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andromeda green Jul 2019
“table for five please!”
long ago,
life was simple.
we were happy
and everything was happy
and life was good.

but nothing is forever.
and we could not remain this way.

“table for four please!”
not that quite long ago,
we were alright
and everything was okay
and life was decent.
we were incomplete.
but still doing

we are not at our best.
and nothing seems to be working out.
and life isn’t all too great.

but it will be okay.
as i know, everyday,
we continue to yearn
for that table of five.

but for now
i guess we can make some new memories
and hopefully feel happy
once again,
with this table for three.
before anyone panics...
do not worry nobody’s dead.

i wrote this poem as a metaphor for what being the youngest child is like. im watching my other sibling leave for college this summer, like i had done three years earlier when my oldest sibling left for college as well. i know this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but college sort of stealing away my siblings has been not so great. it is not fun. at all. it’s these simple moments, when we go into a restaurant and ask for a table of five, and then laugh to ourselves because it’s only the four of us. this year i realized i will probably make this same mistake, but it will instead be a table for three.

— The End —