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16.0k · May 2013
The bits of you
Amelie May 2013
I want to take the bits of you I love
and press them like flowers
between the pages of my favourite book
because I know these will never fade.

And I want to take all the scraps
that you dislike about yourself
and display them on my refrigerator
to show you I'm still proud
of the person you are
and of the person you are becoming.

But most of all, I want to spin you like a globe
and drag my fingers accross until it stops
to discover the pieces of you
that you've yet to reveal to anyone else.

I want to wrap them up in linen
and place them in an old cigar box,
I'd tuck it away safely
in the top drawer of my bedside table,
so you know I will never let
those pieces of you go

Because when you share
hidden parts of yourself
with someone else,
you're trusting that person
to hold the secret sections
of your heart,
and to love the bits you thought were unlovable.
15.5k · Jan 2013
I am not depressed
Amelie Jan 2013
I am not depressed.
I can still smile at pretty things
And laugh when jokes are funny,
I can still talk to people
And enjoy nice days.

But when I go inside,
When I'm all alone,
There is something broken.
And I fall into a sadness so sweet
That it engulfs me.
I look in the mirror
But I don't like what I see.
And the tears always fall
When I'm falling asleep,
Because I miss something
That doesn't exist.

But I am not depressed,
I've just been sad for a while.
Although I can still find the light
I can still smile.
8.1k · Apr 2013
The vow
Amelie Apr 2013
I promise to be kind every day that follows today,
I promise to stay by your side no matter what happens,
I promise to take you to dance every friday night,
I promise to sing the songs I wrote for you,
I promise I'll do anything to make you stay,
I promise to give you all the love you need,
I promise that you'll always be able to cry on my shoulder,
I promise to fall asleep in your arms,
I promise to kiss your cheek, your nose and your neck,
I promise to warm you up if your cold,
I promise to kiss you in your sleep,
I promise to make you smile all day, every day
I promise to kiss you under the rain,
I promise to write poems about how much I care for you,
I promise to travel everywhere with you by my side,
I promise to slowly carress your cheek,
I promise to bring you to the top of the Eiffel tower,
I promise to share everything I own,
I promise to tell you you're beautiful every day,
I promise to hold you in my arms and close my eyes,
I promise to make you laugh if you're feeling low,
I promise to believe in our love,
I promise to fight for it,
I promise I'll be the best girlfriend you've ever had,

I promise you happiness for the rest of your life.
6.2k · Jan 2013
Welcome to Hogwarts
Amelie Jan 2013
Oh you may not think I’m pretty,
But don’t judge on what you see,
I’ll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat than me.

You can keep your bowlers black,
Your top hats sleek and tall,
For I’m the Hogwarts Sorting Hat
And I can cap them all.

There’s nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can’t see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be.

You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart;

You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
if you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;

Or perhaps in Slytherin
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.

So put me on! Don’t be afraid!
And don’t get in a flap!
You’re in safe hands (though I have none)
For I’m a Thinking Cap!
harry potter fandom
5.2k · Mar 2012
Hello, hello
Amelie Mar 2012
Hey, remember me ?
I'm your despicable ex.
Showing off my body,
And make you miss the ***.

Hey, remember me ?
Reminding you I'm always here,
I'm your worst nightmare,
Watching you scream in despair.

Hey, remember me ?
Hiding in the corner of your room,
I'm the scary doll of your childhood,
I hunt your thoughts, I hunt your soul.

Hey, remember me ?
I'm the memory you wish you never had,
The thing you wish you never saw
The fact you wish you didn't know.

Hey, remember me ?
I'm the stupid part of your brain
Saying creepy things at random moments,
Wanna get rid of me ? You can't.

Hey, remember me ?
I'm your current girlfriend,
Always here for you even if I'm am nothing,
Always telling you about my feelings,
Always trying my best to please you,
Always doing the best I can do,
So maybe all these things you don't know,
But I am here ; hello, hello.
5.2k · May 2012
Amelie May 2012
My brain's torn apart,
Full of the things you've said.
But I guess you don't really care anymore
About how much I'm hurt.
If you knew how I spent the few last nights,
Crying my eyes out, emptying my body
Now I'm empty.
I've given you everything ;
My trust, my passion, my heart, my love,
I had reorganised all my life
Depending on what you were doing
Or where you were going.

Oh I don't thing you realise
Or if you can even imagine,
The pain I'm going through right now.
Every time I hear a song, it reminds me of you
Every time I get a text,
I hope it's from you.
I wish I could call you when I miss you,
Like I used to do when we were together.

The hardest part in all of this,
is thinking that I will never be able to hold you
in my arms again,
Nor tell you I love you
and that I wish you were here with me.
I just want to taste your lips just one more time.
Spend the night with you, curled up in your arms,
My head would rest near your neck
Our fingers would be tangled,

I can't stand to see you now,
I'm so hurt. If only you knew.
I can't believe you asked if we could stay friends,
Have your feelings for me died ?
I'm so sorry I ******* up everything
once again.
I keep talking to you inside my head,
I don't understand.
I must be going crazy.

Look at me now,
There's nothing left.
I still wish you would take me back.
I just want to crawl down at your knees,
Telling you how much I miss you
I'm so sorry I'm so weak,
I can't stop thinking about our moments together
Our first kiss is my best memory
But every second was source of joy.

Please forgive me for being so madly in love with you,
Now I'm just trying to pick up the pieces
of my broken heart.
4.9k · Mar 2013
First & last
Amelie Mar 2013
She was beautiful,
But not in the beautiful ways you like to think so
She did not have hair that dripped gold
Her eyes were not the colours of the cold sea
But her smile was crooked and bent
Her lips were chapped and thin
She did not have a gentle laugh
Nor did she speak humble thoughts
But she was beautiful
In the way the shore kisses my feet
In the way the moon hides itself in the curtain of darkness
She was beautiful
In the way wind dances with hair
In the way shy lovers hold hands
She was beautiful in the way of morning air
And black coffee
And the love poems that live in each broken heart
Spilling red oil into blue lungs,
Suffocating happiness right out of its shell
And she was beautiful
Because she refused to taste sadness
Even though it was the only thing she had left to eat.
4.5k · Apr 2013
Loss of innocence
Amelie Apr 2013
That terrible moment when
You wake up from your wonderful dream
And you realise
That none of it was true
And that you never got back together
With the person you've lost
And that you never will.

