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Ayse Buntion Jan 2019
You were my first, and I thought the universe was planned for us. But, you made other ones, your attention was already reserved. And that controlled where we went from there."

But, no one can say we didn't have the stars aligned while it lasted.

I wish the best for you in all you do, and hope you find what's right as you reach the top again.

Good days, my old friend.

This is a letter for you...
Ayse Buntion Jan 2019
I tried loving you better. But, it just wasn't enough.
Ayse Buntion Jan 2019
It feels as if he's not true to me.
I know the time we spend,
it's rough towards the end.
And, it breaks me
as he grows tired of my company.

It feels as if he doesn't really love me.
He seems as if he tried to pretend,
and only pretend,
as if he cares.
But, it's just too easy
for him to be sidetracked when I'm hurting.
It's just too easy for him to blow it off.

And, I understand I'm a sensitive soul.
I'm emotional;
Far too often do I break.

But, if he really wanted me;
And, if he really needed me;
If he really cared like he said he does.
If I really was his everything,
and the best thing to happen to him;
the most beautiful thing in his eyes,
this wouldn't feel like it does.

It feels as if he doesn't really love me.
  Jan 2019 Ayse Buntion
I took the crown off my head
To make myself more approachable
To you
And in doing so
Forgot that I ever owned one
Never lower your standards for anyone
Ayse Buntion Dec 2018
Cold as a winter no earth has ever touched;
Could freeze over every hell between birth and after death.
Life is not like the way you sleep at night;
Can't ever rest your troubled mind.
Cold as a headstone, dies deep under your flesh;
sinks into the muscle you have left.
No strength and no gain;
Can't wait till your last breath.
Hung with barbed wire around your neck,
it's all just a nightmare you can't take back.
It's all destroyed a dream you can't have back.
At night,
I only dream of death.
Cold when I'm alone,
my soul has left.
Ayse Buntion Dec 2018
Your voice,
Your touch,
Your smell;
it all means so much to me.

So many years I've spent,
looking for you;
but you always make them up to me.

It's been so long since my world has spun,
now it's turned around.
The love of you is my favorite sound.
Ayse Buntion Dec 2018
My heart had no home,
yet I saved it.
Let it roam,
instead of finding it a place to rest.

Never, would I have guessed,
that this heart,
it beat true.
And, only,
it stayed restless and not homed,
because it was waiting...
just for you.

This heart is
just for you.
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