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Bram Dela Cruz Mar 2017
i was behind the wheel and you were sitting on the passenger seat. your hair was knotted in a tangled mess and your favorite korean music was blaring over the speakers for the umpteenth time. i watched you as you tilted your head back and closed your eyes, letting the murmurs of the engine and breeze of the night cloud your thoughts. you held my hand and started to hum the lyrics of your favorite song and in that moment we've never felt so much more complete, we were more than invincible. the tenebrific night swirled into a blur of headlights, and car honks, and whispered wishes and stolen kisses, nevertheless, we didn't care, because we were in love, and nothing else mattered.
Bram Dela Cruz Mar 2017
"swim with us, don't be scared." they said
so i tried to culminate courage and jumped
"just try to calm down"
i plunged in the freezing, fathoms-deep lake
"everything's good"
and a blast of trepidation embraced my body
"it's not that bad"
they all frolicked like they can't feel the enormity
"it's all in your mind"
while i felt weak and i was trembling, but i smiled
"just don't think about it"
i was slowly sinking, and before i knew it, i was drowning
"try not to drown"
so i cried for help, but fear and panic engulfed me
"just try a little harder"
but i continued to sink and my lungs were straining for air
"only you can help yourself"
and i sank deeper, my lungs tight and burning
"it's a sink-or-swim world, you know?"
i drowned and that's when i realized
i can't swim
  Feb 2017 Bram Dela Cruz
Another Song
It was only for a moment, a few seconds nothing more. A blink in the eye of time. It was only for a moment, that my hand held yours. Only for a moment did I imagine maybe this is what it would be like if you loved me back. But it was only a moment , and when you withdrew your hand, that moment was gone
Bram Dela Cruz Dec 2016
all my life, i thought perhaps i was weak and i was plagued by the senselessness of it. i can't handle the storms anymore. i've never been close to giving up and it will never be the same again‬

but not this time, i whispered as i clenched my fist
but not this time, i whispered as i held my chin up high
because this time, i won't face the storm anymore
and for just a split second,
i am the storm
Bram Dela Cruz Dec 2016
this is the story, of the sun and moon
who revolved around each other, day and noon
no idea what they meant to the other
never fitting perfectly together

one night, the moon fell in love with the sun
so bright, they outshine the stars as they spun
they pirouetted through cosmos and space
coalescing as one as they embraced

As the moon constellated with the sun
it was enough to make the whole world stunned
for one moment, the shadow was adorned
but enough, for the eclipse to reborn

— The End —