And you're just sat there on your bed
Feeling like somebody stole you something
But nobody did,
It's just that you've realised
The horrible reality of things ;
It's just that you've lost
All your hopes at once ;
It's just that you've grown up
A little bit too fast.

But don't worry, it's fine
To feel depressed because
You're not a child anymore.
4.0k · Jul 2013
Things we've lost
Amelie Jul 2013
Yesterday I dropped a penny in my room
And it ran and hid under my bed,
Looking on the floor, trying to find it,
I found my old diary instead.

I began laughing but after some time,
After taking a few looks at what I had written,
I realised all the things we've lost,
And I have to admit, now I'm a bit fightened.

"Dear diary, yesterday I went round her house,
And we made love for the very first time
She loves me and it's just beautiful,
What can I say, I play with the big boys now."

"Dear diary, like every wednesday afternoon,
Today she came by to say hello,
And we laid on my bed for hours,
Just talking, laughing, and kissing also."

"Dear diary, my world turns around hers,
Therefore she can also be the reason of my tears
But when I cry, she kisses me,
And catches every drop of water out of my eyes."

"Dear diary, she laid down by my side,
And I held her tight in my arms,
Then she said she loved me,
So I kissed her, there's no harm."

"Dear diary, today when we were together,
She kissed my cheek softly
And started counting my beauty spots,
I don't know why it made me so happy."

"Dear diary, today we had a little fight,
And it makes me die a little inside,
I hung up on her and I'm so sorry,
But I didn't want her to hear me cry.."

"Dear diary, it's over."
"Dear diary, I miss her."

Those were the last words I wrote
But I think it's not enough,
So I took my pen and finished the journal,
Even if for my heart it was a bit tough.

"Dear diary, today more than one year has passed, and I lifted the pieces off the ground. I've known ups and downs but hey, I'm still standing ! This is kind of a message of hope for the future me reading this : of course you'll always love her, of course you'll always miss your first love, of course you'll always think about her sweet laugh, of course you're still in love with her. But it's okay, I mean you're still alive right ? Don't forget about yourself."

                                                     ­             RIP my heart. I think it broke again.
My biggest weakness lies in front of your eyes
3.8k · Jul 2011
Smile !
Amelie Jul 2011
Stop trying to be perfect,
There's no reason to be worried
Everybody has a defect,
Everybody is a bit stupid.

Stop listening to those people
Who say you're not worth it,
They're just trying to hurt your soul,
Trying to **** your spirit.

Stop hiding your face
Under so much foundation,
Dark circles will not be erased,
It won't bring you admiration...

Stop everything. Just live. Just love.
Do something you like to do,
It will become all you can think of.
Don't let anything stop you.

Smile, because life is amazing,
And because you want to be happy
Smile, just spread your wings,
And be who you want to be.

Think about all those people around you,
Who think you are special
Think that their love is so true,
And that's why life is magical.

You have so many things to live for,
Smile, because you want to be someone,
And because you want to do more
Smile, because you want to be a free man.

*Smile. Life is beautiful.
3.8k · Mar 2012
Mysterious Ramona
Amelie Mar 2012
There she was, standing in a corner,
Staring at me as I was dancing
Occupy the dance floor, tonight or forever,
Watch me go, 'cause I am the Queen.

What's that drink you're holding again
Your cup's empty, want me to pour more ?
Nevermind dear, just take my hand
And follow my lead onto the dance floor.

Mysterious Ramona, the blue-eyed girl
Come over here and let yourself fly
Forget it all, take over the world,
Move your hips until you die.

Never seen someone dancing like this,
Look at those moves, the temperature's hot
Would you mind if I blew you a kiss
Your beauty's all over me, it's not my fault.

Music goes on and on and on and on
Come closer to me, give me that look
Grab my face, move, be someone
Your eyes caught me, now I am hooked.

Mysterious Ramona, the blue-eyed girl
Come over here and let yourself fly
Forget it all, take over the world,
Move your hips until you die.

Hear that sound, it's my heart beating fast
I want to keep you by my side
Don't know why but I want this to last
Feeling your body rushed against mine.

Your hands lost in my hair,
You're biting your lips
Your hands up in the air,
You're moving your hips.

Mysterious Ramona, the blue-eyed girl
Come over here and let yourself fly
Forget it all, take over the world,
Move your hips until you die.
Inspired by an unknown girl met at a party.
3.5k · Mar 2012
I don't mind, I don't care
Amelie Mar 2012
I haven't seen you for two whole weeks,
But I don't mind, no I don't care.

I haven't dried off the tears on your cheeks,
But I don't mind, no I don't care.

I broke my promise once again,
But I don't mind, no I don't care.

I left you waiting in the rain,
But I don't mind, no I don't care.

I don't remember everything I should,
But I don't mind, no I don't care.

I forgot to call you when I said I would,
But I don't mind, no I don't care.

I'm way too busy to talk to you,
But I don't mind, no I don't care.

You're mad at me for everything I do,
But I don't mind, no I don't care.

I hurt you all the time, always,
But I don't mind, no I don't care.

You show me your love in so many ways,
But I don't mind, no I don't care.

I know you can't take it anymore,
But I don't mind, no I don't care.

I know you're gonna walk out the door,
But I don't mind, no I don't care.

If you want to leave, go.
I won't follow.
I don't mind, no I don't care.
Not my point of view.
3.3k · Dec 2012
When we meet again
Amelie Dec 2012
Baby, have you ever thought
Of the moment when we meet again ?
Maybe you'll enjoy my company, maybe not,
At least in my heart there'll be no rain.
It may be on a stormy Sunday,
Another love at first sight, like a lightning strike,
Or it might be in the pretty month of May,
Under the sun, a field full of flowers, riding bikes.
I don't know what will happen
The day we meet again,
I only know I'll be speechless, breathless, frozen,
I'll hem and haw, like when I was ten.
Can't know if it's been through your mind,
Have you ever thought about that ?
I can picture the moment a thousand times
I can feel it in my heart.
Look, I'm not saying it will be magical
'Cause we're humans ; humans make mistakes,
At worst I'll drown you in alcohol,
So you don't remember me when you awake.
Hey I know I haven't been the perfect girlfriend,
Took me 6 months to realise.
But I don't want our story to end,
I'll work it out.
I swear I won't try anything,
Holding my love back is what I do best
But if I may promise something :
If you tempt me, I'll do the rest.
Who said I wanted another chance ?
I never even dare to think about it,
All I can do is ask for a dance
And see you smile with your eyes lit.
Just seeing you.
Oh, my. That moment. Can't imagine it.
Just seeing your face after all I've been through.
That's my reward for all the time I've waited.

