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Kill me slowly Dec 2015
I love and forgive all of you.
I'm sorry.
Kill me slowly Dec 2015
walking home in the rain
with "i'm alrights" hanging over your head
sad sayings you tell even sadder souls
you meet on the bus
over yonder

they sit in the back.
trained on you
waiting for you to answer the question marks they carry on their heads
and the burdens they carry on their shoulders
and when they need something or want to talk
they look to you
for breif bits of carbon dioxide
trade offs.
spitting tongues
moving like motors
you sit and listen to the hum as it lulls you to sleep
but you're still here right next to them and  
you are
exchanging laughter now
that is
muffled by padded rooms behind your teeth.
By: Cedric McClester

She’s a Republican
In Democratic clothes
Which means - she’s beyond contempt
Someone to be loathed
An anomaly?
Well if you’re askin me
She’s what every one of ‘em
Pretends to be
A centrist
Who might go either way
On any issue
On any given day
She likes to calls it
A winning strategy
But it’s still selling out
As far as I can see

She’s a Republican
In Democratic clothes
But with the right pedigree
As everybody knows
She’s very bright
That’s obvious - it shows
Though you’ll find her
Wherever the wind blows
I often wonder
Who she really is
Behind the mask
I’m talkin ‘bout square biz
It’s hard to tell
With the naked eye
How she really feels
Though some of us do try

She’s a Republican
In Democratic clothes
Her popularity
Is always in the throes
We love her one-minute
Then hate her the next
She brings out feelings
That are that complex
She’s very hard
For us to get to know
How much is real
And how much is for show
That’s the question
On many people’s minds
What’s goin on
Behind those closed blinds

She’s a Republican
In Democratic clothes
Who’ll run for president
One day I suppose
She’s very suited
For the life she chose
A prodigy
Who won't be unopposed
There’s so much baggage
In her sordid past
The kind of thing
That usually tends to last
She’ll ascend
But then she’ll drop so fast
Say what you will
The dye’s already cast

She’s a Republican
In Democratic clothes
Who has a war chest
That grows and grows and grows
She’s courted equally
By the rich and poor
With the kind of access
That many would die for
But still she’s baffling
To say the very least
It’s hard to tell
The nature of the beast
And to add insult
Along with injury
Is we don’t know
How she's gonna be

She’s a Republican
In Democratic clothes
Who lost my vote
But that’s just how it goes
When one has trouble
Being who they are
It doesn’t matter
That they’re a rising star
I can’t support her
Under any circumstance
It would be foolish
To even take that chance
Though I do like her
I have to admit
I’ll vote against her
Or maybe I’ll just sit

© Copyright 2015, Cedric McClester - all rights reserved.
  Dec 2015 Kill me slowly
you should have known
we would be on our own
so alone
scared of tomorrow
'cause everything feels so hollow
we count the shadows
so alone
through the night
and tears follow
every breath we take
dreaming a tale that we made
but now it's no-more
like the summer we met
it's a different story
we've lost ourselves
the season couldn't stay
and we let
ourselves drift away
and now we know
how low
one can go
before the sky has withered
and now we know
why we didn't show
even though
nothing else mattered
nothing but you
nothing but you
now we don't have a clue
of what to do
and all I ever wanted
was all of you
I hope it's not true
what they say about love
so alone
on our own
we burned our home
so there would be no walls
now we have the sky
soon the tears will dry
and we can have it all
everyone but you
everything but love

now that we have the world
tell me, why does it still hurts?

Kill me slowly Dec 2015
wild waves fade like the curly cues in your hair
urges are kept under the staircase
and the tips of your
winter worries
wonder if you're good enough to carry on.
but you carry on
you walk barefoot
through the pine cones
and underbrush
to meet her.
the one who you once felt was the same.

hello familiar friend.
you are a stranger now.
Kill me slowly Nov 2015
acid snow
falls down upon a perfect world.

droplets of
sit on your roof
drip off the
brains gutter
into the
dopamine sewer.

im talking about the place i call home
lead into a perfect paradise
if you close your eyes

im talking about that feeling you get when you
reach that milestone
in your life
where you finally hit the bottom of that bottle your mom keeps on the highest shelf
your fourteen and your head feels a bit fuzzy
for the first time
you lose your sense of feeling
they have to open your tired eyes
with crowbars
and your parents laugh when you stumble the sad city streets and you fall down the stairs
on your way back home

you saw things for what they really were too quickly
and they tried to **** you for it

so you packed up the bags from under your pupils
with your sad little
blueberry eyes
you left in the night
and ran barefoot through the
snowy woods.

you know in your heart
that it doesn't get any better then this.

the faces of friends
and city signs are already
        being washed away

       **we are all
just melting against the
just a matter of time.
Kill me slowly Nov 2015
we are the leather jacket kids
riding the subway
with our music too loud
and people tell us to stop
but we don't stop
we keep running
always running
never getting tied down.

this city is on fire
the skyline looks like burning cigarettes. we will inhale
this place and the next
and breathe
it all out like    

no place will ever be home, if you stick with me kid.
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