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Dylan Lavercombe Nov 2014
People keep pulling faces, but I never see the smiles,
Neck down, **** empty bank account,  Because we're always stuck in these isles,  
Next, drown, one bottle down, regrets found,
Adding depth to piles,

I tried,
We get hung up by the ropes they pull,
Left to dry,
Like these tobacco leaves,  
I smoked one down to the bone in a cemetery,
While the cremated ashes drifted off into the breeze,
Often like my thoughts do,
I always stopped and paused to appease you,

I put the cigarette **** in my shoe instead of throwing where the dead slept,
Felt anxious my grandfather might visit,
Because we haven't met yet,
The possibility,
Thinner than the ice in my freezer tray,
Remember the lies?
But i wasnt any better with the ones I used to say, in fact worse,
Sometimes mirrors are all that keep you thinking you're alive these days,
This one is called, Graveyard Curse,
Its all he say she say.
Dylan Lavercombe Apr 2014
Half the day wasted in dreams,
Fines to pay,
Night spent looking for sense, it seems,
Everything has changed but routine is the same,
Late at night on my way home
Dogs bark like guys act out dominance, adding depth and tone,
Egos seem bottomless,
Time lapse of mishaps,
Right and wrong, lost deep in my sub conscious,
Write all night long, streets full of alcoholics,
As they stumble past,
In the parks echo’s of humble laughs,

These are,
Shark infested waters,
Most decent fish in the sea have already been hooked,
Some controlling like borders,
It's been more than twice since I've looked,
Frogger got squashed on the road
Tried to cut the corners,

Lead dagger pierces my mind,
Thoughts spill out like the blood of a tragedy,
Snap back to life,
Junkies stabbing at my reality,
Notes over my apathy for change,
I drop words like a rock off a balcony,
Needles in the back lanes,
Wine casks lay, as empty as my wallet,
Real hunger, no games,
On the search for dollars,
But don't want to be locked in chains,
And living in the complete squalor.
  Mar 2014 Dylan Lavercombe
Ryan Topez
Emotions thinner than the tin
That my dinner came from
Ambitions gone like my mind
At the party after prom

Skin scratched and stained
A life time of regret
Worth the pain

Not wanting to get out of bed in the morning
Legs gone lame
But no ones mourning

No reason to find direction
Writing plain, without discretion
Caring little and less about forged perfection

Living on a disposable income
Hoping I find long term affection

Still waiting patiently on that one discovery
Anything to separate myself from me
My shins from my knees

There's a windy city chill
But there's no use blaming the pills

Hands left hanging
Like a bandanna
Dangling, waving
From the homeless man's head

Expression couldn't make me a dime
In todays market of drones
Still feeling fine
Without staring into my phone
Dylan Lavercombe Feb 2014
I lost my way through the empty place,
vacant, with an unrecognizable face,
the nails stick out of the frame,
trying to recall when my last tetanus shot was, i remember the pain,
couldn't feel the blood rushing out,
they asked me what i was looking at, laying on the ground,
i said "the trees, birds, the way the leaves blow in the breeze, a peaceful sound,
they tried to calm my nerves, but i was calm, as calm as the water at low tide,
on that early morning, stolen, boat ride,
those are the memories i will have for ever, my dearest memory,
and when i say dearest memory, i mean it cost me alot, after that court date and probation meeting on the 6th of January,
Dylan Lavercombe Dec 2013
I walk out of the corner store and put the chocolate bar in my jacket,
And a pregnant lady looks at me,
With a child of her own soon to be,
I bet she wonders will her son roam the streets,
Late at night,
Even the thought gave her a fright,
I walked across the road to go sit on a bench to watch the cars go by in peace,
I sometimes do that when my friends are out of reach,
I watched the store close, the clerk finally free,
A moment later a middle aged man drove in with his white Toyota,
He was fiending for cigarettes, but the clerks shift was over,
He yelled let me in, come on, let me in,
But the clerk already counted the money in the till,
I then started to grin,
Because i got my chocolate bar, and he missed out on the cheapest cigarettes in town that were more important to him,
Dylan Lavercombe Dec 2013
Cigarette butts lay wasted on the ground,
Burnt up,
Like an old man coming home at the end of the day with a frown,

His retirement funds aren't really up to scratch,
So he has to keep working,
Working to feed the alcoholic addiction that eases the pain in his back,

The yard work is well overdue,
For his brittle home,
Through a white paint chipped windowsill view,
Like a graveyard tombstone,  

He vaguely remembers the days under the summer time sun,
But enjoyed the colder winters,
Watching snow fall,
Exhaling smoke from his lungs,
Climbing the fence getting wood chipped splinters,

He's in the shopping centre looking for the simple milk, baked beans and bread,
Everyone's moving past him at such fast pace, with shoulders bumping into him
And no one turns a head,
To say sorry or to explain why the fast race,

He walks along a path in his home town,
Picking up things from his past,
His memory is in pieces like broken bottles that lay wasted on the ground,
Treading over broken glass,

I don't know where to end this poem,
I guess you can say he spent the rest of his days on his porch watching the cars go past,
Smoking cheap cigars,
And taking sips of scotch from his father’s silver embroidered flask.
Dylan Lavercombe Dec 2013
You know its 5am when you hear the birds start to chirp,
And the sound of water boiling for my dads morning coffee,
I can’t keep my eyes closed,
All my thoughts seem to stop me,

All night they've been running through my head,
I start to think,
A thousand miles and hour,
Things like, "figure life out Dylan",
You need will power, to succeed,
But not to the point where my mind is corrupt by money and greed,
And all the hate that comes with its need,
Or should i say want,

We make the important things obscure,
And blow up which celebrity is on drugs and lost,
Which diamond rings are new in stock,
And how many lives they cost, each,
I think its sick, teens wanting an eating disorder and being malnourished because its
No wonder i can’t sleep.
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