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Feb 2014
I'm the type of person who can either sit by herself under a weeping willow
Reading quietly or writing poetry about life being an inside inferno,
Or who can go clubbing with her friends, get drunk and show up at 5 in the morning.
That's me, I either spend my day being in an immense joy, or spend it mourning.

I'm the type of person who is everything and its contrary,
I can fall in love with the same person whom I hated yesterday,
I can forgive in two seconds someone at whom I've been angry
I can be strongly willing to leave, and then I suddenly decide to stay.

Once I realised I wasn't in love with the person I had been waiting for, two years after
And realised at the same second that I wanted the person I had just lost.
My brain and heart didn't quite agree with each other,
But now it's to late to get back the girl I love the most.

One minute someone's my best friend, then she gets on my nerves
One minute I really want something, then I just change my mind,
One minute I find myself pretty, then I suddenly hate my curves
One minute I wanna open my eyes to the reality of the world, then I wish I was blind.

I suddenly realise why some people can't see me,
I'm so hard to live with, too difficult to stand,
I'm actually working on myself to be the person I want to be,
Because if I don't react, she's not coming back, ya'll understand ?

To all the Lost souls wandering around the Earth,
If you have problems, believe me they all come from you.
You'll have to give your life another chance, a rebirth,
Otherwise you'll be the person you never wanted to.
Wrote this at 4am, when I realised the reason people I love always leave me.
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