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Gary L Misch
Retired Navy (21 years) - I live in the Virginia mountains. My poetry blog lives here:
Nebraska//Alaska    Showcasing my vagabond blues.
Amber Vander
It's kind of a funny story
Here, Until I'm Gone.    Dutch. Irish gypsy child. Homeless youth. Found my way to Amerika. California. Hawaii. Florida. Texas. Arizona. Pennsylvania. Georgia. Louisiana. The ocean, where the Force of ...
no places    as far as the world extends
moonlight as an astronaut
Dylan Lavercombe
Australia    Instagram- dylanlavercombe
Tiffanie Noel Doro
30/F/Georgia    Writing is my driving force.
Ana  Leejay
New York    I am a woman.
Connecticut    Imagination; where stories are born and bred.
Emma Elisabeth Wood
F/UK    // queer poet // hack poet //
people cry because they've been strong for too long;
Maria Cordero
28/Cisgender Female    Posting my poems will vary. I usually write drunk after stumbling home from a night out.
Earth    Oh
Rachel Ueda
tseyun @ tumblr / tseyuns @ twitter
Der Is
State of Dreaming    not a poet, but just jazzing the comforts of poetry :)
Sarah Savannah
Read on fellow lovers of eccentric words. Read on.
Alexandra M
"And the naive quest for perfection was a giant fucking waste of time. I wish you well on your pursuit of being." Still trying to ...
Ted Scheck
54/M/Speedway, Indiana   
Christine Eglantine
Moon Humor
Weird Girl    My name is Leah Rost
Chicago    "Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music." -Jimi Hendrix
a word of advice: do not fall in love with a tree
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