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Alicia D Clarke Jan 2020
You cannot force someone to have empathy.
You cannot simply force a narcissist in to your shoes and make them see your side.
They will say the shoe is the wrong size, uncomfortable, and that they couldn’t possibly wear them.
Rise above it.
Know that there are billions of other feet in this world, and not all of them are going to wear your size but a lot of them will.
Don’t waste your time attempting to shove someones feet in to your magical glass slippers,only to have them shatter in front of you on the floor after all your efforts.
Accept some shoes must be broken in first, and things don’t always start out comfortable ,but they do get easier to wear.
Also accept that some shoes will never fit ,no matter how badly we want them to, and that’s okay.
Embrace the history that formed your shoes, got you to where you are today, and learn from it.
Be proud of them.
You are not a shoe salesman.
It’s not your job to make sure they can walk in your shoes, or to ensure a comfortable walk for everyone.
Your shoes are not for sale, they don’t have to be pretty and meet someone else’s standards.
It’s your job to know that whatever size your shoe is, no matter how worn the soles, they are perfect.
They are you.
Most importantly no matter what, there’s always someone else who wears your size.
Even if the one person you thought would be a perfect fit in them, is unable to wear them now, accept that.
Don’t go giving someone’s foot blisters ,attempting to squeeze them in to a shoe they don’t fit in to, and didn’t ask to wear.
You both will end up hurt.
Your hands will bleed, your fingers will tire, leaving only the scars of disappointments and failed attempts to get one to understand you ,and where you’re coming from.
If done too many times, your scars will harden with resentment.
Leaving you to pull back layer after layer of painful scar tissue ,before you are able to untie your shoes again for someone else to wear,
or even try on.
Don’t get stuck in a stage of discomfort and hurt.
Learn to accept the fact that people do change, and some shoes that didn’t fit before might fit later on.
Although, it is not your job to be there until they do.
Some may never fit at all in this lifetime. Ultimately, the choice is yours.
Not everyone wears your size and that is okay. Plenty of other feet in the sea.
Getting over the emotional lack of empathy in others.Empathy is not a fault, it is a gift that few do not possess. And to those people; I’m sorry for your loss.
Alicia D Clarke Dec 2015
I lost myself somewhere in the haze
In the haze my thoughts, emotions, and state of mind were thrown in to a whirlwind and out stepped someone I had never met before..someone I didn't care to know.
Alicia D Clarke Mar 2015
You will always hold a piece of me.
A piece I will never get back.
Voyage upon voyage unsuccessful to retrieve this missing piece of me.
But no matter if I find it or not, this piece will never become me.
It will never fit in the jigsaw that is my life.
Edges worn down and torn from too much use,
Unrecognizable after all of the abuse.
Longing to fit where it once did effortlessly.
I was in place, everything was fine,
But somehow you managed to contort just one piece out of line.
A piece that you took without even asking,
But a piece I will find even if it's the last thing I do.
Because that piece never belonged to you,
Finders keepers losers weepers, it was still stolen.
Never fully made yours yet you claimed it as your own
Alicia D Clarke Mar 2015
Desmond sits casually slumped in the passenger seat of the infamous pt cruiser belonging to the one and only Pablo. Yes ladies and gents Paul Thornton himself in the flesh sat along side him in the drivers seat hands placed on wheel, at 10 and 2 of course, eyes closed, head bowed almost as if silently giving thanks to the artists who's lyrics he was lost in right now. Giving praise. A church he gives no **** about being in. Because he enjoys every moment of it. Parked crookedly yet perfectly on the curb outside of Desmond's house. Just listening to music. Talking about the effect Xanax had on one of the best people we will ever meet in our lives. And realizing what could happen if the limit he knew was ever pushed, Paul slowly yet calmly asks him the question;"why not **** with Xanax anymore dude "push the limit?"" And in that moment I swear I fell in love with him a little more. Desmond calmly replied ;"why die now? There's too much to live for." I love these people.
A small narration of a high nights end with my closest friends. A little look into the beauty of the simplest things that will change us forever.
Alicia D Clarke Mar 2015
Emotionally scarred beings are the hardest to love.
Not knowing that any slight movement towards them may cause a scar under the surface to burn.
Nothing we knowingly did or said, but enough to set of a chain reaction in their mind.
You become the easiest target to their aggressive verbal out lashes. Unavoidably wearing red in a ring with a bull.
Slammed against the wall, cut deep with the sword of his tongue.
Stabbing at things you wish to forget, your biggest fear, your deepest regret.
Nothing is off limits for degrading.
Yet when the fight is over and the lashes have subsided you stand up, wipe the dirt off your shirt, bandage your wounds, and walk away arm in arm with the enemy, secretly waiting for the next outburst. Secretly wishing you didn't love him. Yet so undeniably happy that you do.
Alicia D Clarke Aug 2014
If nothing is for certain,
then why is certainty the only emotion I feel with you?
Heart beats skipping like grade schooler's hopskotching on my ventricles
I was, I am, enamored that I, a once heartless being, could feel this way.
Uncertainty is the only thing certain to drown my thoughts
But if nothing is for certain,
how can I be sure that my thoughts are even real?
Who decides what is right or wrong, true or false, real or fake?
Because if nothing is for certain,
I say with great uncertainty that I indeed do like you.
Alicia D Clarke Dec 2013
I miss you when I know I shouldn't
I think about you when I know I shouldn't
I miss your lips when I know I shouldn't
I say your name when I know I shouldn't
I don't let you go when I know I should.
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