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Her heart
Is crippled
From loving
All the wrong people

Love is too blind
She should've seen the pain
And the heartbreak
That waits for her
She stared at the blank page
And it finally hit her
She is not a poet
And she is not a writer
She is just a girl
Whose heart cannot hold
And that she feels.
Written upon paper receipts
Where angelic kisses repeats,
Our love born upon cobbled streets
Emotions showing on backseats.

We were hearts in forward motion
Crashing on each, sand and ocean,
I drank you like a love potion
Affection riding emotion.

Could this one longing single kiss
Invoke such moments of pure bliss,
Distracted eyes of brown abyss
Lips joined once again reminisce.

One moment a seed was planted
Like a fairy tale love was granted,
Moment forever enchanted
With each new day love replanted
 Apr 2014 Alicia D Clarke
I once loved a girl that didn't love me back.
 Jan 2014 Alicia D Clarke
Can my soul mate come swooping
into my life
Around my early twenties?
Serenade me with Ed Sheeran songs
And kiss my knuckles.
Become familiar with my brown slopes.
Nod his head to Biggie & Cole with me.
Eat me with the tongue game
Only a poet could have.
Put a glistening rock on my left hand
Before I'm thirty?
Could he tuck in our perfect jewels & read them
A bedtime story
Before enticing me with **** and sweet tea
Then ******* me to sleep?
December falls upon my eyes;
I am scared as hell.

The numbness of limbs,
the sorrowful gray
that casts over me and you
and what we once used to be.

December will be the death of me,
I know for sure
because this time
I sit alone with my sword unready
and the candle flickering.

The winds will whisper
in my ear, things I already know
and unto you,
the realization that will never come.

I am afraid.
I am not strong enough
to face you.
Eyes green with envy and face red with rage. Your arms wrapped around her and your fingers planted on her waist.
Your lips must've been wonderful, after all those cigarettes and that beer. but you kept whispering her name, something I just couldn't bear.
While I just stood there imagining how easy it would be to race away but somehow keeping calm, the moon whispered to the stars, then they glistened and feel from the sky and I envied them terribly, because after all they were the ones who could fly.
 Nov 2013 Alicia D Clarke
take me
 Nov 2013 Alicia D Clarke
we never promised to be careful
in fact it was quite the opposite
i wanted you rough, raw, real,
unapologetic and without all the *******
it was as if we promised to hurt each other
and knew we both would
but if you didn't scream at me
challenge my stubborn attitude
push me the **** around,
you would never stand a chance.
so mess with my mind, my heart, my body,
cuz i sure as hell will
**** with yours.
get ready babe.
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