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andTilly Dec 2020
the thing you learn, when a child enters your world
is pain, and suffering out of your control
also, laugh and smile for things bigger than yourself
and how you missed, needed that one thing, friend -
wet wipes…

mostly, one of the thousand uncontrollable misfortunes’ birth
the moment when the first spoon of avocado needed to end up on your shirt
andTilly Dec 2020
merry christmas to you all
be merry
think bright
try not to fall
merry christmas & all
that’s right
andTilly Dec 2020
every yesterday
was a tomorrow
and so we move
from any sorrow
and so we smile
give, and borrow
every yesterday
was a tomorrow
andTilly Dec 2020
cleverly unsure, slowly through it
giving me a few low-ish tones
if not too much thinking how to to do it
I find myself floating through those moans

provide more of those little gems
stopping the thinking and starting the deed
if you don’t know it, there’s a chance
that in-toning is an optional need

hum and breathe
with the shy sound of strings
groan and sheath
the strong blading of the wind
loving it all
makes you big in that small
andTilly Dec 2020
au revoir, les prés, les petits morceaux de vert
pourquoi, pourquoi je me fais chier
quand je ne touche jamais ce clé?
au revoir, le souffle de l’air jamais pesé
pourquoi je fais de la peine, peiné
en brûlant le vent par les deux bouts de blé?

adieu, l’embrasse de la mer légèrement dorée
où de la tête je ne pouvais pas donner
c’est pourquoi c’est quand même pire
un peu d’amertume dans chacun de sourires
combien de temps je vais mourir
se réveillant, on ne peut pas dire…
the setting sun

goodbye, meadows, the little green shards
why do I bother, why
when I’ll never touch this key?
goodbye, the air’s breath never weighed
why do I hurt, pained
burning the wind on both ends of wheat?

farewell, embrace of the softly golden sea
where I cannot ever fold my head in need
that is why it’s even worse
the slight bitterness in each of my smiles
I can’t even say how many more times
I’ll die in the awakening curse

andTilly Dec 2020
you’re a star
a far-away star I see at night
I remember through my days
I needed a guiding light
still, even if I walk by myself
with or without pace
even if I found some help
you’re the star, my grace
watching over from that far
the far-away star I pray
will never fade away
andTilly Dec 2020
make me a berry
I’ll fill you
make you very
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