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  May 2019 Ash Eliam
Caia Halmas
When looking for people,
you'll always find food.
So look for food,
and you'll find friends.
Cause that's how it always ends :
with good food on their hands,
a table surrounded by friends.
I hope you're enjoying a nice juicy whole roasted pig wherever you are mister Anthony Bourdain. You will be missed. This little ridiculous poem I just improvised obviously doesn't convey the amazing legacy you left behind, nor the incredible person you were. Thank you for sharing your adventures with the rest of the world : they've always been truly inspiring.
Ash Eliam May 2019
It’s funny how a night of laughter
Still leaves me with this sting of sadness
The empty words echoing the
Empty inside
And even if I tried
If I said I’d reached another soul
I would have lied

At the bottom of the bottomless hole
The loneliness still shouts in riot
Ash Eliam Oct 2018
I wish I was straight or gay,
Not something in-between
Fancying her and fancying him,
Confused day after day.

Make it stop
Freeze my heart
Rip its veins
Tear it apart
Or even lock it in the dark
But please make it stop.
Ash Eliam Oct 2018
I think I finally understand
When they say
Life’s not black & white
It’s all shades of grey
I caused her so much pain
And still I’d make those choices, day after day
She became my sunshine as much as my rain
And me
I don’t feel okay

I played my cards, placed my bets
It must make me a
Horrible person
To have no regrets

She said It’s just things of the past
But my sky’s still overcast

Maybe one Spring day
I’ll feel okay at last
noun: continuum; plural noun: continua

    a continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, but the extremes are quite distinct.
Ash Eliam Jul 2018
Sitting on the windowsill
looking at my phone,
I feel prone
to forget you are
And still,
I’d rather play this game of
King and pawn
than remember you are
Sitting on the windowsill
looking at my phone,
for it feels just
a bit like
Ash Eliam Jun 2018
...That lad with sinkhole eyes.
Don’t you realize?
He’s given up on ever
someone as sharp, clever,
beautiful and
the one
once his sun.

The empty smile,
you ask?
Just a mask.
Would be quite rude to show
a dark and hollow soul,

The drooping shoulders?
Oh, just the weight of the boulders
he’s been pushing up
since then.
What kind?
Same as every other man.

Carved from regret,
I bet
Ash Eliam Jun 2018
If She keeps breaking my heart

time after time,

A whole book of


I’ll eventually

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