I am not expecting anything from you.
I'm just like, hey, long time no see.
I know the subject of "us" is taboo,
I just wanna make sure you're happy.
2.6k · Jun 2013
Night in
Amelie Jun 2013
The vague temptation of your deliciousness
Is hanging over my head
And the sweet taste of your salty skin
Still makes me feel like I'm dead,

Killed by your mouth laid on my neck
Chilled by your hands sliding on my body
Thrilled by your fingers intertwined with mine
Quilled by your eyes, bright in obscurity.

I remember your barely visible smile,
And your shivering lips
I remember the tip of your breast
Getting harder every time I touched it,
With the fresh carress of night falling down.

I want to hear you panting again,
Watch your chest go up and down
As you were breathing heavily
Getting ready for the final knockdown.

I remember the burning light in your eyes
And your teeth softly biting your lips
As your hands hovered my naked body
Getting to know me, bits after bits.

I rcan still see your head slightly tilted back
And your open mouth, looking for fresh air
To cool down your own temperature,
And my hands tearing off what you had left to wear.

I can still feel your tense fingers
Vainly clinging the sheets of my bed,
Your hot, heavy breathing sliding on my skin,
The voices screaming inside my head.

Finally I remember your tongue slow dancing with mine
And the three words you said when I never asked you to,
Sweet, soft, quiet, light and almost inaudible
The magical, crazy "Baby, I want you."
2.3k · Feb 2014
Nevermind the Lost ones.
Amelie Feb 2014
I'm the type of person who can either sit by herself under a weeping willow
Reading quietly or writing poetry about life being an inside inferno,
Or who can go clubbing with her friends, get drunk and show up at 5 in the morning.
That's me, I either spend my day being in an immense joy, or spend it mourning.

I'm the type of person who is everything and its contrary,
I can fall in love with the same person whom I hated yesterday,
I can forgive in two seconds someone at whom I've been angry
I can be strongly willing to leave, and then I suddenly decide to stay.

Once I realised I wasn't in love with the person I had been waiting for, two years after
And realised at the same second that I wanted the person I had just lost.
My brain and heart didn't quite agree with each other,
But now it's to late to get back the girl I love the most.

One minute someone's my best friend, then she gets on my nerves
One minute I really want something, then I just change my mind,
One minute I find myself pretty, then I suddenly hate my curves
One minute I wanna open my eyes to the reality of the world, then I wish I was blind.

I suddenly realise why some people can't see me,
I'm so hard to live with, too difficult to stand,
I'm actually working on myself to be the person I want to be,
Because if I don't react, she's not coming back, ya'll understand ?

To all the Lost souls wandering around the Earth,
If you have problems, believe me they all come from you.
You'll have to give your life another chance, a rebirth,
Otherwise you'll be the person you never wanted to.
Wrote this at 4am, when I realised the reason people I love always leave me.
2.3k · Jul 2011
Double Meaning
Amelie Jul 2011
Tell me - What's actually going on between us ?
I'm not sure whether I like this or not
It makes me so happy but I lose my focus
There's something strong but it's not my fault.

Tell me - What's the nature of our relationship ?
I'd like, just for a second, to get you out of my mind
It oppened my eyes and now I can't blink
There's something strong that I can't define.

Tell me - Do you believe in love at first sight ?
I know I do, it's happened to me
It's going on inside of me, an internal fight
There's something strong and I want to break free.

Tell me - What are your feelings towards me ?
I don't think they're as true as mine for you
It really is going to drive me crazy
There's something strong and nothing I can do.

Tell me - Is that what they call 'Love' ?
I am so scared and have so many regrets,
It became the only thing I can think of
There's something strong that I can't forget.

Tell me - Why do I act so shy around you ?
I am so open and talkative with other people
It's weird how a simple feeling can become so deep and true
There's something strong but it's drowning my soul.

Tell me - How exactly would you describe us together ?
I can't say what I think, all my thoughts are gone
It has been chasing me since a tuesday in September
There's something strong but I want it to leave me alone.

Tell me - What's about you that makes me forget the others ?
I'm really confused by all those different emotions
It is gonna **** me if I don't find answers
There's something strong and I can't find reasons.

Tell me - Why do I miss you so much when you're not here ?
I always feel hurt, but I don't know who to blame
It better go away, let me live, disappear
There's something strong that's causing me pain.

Tell me - Why am I pretending that everything's fine ?
I still remember holding your hand through the whole night
It was cold and your fingers were slowly caressing mine
There's something strong but it's killing my heart.

Tell me – Do you think I have wasted too much time ?
I've been wondering for too long if you'll ever be mine
It's hurting me now, I think the time has come
To reveal my feelings to you, and maybe we will share some...

And here I am, waiting for your answer
Shaking in the dark, eyes wide open with anxiety
Will you say ''no'' and try to forget me ?
Or will you say ''yes'' and be mine forever ?
2.2k · Jun 2013
Imagine a world, part II
Amelie Jun 2013
Can you imagine a world where
Every single word that you say,
Every tiny word that gets out of your mouth,
Would lend somewhere on your body ?
A world where every letter
Would end up tattooed on your face
Or on a place that can't be hidden.
In a world like this,
Can you imagine being mean ?
Being cruel ?
Insulting others ?
Can you imagine a world where
People would run the streets up and down
With written on their forehead :
"You're a ****."

