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Kim Denise Feb 2019
I still remember
the first time you held my hand
and how I forgot how to breathe.

I still remember
the first time you kissed me
and how that literally took my breath away.

I still remember
the first time you told me
I was the most beautiful woman in the room
and how I took your breath away.

I still remember
the our first big fight
and the difficulty of breathing in between sobs.

it's the first time we're truly apart
and I can't help but long for the days
where I'm breathing the same air as you.

All I do these days
when I'm not drowning myself in work,
away from you-
is remember all those firsts,
and my breathing pattern,
and how I felt truly alive.
Kim Denise Jan 2019
It's 11:11
and for the first time
after a very long time
I'm wishing for myself
and not for you
Kim Denise Jan 2019
I'm at an intersection with a stoplight stuck on yellow,
And it's fine since I still don't know where to go.
A right turn may lead me back to you,
A left, maybe to a somewhere, someone new.

But none of that matters now.
I'm on still yellow.
I'm still here but not really,
lingering, but not entirely.

Right now I'm asking myself if leaving is really the answer?
Asking myself is it still a worth a shot staying together?
What is it that's holding me back?
was this an unsolvable problem or just bad luck?

I don't have the answers but that's alright,
It's still yellow on the stoplight.
Giving me plenty of time alone to think,
to reflect if to sail or to sink.

It will turn green soon and I think I know,
That straight ahead is the way to go.
Down this road, looks like it will be just me,
And it's fine to just let it be.
writing again after 2 years
Kim Denise Oct 2017
He always wanted to be somewhere else,
and she just wanted to be his home.
He wanted to take flight
while she wanted to grow roots.

And all this time
they'll have you thinking they could never be.

But in the middle of it all,
the sky found sea.

He realized
anywhere in the world with her
is home,

and she realized
roots can grow wings too.
Kim Denise Mar 2016
To tell you the truth,
I tried to turn you into a poem.
I guess I was hoping that
you'll stay,
even in paper.

To tell you the truth,
I tried to turn you into a painting.
I guess I was hoping that
you'd be able to bring back
some of my colors.

To tell you the truth,
I tried turning you into a song.
I guess I was hoping that
your voice would hush
all these thoughts in my mind.

But words are not enough,
my watercolors were all but dull,
and my piano, well, it's been
out of tune for such a long time
I don't know if it can be fixed.

I tried turning you into art
because I thought maybe you'll
be back to save me, again.

And I'm sorry for that.

You are own masterpiece,
with characters and hues and tones
I could never replace
and it's selfish of me to alter all that.

I am thankful, for you brought back
all the hope I lost in the wind,
and you are living your own life now

and it's time I do the same
Kim Denise Dec 2015
And after all the chaos,
after the noise,
after painting the skies,
all that is left
is the quiet
and the dark.

Too bad our fireworks
don't last forever,
every moment too fast
to be captured.

But don't worry,
we'll try again next year.
Kim Denise Dec 2015
If there's one thing I learned
in Physiology, it is that
one of the body's response
to pain is the Withdrawal Reflex
wherein the body moves
away from the source of the pain.

You know, when my professor
discussed that, I,
I immediately thought of you,
of us,

of how sudden you dissppeared in my life.

I always thought
I was the one with
the tendancy to leave
without a trace,

I was wrong.
You always prove me wrong.

I still have my gift for you
for the past two Christmas.
It's untouched.
It's still wrapped in your memories.
It's waiting for you.

I wish I could say the same
about myself,
but I would be lying.

This heart has fingerprints all over,
and they're not yours.
It has a new veil and it's the color
of the purest snow,
and though it's waiting,
it's not waiting for you to come back.
Hi Rabbit.
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