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  Jul 2014 Ariadna Parrales
Write me a letter
Sing me a song
Paint me a picture
Place me, I belong

Play me your music
Allow me this chance
Make me your pick
Incite me to dance

Save me my cry
Wipe me my tears
Try me, I'll try
Lend me your ears

Grant me your patience
Teach me my words
Say to me your sentence
Free us, we're birds

Build us a boat
See me a star
Rid me this moat
Have me where you are

Write us, we're poems
Turn us into song
Paint us as totems
Love us, we belong
Emotions felt
From what love has dealt
When I look at you I melt
Into your vibe becoming one
Queen of the Moon
King of the Sun
Still my heart to worship thee
Bare my soul for you to see
I am but a broken star
Pieces of me where you are
You have always been my Queen
Feel my breath in your dreams
I feel you in every nerve
Intertwined with my every word
Elevate me..make me strong
To be your King is where I belong
Inside you I feel at home
Wrapped around I'm hard as stone
Feel my vibe slide inside
Take my Goddess for a ride
Fantasy illuminates your ecstasy
Lay your crown next to me
Live in me like a room
My Celestial love Queen of the Moon
M.A.N 7-21-14
Ariadna Parrales Jul 2014
Keep holding me.
Even when I'm dead,
and my body is soulless,
hold me.
Ariadna Parrales Jul 2014
Somehow I miss something I believe I never had...
Or maybe... Maybe I did,
but I lost it a long time ago and never realized it...
Also from a long time ago
Ariadna Parrales Jul 2014
I feel like I'm from out of space in a strange world.
Trying to figure out how to stop floating between Moon and Earth.
Trying hard to put my feet on solid ground.
Also from when I was in high school
Ariadna Parrales Jul 2014
Let my body stay in a dreadful bed,
but my soul would never let
this go on, what I liked for so long.
And no matter what, among
the ashes, I'll wait for you tonight,
until you come with me this time.
Wrote this back in high school... I think I was talking about my boyfriend of the time, I thin we were about to break up
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