In a world like this,
Would you be more careful
About what you say ?
2.2k · Sep 2013
Amelie Sep 2013
Oh look, you've finally said it
But what took you so long ?
After all this time crying,
I'm hurt enough to write a song.
Why couldn't you just say it before,
Before I changed my mind,
Is that only an excuse for leaving,
Or do I have to consider it like a sign ?
Is this some kind of grudge
You've been holding onto ?
Or are you being honest,
And you want me back with you ?
I don't quite understand how
You can pour those feelings out now
I'm burning from the inside,
You make me feel so down.
In my mind there's that fire,
That just wouldn't go out
I don't believe you really know
What you're talking about

And now I'll just burn, burn, burn,
Burn from the inside
The flames are reignited
I'm just seeing the downsides
You're making me burn again,
Starting from where you left me
Coming back for another round,
I'm ready for it don't you worry.
2.1k · Aug 2013
I love you, but I love her
Amelie Aug 2013
I love you as much as I love
The first ray of sunshine in the morning,
But I love her as much as I love
The first star in the night sky

I love you as much as I love
Getting into my bed when it's really cold,
But I love her as much as I love
A carress of fresh air when it's really hot

I love you as much as I love
My cup of coffee when I wake up,
But I love her as much as I love
Aspirin when I'm hangover

I love you as much as I love
Wearing a nice outfit when I go out,
But I love her as much as I love
Wearing sweat pants when I'm all alone

I love you as much as I love
Getting naked when we're together,
But I love her as much as I love
Getting her naked when we're together
Inspired by my jealous gf
2.1k · Nov 2011
Long time no see.
Amelie Nov 2011
So here goes our story.
You left everything behind you,
And whatever you think of me,
I fear it might be true.

Apparently, I was just a mistake,
And now you want to let me go
But you give less than you take,
So you can leave , I won't follow.

What did you think I would do,
Lay on my bed, cry all day long ?
You thought I couldn't live without you ?
I am happy to prove you wrong.

You said you wanted to stay friends,
Please, what kind of ******* is that.
In real life, it never happens,
I know we won't talk again.. ****.

Leave, step out of my life now,
You're not wanted here anymore
I've gotten over you somehow,
I won't cry for you on the kitchen floor.

And next time we come across each other,
You will say « Long time, no see »
And I'll be like « Yeah, whatever,
You don't mean anything to me. »
2.0k · Jun 2012
Still in my heart
Amelie Jun 2012
My heart's now filled with melancholy,
My lungs with smoke, my eyes with tears,
My liver with a poison
That I drink to forget you.

I'm celebrating today
Four weeks of being all alone;
Four weeks of being dumped, violently
Oh, please pour me another drink.

And even though you've moved on,
We're staying friends, we're still talking ;
Oh darling of course you're still in my heart.

Of couse I'm still in love with you.
Of course I still wish I could hold you tight,
tight against me.

You can't imagine how much it hurts
To pretend I'm feeling good.
Nobody knows for real.

And what I talk to you, I can smell your perfume
It reminds me of all our nights together.
Nothing can harm me more..
Oh darling, of course I still love you.

Et je me dis que plus rien ne sera comme avant,
Je ne pourrai plus te dire que je t'aime,
ou que tu me manques.
Je ne pourrai plus te serrer contre moi,
embrasser ta nuque et rire avec toi.
Et même si tu pars bientôt,
que je ne risque pas de te revoir avant un certain temps,
c'est toi que mon coeur a choisie.
Et je continuerai de t'aimer.
tu me manques tellement.
2.0k · Mar 2014
Don't kill the Angel in me
Amelie Mar 2014
We've been through Hell together darling
That's why it's time to get back on our feet
We haven't lost everything,
You can still make my heart skip a beat

So we can work this out together,
You and I are meant to last forever
We just need to work a little harder
Baby, give me a chance to make it better.

We were fine then ******* it up,
But deep down I feel in my bones
That now, sweetie, I can make it all up
To you, to me, to what I have done.

But need your help, I can't do this alone
Just help me out and we will be just fine,
We can go back to what we have known,
Your warm hugs are still on my mind...

But before giving us another chance,
I need to be sure this is what you really want.
Are you sure you want to have the same romance ?
Please say yes, you're the only one I want..
2.0k · May 2013
Tes rides
Amelie May 2013
Assise sur tes genoux, les yeux levés vers ton visage
Fatigué par les souvenirs d’une lointaine tristesse,
Je regarde ta figure souriante et marquée par l’âge,
Je suis du bout des doigts les preuves de ta vieillesse.
Chaque creux qui vit à l’ombre de ton front
Me renvoie à un instant de ton passé profond,
Tous tes sourires, tes larmes et tes soucis
Me rappellent qu’il y a une histoire derrière ces plis.
Grand-Père, je dois avouer que ton visage froissé
Me montrent toutes les épreuves que tu as dû traverser.
Sorry I needed to save this on any website and didn't have a clue where. So here, have my French work.
1.9k · Jan 2015
Amelie Jan 2015
It's become so hard to write beautiful poems
Because it seems that I only pour my sadness out when I write
And I have absolutely no reason for sadness
Therefore I just leave my pen on my desk,
I don't ever pick it up anymore ;
Because I now know joy and everything that goes with it
Now I only listen to swinging songs
And I just dance to them all night long,
Now I only watch decent films and not depressing ones,
Even my psychologist says I've overcome my depression
But now I can't write anymore..
I've forgotten what beauty sounds like
When I try to put my happiness down on paper
I can't even do it properly

I'm used to writing about death
And tears, lost love and broken hearts
Now all my sadness' gone
And I wish I could write about her smile
But my poem would be too joyful, and that is just not me.
1.9k · Jun 2013
Say it
Amelie Jun 2013
Say yes                                                                                                           Say no
To sunshine in the morning                                                                            To darkness when you're alone
Say yes                                                                                                           Say no
To any piece of advice                                                                                   To the people who aren't true
Say yes                                                                                                           Say no
To night lights on the city                                                                               To lights in broad daylight
Say yes                                                                                                           Say no
To snowfights on a winter day                                                                       To fights with the real Ones
Say yes                                                                                                           Say no
To everyone who might thank you                                                                 To the ones who aren't thankful
Say yes                                                                                                           Say no
To the strangers in need of directions                                                             To the strangers taking you away
Say yes                                                                                                           Say no
To any sign of love                                                                                         To any sign of pain
Say yes                                                                                                           Say no
To a stranger smiling at you                                                                           To a stranger grinning at you
Say yes                                                                                                           Say no
To the members of your family                                                                      To familial arguement
Say yes                                                                                                           Say no
To the signs from the Universe                                                                      To the signs sent from underneath
Say yes                                                                                                           Say no
To the differences in the world                                                                       To hunger and poverty
Say yes                                                                                                           Say no
To any change that occurs                                                                              To people leaving you
Say yes                                                                                                           Say no
To creative people                                                                                          To destroying humanity
Say yes                                                                                                           Say no
To a candle in the dark                                                                                   To loneliness
Say yes                                &nbsp
1.9k · Jun 2013
Little Fantasy
Amelie Jun 2013
Tight lips smoking a thin cigarette
Back turned on me
Face invisible,
I can only see her from behind
And imagine her head turned over
With her eyes watching me,
Begging for my touch.
Silent minded
Mouth shut,
I just want to wrap my arms
Around her weak shoulders
Lean her head back
And kiss her bare neck.
1.9k · Jan 2014
Amelie Jan 2014
when all stars are starting to fade
when all lights have been turned off
when the coffee is getting colder
when the ice is melting down
when your dreams have been crushed
when your hopes flew away
be sure that i'm never coming back.

