaving
or simply return to me and staying
so I pluck them all and start counting
one and two and three
does he loves me not?
or does he loves me?
until teardrop falls and I cannot see
cause it always ends up with him
not loving me
August is wonderful month for star gazing.
Camellias, dauphin Oise and renuculars in full bloom this August
How much sun does my August Moon flowers needs;
the more sun, the more golden the texture shine  on through

Here came the brides, marching down the aisles with theirs fathers
While, the theme of Goldenrod, Sunflower yellow, Saffron and Dandelion takes center stage,

August is a month that stands its own merit
an excellent month for bird migration, but not for illegal immigrants
August's birth flower is gladiolus, its comes with, calm, integrity, and infatuation

August is the wayward month no less.
Star gazing at its best
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