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Mar 2014
We've been through Hell together darling
That's why it's time to get back on our feet
We haven't lost everything,
You can still make my heart skip a beat

So we can work this out together,
You and I are meant to last forever
We just need to work a little harder
Baby, give me a chance to make it better.

We were fine then ******* it up,
But deep down I feel in my bones
That now, sweetie, I can make it all up
To you, to me, to what I have done.

But need your help, I can't do this alone
Just help me out and we will be just fine,
We can go back to what we have known,
Your warm hugs are still on my mind...

But before giving us another chance,
I need to be sure this is what you really want.
Are you sure you want to have the same romance ?
Please say yes, you're the only one I want..
Written by
   Juneau, Wordsmith and Ruchika
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