when all the pain reaches your heart
when all the tears reach your eyes
when the food doesn't have any taste
when the alcohol replaces your blood
when your brain says you hate her
when your heart says you love her
be sure that i'm never forgiving what you did.

when all days are spent crying
when all nights are spent crying
when the clouds are rolling in
when the sky laughs at your face
when your whole body cries for help
when your life is a complete Hell
be sure that i still love you.
1.9k · Apr 2013
How to write a love song
Amelie Apr 2013
First you try and create the mood,
A quiet and peaceful atmosphere
Give us more romance than you should,
Find your inner voice, calm and clear.

Then your hands on the piano
Should look like the wings of a butterfly
Tell us about that girl you know,
Tell a story that would make us cry.

Just write a love song,
With stupid clichés and stupid romance
Make us sing along,
And give us the chance
To fall in love tonight.

Try to remember about
All the chances you missed
And what hurt the most in your past
And all those goodbye kisses ;

Turn those memories into
A stupid song with a stupid name,
Like "That girl I thought I knew",
And don't come back with no fame.

Just write a love song,
With stupid clichés and stupid romance
Make us sing along,
And give us the chance
To fall in love tonight.

And here we go, you're on stage,
The crowd listens to you.
Locking your heart away in a cage,
Locking away everything you knew.

Sing with your own voice the painful words
That couldn't get out of your throat ;
Admit your feelings to that special girl,
Or don't say anything at all...

Just write a love song,
With stupid clichés and stupid romance
Make us sing along,
And give yourself the chance
To fall in love tonight,
For the last time.
1.8k · Mar 2013
No body, no murder
Amelie Mar 2013
It is 4 in the morning again
And I'm still up drinking coffee
Thinking it's fine to hold my own hand
Not feeling alone, but so lonely.
What happened to this life of mine ?
Before you walked out the door
I used to be so happy all the time
And now I just can't laugh no more.

But I'm fine, yes I'm fine you know,
I've just been sad for a little while,
It's hard to think that just a year ago,
I was with the person who made me smile.
"A year ago, we were in love"
said your beloved Woody Allen
How come I ever made you think of
Leaving me by myself again.

And how come I'm still in love with you,
After all the time that's gone by
After all that I've been through
You still manage to make my cry.
It's all my fault, I know that well
I just can't stand blaming myself for everything
I'm laying inside my little shell
Of hate and insecurity.

If you were here, we'd just finish this cup of coffee
Then I would drag you into my bed
You'd stay there, on top of me
You'd kiss my nose, my cheek, my forehead
We would make out, we would make love,
Which is probably one of the things I miss the most
I'd open the window, we'd watch the stars above,
You see... That's all I lost.

But I don't really care anymore about the past
'Cause now I'm focusing on the future
First loves are the only ones that last,
I'm working on us being together.

Because the love I feel for you is all I have left..
1.8k · Jun 2013
Imagine a world
Amelie Jun 2013
Can you imagine a world where
The most beautiful girl
Would be the one who never cried,
Because every single tear
That would drop on our face
Would leave scars
On our upper cheeks.
Therefore the happiest girl
In the whole world,
The one who would've never cried,
Would be the prettiest
And it would be wonderful.
But then on the opposite,
The girl who'd suffer from depression,
Would be hiding alone in the dark,
Ashamed by those deep red marks
Tattooed on her face.
1.8k · Jun 2013
Half the sky
Amelie Jun 2013
Empty black holes in the milky way
Are filling themselves for you to come home -
Shooting stars across the universe
Are wishing not to be so alone.
Half the sky is cloudy
Nothing's good on the horizon,
The other half is pale blue
Make the dead come out of the ground !
Getting a bit bored in my philosophy class
1.8k · Apr 2013
I feel new attraction
Amelie Apr 2013
"Monday morning, oh no, not again,
Still 5 days of school until the week-end",
That's what I hear every now and then,
And I'm the only one who doesn't complain
Because I know that today, and tomorrow,
And every day of the whole week,
I'll see your face, your smile, and also
I'll hear your laugh that makes me go weak.
And my friends tell me all the time
That it's weird for me to feel attracted to you,
Because well, you're different that anyone
You're not like the others, that is true.
You don't look like the girls I dated before,
You have nothing in common with them
But on wednesdays, when I walk through the door,
I feel the love I lost coming back up again.
That's what I like about you, as you can see
I forget about my problems and my broken heart,
I just like you being close to me,
I always look for you when we're apart.
But... This feels like something forbidden,
This king of thing never happened to me,
It's scaring me and I'm like frozen.
Is this... Am I... ? No, I can't be...

I fear the day I'll have to admit it,
But being with you makes my mind jump with joy.
I think I like you, maybe a tiny bit..
My God, save me, I'm in love with a boy.
1.7k · May 2013
For sale
Amelie May 2013
Come on, come here people,
I have low prices on my new products
Here, take this one :
It's the latest trend in my world !
See how red it is,
Look how it shines !
It used to breathe and beat,
And then it got tired.
But it still works
As you can see !

Ah, you mister !
I see you look interested !
What is it called, you ask ?
Well, this is my heart.
I know it looks like it's dying,
But it's just a bit broken
This is THE deal of your life, I swear !
Yes madam, you can bargain,
The price is not actually set.

