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Brianna Springs Nov 2019
I am but a faint memory in everyone’s head.
I am yet to disappear at a moment in time
when no one will expect anything to happen
not even my closest friends and family
will notice a change in my behavior or thoughts.
Being nothing important is my only meaning in this world
being blessed with such uncontrollable feelings and emotions.
Depression has finally reached the point
to where I will scream, cry, yell, cut myself, and stand or sit emotionless,
less I am in a group in which I have to talk in.
Other than that I have taught myself to show up emotionless
and think of only my deepest thoughts
in a wonderlust of pulsing imagination
coursing through my veins
with every new soft, cold, long breath
each one killing me faster and faster.
~Brianna Springs   11/1/18
Brianna Springs Nov 2019
Sunshine makes her skin glow,
Like honeydew dripping from it’s blossom.
The stars can not compare to her everlasting beauty.
Strength and power, love and wisdom,
All shimmer out into the world.
She walks with grace, like a cool smooth breeze of the wind.
Her smile radiates in the room.
Her voice as soft as a lullaby.
The soft chocolate ruby brown eyes,
The soft luminous honey blonde hair blows in the wind
Smelling of a sheen cocoa and shea butter.
~Brianna Springs 11/13/19
Just something a little fun.
Brianna Springs Nov 2019
Death stands there watching us.
There is no escape.
Dreams are the only thing we hold onto.
It creeps on us lurching and whispering
Thoughts of pain and turmoil will occur.
He devours our souls making us empty and emotionless.
~Brianna Springs 11/1/18

— The End —