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Gary L Misch Feb 2015
The Crossing:
Once a place,
Where whistle, rail,
And road converged,
Now a home of
Last farewells,
Where two striped
Gate Keepers,
Sadly bid farewell,
To souls who thought
They might live yet
Another day or two,
Until a crush of steel
Decided otherwise.
Gary L Misch May 2014
We pay homage
To you,
Dear Bob,
Not as misguided,
But as pure evil.
A man brilliant
To realize he was
But lie,
While trying to
His numbers,
Did not
Work out,
While boys died.
Not everyone
Can use teenagers
To keep time,
But you did.

Couldn't you tell,
That your data
You could command
People to
They laughed while
They presented
You crap.
If your models
Could have talked,
They would have
At you.

For whom
Everything is new,
Were sure
That you brought
Systems analysis,
To the
Puzzle Palace.
I guess they missed
World War Two.
You did ensure
It was used,
To build
You get 'A'
For effort,

Those dead soldiers' Moms
Applaud you.
They hope to
Meet you in hell,
For another go round.
You somehow thought,
That all of life,
Could be reduced
How bizarre.

In the end,
Your failure
Was not numerical,
Your calibrated responses,
Not one enemy heart,
As for yours,
You had none.

Those attempting to
Tell you that
You were
Were helpless,
They might as well,
Have been speaking
Sanskrit to you.
For they spoke in terms of
of which
You had none.

When you passed,
No one
As hard as you
Had tried to buy it,
No one,
Gave you,
Gary L Misch May 2014
Scaffolding climbs everywhere,
To help keep the canyons of stone
In repair,
Ancient patricians,
Are now made small,
By newer creatures
Of glass and steel,
Look off in the distance,
See how small we really are,
The avenues run-
Steep to.
I stare down my chest,
To the pavement,
Hard as the hearts of the faceless,
But not like the balding,
Red headed dad,
Who got his son last week,
The same day,
That he got his
AARP card.
I'm off to a dinner
A dinner unlike any
In Syria,
Either Syria.
Gary L Misch May 2014
My love
She rests so quiet,
Where she speaks to me
In silence,
She rests beside
Her favorite place,
She rests in peace,
We put her there,
My other love and I,
We set her down,
Upon her final bed,
And covered her
With softness,
That we might
Where she lay.
Gary L Misch May 2014
Will you marry me?
Plus six.
I finally belong
To the dark girl,
With long hair,
On Beacon Street.
And she is mine.
May our hearts beat
As one,
And love define
Our days.
Gary L Misch May 2014
Nature makes a peach,
But man decides just how
That peach will be,
Feel free to graze,
In the supermarket
Of your choice,
If you insist
On the best,
Wait 'til all the others,
Have been finally consumed,
Then proceed,
To a singular and magic place,
Where a special man,
Sells a special peach,
A peach so special
That it ripens on the tree,
Ripens to perfection,
But you must consume it
Straight away.
It's never with us
Longer than two weeks,
But it's a treat
That you'll not want
To miss.
Gary L Misch May 2014
There is an empty world
It sits above our own,
Its silent souls
Reflect to us
A silent warning,
Like a lighthouse on a rock,
Their message,
Barely heard,
Is clear,
“This world,
It loves you not,
Our killers,
They still walk.”
Let their message
Never be forgot.
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