Hey you little girl !
Be careful when you touch it !
This is a very fragile thing
You wouldn't want to break it
Even more than it already is ;
Whithin the limits of possibility.
Ah, come closer, come closer !
Yes it is for sale indeed,
I know it is a bit broken
But give it just a little attention
And it will look just as new as before !

There's a story that comes with it,
My diary is free if you buy my heart !
What ? Oh yes, the price can go lower,
Not many people think my heart is valueable.

No ? No takers ?
Ah don't worry, I understand !
1.7k · Mar 2013
Amelie Mar 2013
Killing my lungs with a bit of smoke
Drowning my sorrow with several shots
Thinking our story was only a joke
A smile on my lips and shadow in my thoughts,
My eyes are raining like they always do
Every now and then because they just have to,
This terrible love almost turned into hate
You've been gone for so long and I'm tired to wait.
But I will.
I'll wait forever if I need to,
Coughing my pain out like I've climbed a hill
Whispering your name because I need you.

Sometimes I happen to wonder if you think of me,
Must be nice to know there's always be someone
who will follow you no matter where you'll be
And who will always love you until becoming insane.

I need you to know I'm doing just fine,
Keep smiling to people, I even laugh sometimes
I promised you something that's always on my mind,
The hardest part of days is only bedtimes...
When I lie down, near that girl who just isn't you
When she kisses me but I taste your mouth
When she says she wants us to have something true
But there's no place for her in my little heart.
And when she talks about us in that hope in her eyes
I keep asking myself, why can't you love me like her ?
Because I've became somebody I despise ?
I only think about you when I'm with her.
1.7k · Feb 2014
Without you
Amelie Feb 2014
I can't remember how to breathe
I've forgotten how to live
I don't know where to go now
I just keep walking around town
Barefooted and lonely
Because all I got is myself
And you don't even want me
Maybe I should just cut myself

OH WAIT life is amazing.
1.7k · Oct 2014
Let me kiss Satan
Amelie Oct 2014
I used to date the female version of Satan a while ago,
So attractive I couldn't resist chasing her around
But so evil I kept saying to myself "Let her go, let her go"
Although I couldn't, because I know I was ******.

She stared at me with that gorgeous smile,
And her face, oh, her face, looked so innocent,
At first I only wanted to stick around for a while
But she caught me prisoner without my acknowledgement.

Oh Satan, my heart loved you and I hadn't been told,
But how much pain did I have to go trough
Before you finally released the hold
That you had over me ?
I never even expected you to..
work still in progress
1.6k · Jan 2014
Another Chance.
Amelie Jan 2014
The radio is blasting words I don't quite understand,
My right hand's still holding an unlit cigarette
It's 6 in the morning, worst time of any day,
I feel today's gonna be as blurred as yesterday.

And you are still there, in my freaking mind,
Why can't you just go away. Please go away.
And you are still there with your freaking smile,
Please go away, even if it's just for a while.

There's a bottle of Jack Daniels hidden under my bed,
And there's the bottle of your perfume on my bedside table.
Some may say it's a mistake to keep smelling your scent,
But I'm lonely and I believe I'll go where you went.

Don't worry my dear I'll soon be by your side,
Even if there are some things I'm not allowed to say to you
Like the fact that I'm still so deeply in love,
And that you're the only one I can think of.

It's always okay in the end.
So I guess we never really reached the end together.
I suggest we just go back right to the start,
If you wish to give us another chance - at last...
Je suis totalement irrécupérable. Trop d'espoir en moi.
1.6k · Jun 2013
Thought of the day
Amelie Jun 2013
You got that smile
That makes me wanna
Jump on your body
And rip your clothes off.
1.6k · Jul 2011
Welcome to the Outside World
Amelie Jul 2011
It used to be so peaceful and quiet,
Nothing would disturb me from my world.
It was closed and tight, like a small closet,
At the end of the day, on my bed, curled
in a ball, I would just close my eyes and rest,
Listening to my heartbeat through my chest.

It was just me, all alone,
And everything was always silent.
The outside world was completely unknown
I knew I'd have to go out soon, but I still hadn't.

It used to be so calm and nice,
I didn't move at all, I was just lying there,
Gently rocked by the waves, as cold as ice,
I didn't need to go anywhere.

But one day, all of a sudden,
The sea started moving, thunder started raging
Something massive took me out of my little Heaven,
I don't know what it was, I couldn't see anything.

My bed turned into a boat,
It was so quick, too quick
A scream tried to get through my throat,
When I realised I couldn't stop, I was too weak.

Something was pushing me out of my home,
An invisible force trying to get rid of me
I could feel it, pushing me towards the bottom
of my house, but then suddenly,
I got stuck between two walls.
My head was too big to get through,
But the force made me fall,
Out of my place, my life, everything I ever knew.

Two giant hands grabbed my head,
And a bright light blinded me
I started crying, a few words were said,
Something was wrapped around my small body.

Then someone cut the only thing
that still linked me to my home,
It was just me against everything,
I didn't understand what was going on.

But then, a young woman took me with her,
Tears in her eyes, skin soft like a pearl,
A man came and said to her :
''Congratulations, it's a girl !''
1.5k · Apr 2013
Amelie Apr 2013
Last night she reached
the point of no-return
it's understandable
she's had enough
about every tiny thing
was wrong about her life
she just couldn't take it
She tried to call her friends
nobody answered
why would they even bother?
She had a fight with her mother
she ended up crying
running to her room
locking herlsef inside
and for sure at that moment
she collapsed on her bed
tears streaming down her face
you can't imagine
how much like a prison it felt.
And just like usual
she thought about her first love
loved and lost
it made everything worse.
Then she remembered the people
who had left her behind
she thought about her father
and how much they hated each other
she thought about her grandparents
who can't even remember her name
she thought about her best friend
but didn't want to talk about it
and just like usual,
she thought of her lost love again
and again
and she cried because she knew
she would never see her again.

Then she thought
"****, if only I had a gun."
1.5k · Mar 2012
Trash seventeen girl
Amelie Mar 2012
I remember her, just one year ago
She was her mum's sweet little girl
And look at her now, as much as I know,
She's acting like she owns the world.

She's wandering the streets in broad daylight,
Dressed with that black miniskirt
She goes partying almost every night
Not to show how much she is hurt.

