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Sep 2013
Oh look, you've finally said it
But what took you so long ?
After all this time crying,
I'm hurt enough to write a song.
Why couldn't you just say it before,
Before I changed my mind,
Is that only an excuse for leaving,
Or do I have to consider it like a sign ?
Is this some kind of grudge
You've been holding onto ?
Or are you being honest,
And you want me back with you ?
I don't quite understand how
You can pour those feelings out now
I'm burning from the inside,
You make me feel so down.
In my mind there's that fire,
That just wouldn't go out
I don't believe you really know
What you're talking about

And now I'll just burn, burn, burn,
Burn from the inside
The flames are reignited
I'm just seeing the downsides
You're making me burn again,
Starting from where you left me
Coming back for another round,
I'm ready for it don't you worry.
Written by
   JDMaraccini, Hanis and ---
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