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Jan 2015
It's become so hard to write beautiful poems
Because it seems that I only pour my sadness out when I write
And I have absolutely no reason for sadness
Therefore I just leave my pen on my desk,
I don't ever pick it up anymore ;
Because I now know joy and everything that goes with it
Now I only listen to swinging songs
And I just dance to them all night long,
Now I only watch decent films and not depressing ones,
Even my psychologist says I've overcome my depression
But now I can't write anymore..
I've forgotten what beauty sounds like
When I try to put my happiness down on paper
I can't even do it properly

I'm used to writing about death
And tears, lost love and broken hearts
Now all my sadness' gone
And I wish I could write about her smile
But my poem would be too joyful, and that is just not me.
Written by
     Kalarav, AndSoOn, ---, ---, Sasha Ranganath and 4 others
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