She thinks she's loved, popular and amazing
At school she's never left on her own
She looks at people as if they were nothing
And yet, they still follow her around.

She drinks a lot, too much maybe
Trash seventeen girl wants to act older
Remember last year she was just a baby,
Life has probably made her bitter.

Fashion's her passion, she thinks she is stylish
Wears too much makeup and glitter on her eye
And dressed like that, she just looks like a *****
She keeps talking about *** all the time.

She believes she is stable, has someone in her life
They're fine together, they're in love they say
But sometimes she just wanna grab a knife
And threaten everyone in her way.

She always pretends to feel good
But her mind thinks of other people
She acts grow up and keeps being rude,
She just wishes she could free her soul.
Poem to myself.
1.5k · Feb 2012
You used to call me Baby
Amelie Feb 2012
Sweet, sweet lady
You used to call me Baby
You used to say you loved me,
That we were a lifetime story.

'We are different from the others',
That's what you told me someday.
I was so happy when we were together
But then you threw all that away.

We used to spend every night
Making love to each other
But we didn't need a bed to be happy, right ?
Well that's what I thought till last december.

You stopped answering my phone calls
And decided to start ignoring me
It felt like the death of my soul,
What the hell was happening ?

I didn't do anything wrong, I didn't understand,
I asked you 'can we talk about it ?'
You called me a 'one-year stand'
*****, that doesn't ******* exist !

So you just broke up.
Like that. Stop.
Not a sign. Not a note.
End of the road.
"It's over. We're done.
It's not working out.
I like somebody else.
I found real love.
Let's just be friends.
I don't like you anymore.
It's not you, it's me.
I hate you.
You've changed too much.
You've hurt me.
You're not the one I fell in love with.
I hope you understand.
Don't be mad at me."

You had all those choices,
Which one did you choose ?

"I only stayed with you for ***."

My dear love
You used to call me Sweetheart
You used to hold me close,
And say 'nothing can tear us apart'.

Now everything's gone
You said we're done
And I'm left on my own,
Forever Alone.
1.4k · Jul 2012
Hot coffee
Amelie Jul 2012
She's just like hot coffee,
I taste her every morning
She knows how to make me happy
And I never see it coming. 

She likes playing with my tongue
I make the most out every drop
Nothing has ever felt so strong
She's like coffee with cream on top. 

She keeps me awake when I'm sleepy
Making me think there's nothing wrong,
A single drop drives me crazy
And I can stay up all night long.

Have you even looked at your bare face ?
My god, you just look stunning.
Your eyes are a beautiful place
Where I'm easily drowning.
Work still in progress.
1.4k · Jan 2013
Life from A to Z
Amelie Jan 2013
A** chance to speak,
Beneath broken sheets,
Caught out in moment,
Dying deep inside.
Evaporate tension,
From little or no knowing,
Growing up alone,
Half loved and half resented.
I come to conclusions,
Just before my death,
Keeping me in memory,
Like you always promised,
Missing me in silence,
No more mourning of past,
Of regrets and despairs.
Promise me you’ll use what I learnt,
Question the decisions of others,
Reluctant or not,
Stay away from their paths,
They only lead you to their futures,
Unknowingly you end their second,
Valiant but alone,
Where you spend life in wandering,
Xrayed life,
Your future makes up nothing
Zorbing inside of your own bubble.
January Masterpiece !
1.4k · Mar 2013
I understand now
Amelie Mar 2013
It was when I met you
That I understood love songs
why people dance with each other

I understood kissing
why it is the most beautiful thing

I understood why brokenhearted people cry
And why they stay away from everyone
when they heart shatters
because they need their space
to fill it
with the voice of their lover who left,
and the memories
to bring the pieces of their heart together
and to break them again.

It was when I met you
That I understood what life is all about
why people stay late out night thinking about that someone.
1.3k · Feb 2013
Shut up.
Amelie Feb 2013
Why do you keep on complaining
When I can't do anything
To make your whole life better ?
Seriously, what's the matter ?

Why do you keep on screaming
When you know I'm just pretending
To listen to what you say,
Seriously, get out of my way.

Why do you keep on swearing
When people have done nothing
To make you call them a ***** ?
Seriously, walk out the door.

Why do you keep on singing
When you know it's annoying
To everybody around you ?
Seriously, I thought you knew.

And here we are, mum,
You're standing in my way,
Yelling at me once again ;
And I'm just not giving a ****
Because you can spit all your hate on me,
I will never change my attitude,
And you can keep threatening me,
I'll never do what you demand me to,
'Cause you know what, I'm not your slave,
You can't use me to do your ***** work,
Even though you can take all my belongings away,
I will stay here with my only pen,
And write all the truth all over my walls
Then on the floor
Then on my body if I need to.

You can't hold the truth in forever.
JUST LET ME BREATHE, holy mother of god !
1.3k · Oct 2011
24 hours in my heart.
Amelie Oct 2011
I'm outside in the garden
There is not a single light,
And the clouds look like cotton.
I remember everything she said
On the day we met,
As clearly as if it was yesterday
There are things I can't forget...
Like her smile.
And the way she holds me
In her arms for a while,
Before saying that I make her happy.
And her voice,
In the dark, when she whispers
That our teacher made a great choice,
By making us sit together.
And her eyes,
Full of hope when she looks at me
She has made me realise,
That love can last an eternity.

Time is going,
I'm still alone in my memory garden.
The clouds have started crying,
Thunder is roaring like a dragon.
If she was here, with me,
We would share a kiss under the rain
We would hug, and she would see
That I can make her laugh again.
I hate how she is so far away
But tonight, I asked the Moon
If she would come here one day,
The Moon said yes, but not too soon.
I want to share my world with her,
I want to see a smile painted on her face
Play with her hair as long as we're together,
A whole night spent in her embrace.

Memories are walking all around me,
In my memory garden, like ghosts,
They're hunting my mind, hungry
I feed them, they're my hosts.
Everything seems less important now,
Distance kills me more every second
A pain in my chest that I don't allow,
But love is insidious, like a poison.
I miss her so much.
I miss her face, her smile, her eyes,
Her laugh, her lips, her touch,
I miss her voice when she said goodbye.
I know that she loves me,
But I'm scared that she finds someone else,
Someone who would love her deeply,
Who would make her smile with a single caress.

