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23/F/Sacramento    recently laid off from my job and my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me. Dealing with depression, anxiety, and plenty of unhealthy coping ...
kenny Diamond
NY    A heart of gold My thoughts so deep and complex a vibe master words that tore my heart apart A lost coconut looking for his ...
17/F/Wisconsin    Writing is my mental refresh. I was in a bad spot for a while so a lot of my poems seem really sad and droopy ...
Katherine Brooks
24/F/Atlanta    "Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are all noble pursuits, and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive ...
18/F    Dreamy girl lost in reality
G Rog Rogers
M/Los Angeles    ----------Poetry, Lyrix, Musings, Quotes-- ---Freelance Writer, Poet--------- --RocknJazz GuitaristComposer-- Options Trader *G Rog Rogers on Facebook* ©2017-18 Archive Secretariat General Publications
Canada    I feel like poetry is the best way to express concepts that many others are unable to understand
Durban (South Africa)    Nothing special here but thoughts of my own , No major in English , Nor literary degree, no command of the language or verse and ...
RIGIDStephany Paola Goico
Anna Patricia
Philippines    Words left unsaid
Jackie Mead
58/F/United Kingdom    I am a published Children's Author I have three children and five grandchildren I love writing, reading, poetry, running Connect with me: Meet Mr. Mouse, ...
Bangalore    Silver moon hiding behind passing dark clouds and the breeze, shivers my soul.
21/F    she/her/hers
57/F    Do not fear, anything!
Paul Jones
30/M/UK    A dyad comprises two jolly lines of ten syllables, each line spaced into five. A logos is playful rhetoric exploring the nature of an abstract ...
Case Coniglio
Phoenix    A modern day renaissance man of sorts...
David Alexandre Cunha
23/M/Portugal    Student; I like to observe people; Unattached from political correctness and social conventions; Favourite poem: "Howl" by Allen Ginsberg; Favourite book: "The Old Man and ...
Tyler Matthew
27/M/U.S.    "I am large, I contain multitudes" I identify as 1965 Bob Dylan standing in the doorway of a Greenwich Village nightclub with a lit cigarette ...
Benjamin Davenport
Two-Spirit/Las Vegas    My words for all to see. My words are mine. If you want to use them please ask. 2017 copyrighted.
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