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Amber Vander Sep 2014
We all have energy
radiating from our cores.
we meet others
who's energy
is similar to ours.
They talk,
and we talk
and our energies combine.
Lucky us when it happens,
it's seldom in a lifetime.
When you're talking to someone
and they just GET you
it's like you don't have to even explain
all the **** you've been through.
I am trying to describe what it is like to get that instant connection with someone. That amazing feeling....
Amber Vander Mar 2014
Clawing at my stomach
Worse than butterflies
A swarm of bees
I want to puke
Head in a whirl
Nobody notices
It's like I'm on a roller coaster
When your stomach drops
And you feel weightless
Or when a plane takes off
and you feel the pressure.
You feel as if
you might crumple
Into a ball
And disappear
Amber Vander Mar 2014
Makeup hides my flaws
But doesn't calm the storm inside
I appear "just fine"
Amber Vander Mar 2014
Out bodies are close
I pull him even closer
He makes me feel whole
Amber Vander Mar 2014
when I look in the mirror
I want to cry.
I see my flaws
with my ugly eyes.
My legs always touch
and then there's my chest....
it's not much.
My arms could be thinner,
but I'd have to go
without dinner.
My belly,
it always pokes out.
Don't you see
what I have to cry about?
Sorry this is sad.
Amber Vander Mar 2014
Have you ever zoned out,
because you're thinking too hard,
or maybe not thinking at all.
And your eyes go kinda fuzzy, and you feel
You are not thinking about what you're staring at.
You feel calm.
You can feel your pulse,
and your chest rises
and down.
It's like everything is okay for a moment.
Then you blink,
and your calm world is gone.
Ripped out from under you.
And you're back in the real world.
Amber Vander Mar 2014
I love the night sky
but it makes me feel
so small.
To look up
and see the vast darkness,
so massive and beautiful.
To see the glimmering stars,
and wonder what it would be like
to be up in space.
Its overwhelming to think
that there are over 500 billion galaxies.
I'm only one person.
One small human,
on a tiny planet.
The whole world is moving,
and I'm just standing still.
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