Eyes wide open in the dark,
I wonder.
The day we went to the park,
Does she remember ?
All the nights we have spent together,
Does she remember ?
Fulfilling the day with laughter,
Does she remember ?
The first time we kissed,
Does she remember ?
All the ''dates'' I missed,
Does she remember ?
The first time she said ''I love you'',
Does she remember ?
Well, I do.
I will always remember.
Our first love is something we can't forget,
And something we need to look after
I cherish the memories of the day we met,
Every single moment I have spent with her.

Lying on my bed,
I can almost feel her presence by my side,
I wanna tell her the thoughts that I haven't shared,
The feelings that I still hide inside.
I wish I could tell her how I truly feel,
How much I miss her holding my hand
But everything now seems unreal.
I never want our story to end.
I want to spend one more night
Cuddling under the sheets,
I just want to hold her tight,
And under my fingers, I want to feel her heartbeat.
We all want and wish
So many things when we are in love,
That may sound selfish,
But I want to be all she can think of.
Every time I think of the future,
My imagination goes wild, I can't stop smiling
Hope makes every memory brighter,
She is my everything.

I can't believe I never said before,
How I truly felt about her
I thought I knew, but I wasn't sure,
If she really liked all the times we've spent together,
One day at the beach, laughing so hard,
One day at her Dad's, smiling politely,
One night in the tent, heart attack,
One day at the cinema, her hand on my knee,
Our love was obvious.
But I couldn't make the first move,
And then one night, fearless,
I told her, and it proved,
That I was right, and she was right,
Our love could finally be.
Love at first sight,
Just her and me.

I think of her once a day, and it lasts 24 hours,
I keep all my memories inside.
Nothing can stop us, the world is ours,
I can do anything with her by my side.
I wonder,
What is she doing right now ?
I wish we could do everything together,
But I just don't know how...
I want to cuddle in bed again,
Pretend to watch a movie but watch her instead,
Open my heart and show the love it contains,
Kiss her cheek, her neck, her forehead.
I want to hold her against me
And never let go,
Tell her that I am lucky
To have her in my life – I love her so.
My other half,
My everything,
The love of my life,
My Pumpkin.

She says she's scared I will forget her,
But how could I forget my first love ?
How could I forget our moments together,
When she is all I have ever dreamt of ?
She is just perfect.
Nice, funny, beautiful, smart,
No defect.
No wonder how she stole my heart.
I don't know where this is going,
But I want to carry on,
She's the melody to every song I sing,
You know what.. I think she's the One.
She certainly is,
The One who makes me laugh,
The One I want to kiss,
The One who is my other half.

It's funny how we are connected in a way,
Our brains seem to talk to each other,
I can not spend a single day,
Without a thought for her.
I'm giving her all the love I possess,
But I want something in return
She only has to say yes,
And I can get rid of all her concern.
I want to comfort her when she feels down,
Hug her when she is sad,
Make her forget how to frown,
Make her forget everything that's bad.
I wish I could be,
The one who makes everything better.
She is the perfect person for me,
Am I the perfect person for her ?
Memories, memories.
1.3k · Mar 2013
Amelie Mar 2013
She just turned 18
She doesn't know what she's doing
with her life.
Her parents are always on her back,
Always stressing her out,
Got to make her mind up.
She doesn't know what she wants
Her universe isn't balanced
at all.

For now she's lost in a sea of sensations,
Refuses to look at the future in the eyes
Believes tomorrow will bring a clear answer,
but it never does.
Poor girl just turned 18
and she thinks her life is already over.

She's lost her heart, she's lost her mind,
What can she even do now ?
Trying so hard to find a place within
She keeps fighting every day
But life doesn't give her the chance she needs.
She's lost as you can see,
What can she do, what can she do ?

School's almost over, take a decision now
What is she going to do ?
She's still under so much pressure
Poor little girl can't handle of that,
She just wants to go far away
And never, ever come back.

But she's still just a little girl,
She has to wait for a while.
Then she can leave, in a few months' time
And start a brand new life...
She just turned 18,
But she feels she's already lived her whole life.

She's still hoping to go, one day
Where nobody can ever find her again.
Please let her fly away
1.3k · Aug 2016
Amelie Aug 2016
Toutes les histoires sont comme un miroir,
Deux faces, deux versions, deux reflets.
Pourtant le notre ne me montre que ce que je veux voir,
Au secours, j'ai besoin d'aide, notre miroir est brisé.

Cette nuit j'ai dessiné ton visage sur mes rêves, à la craie
Ce matin ta peau était encore collée à ma joue
J'ai essayé de t'arracher, mais tu étais enfoncée comme un clou,
Au secours, j'ai besoin d'aide, je n'arrive pas à t'effacer.

Tu restes là sans être présente,
Ta voix me répète encore que "j'ai dû me tromper"
J'avoue avoir eu tort de penser que tu m'avais laissée
Au secours, j'ai besoin d'aide, ton fantôme me hante.

Mon étoile brille encore moins que tes émeraudes
Nos erreurs m'agressent, comme nos insultes en écho
Ce n'était pas prévu que tout se termine dans un tel chaos
Au secours, j'ai besoin d'aide pour réparer ce désordre.

J'ai lutté de toutes mes forces pour te chasser de mon esprit,
Mais tu reviens à la charge, le soir juste avant de dormir
Toute seule avec ta voix qui me guide pour écrire,
Au secours, j'ai besoin d'aide, tu me fais sombrer dans la folie.

Aujourd'hui j'ai tellement peur que tu ne veuilles plus que je revienne,
Et je ne suis même pas sûre de le vouloir moi-même
Je me fais encore du mal, mais on récolte ce que l'on sème
Au secours, j'ai besoin d'aide, je voulais juste que tu me retiennes.

Ton ombre me suit partout en chantant Clementine,
Mais il n'y a plus d'éveil aux émeraudes depuis longtemps
Le silence me rend muette, je ne respire plus comme avant
J'ai dérivé ; au secours, j'ai besoin d'Aide..line.
1.3k · Jan 2014
Amelie Jan 2014
At some point, I have come to realise
That the reason why
I am so frightened about my own future
Is because you'll be in it,
And it gave me so much pain in the past
That it left scars in my heart and mind.
I now wonder how bad it will be
When we meet again.

I am scared because I am scarred.
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