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Adyasha Behera Sep 2017
Sunshine splashed its gloss over fields
Warming the petty little bud
Paving its way carefully from earth
To glance an eye on the universe
Days went by as bud blossomed into youth
Nature awaited for its very first look
The first petal grew from the shoot
And the world threw a face of disgust
With teary eyes, the flower looked down
To see her pointless black gown
Nature around her looked pale and hazy
To her sore heart full of remorse
She regretted her self for having grown
Time flew by as the sky changed colour
The black rose grew quite old and fragile
And when the dead breeze blew hard
With no protest lay herself down
Voicing her silent mourns, I ask Thy
Why does the world build barriers
Between hearts and claim many a life
Why can’t Thee melt them away
Make souls bind with love and concern
And blow off the flame of social evils
Careful to rejoice its aura from wick
Trade with hearts not with heads
Steal the love and not the gold
Differ by deed not by colour
Once these words worn out by use
Only then shall the heavy clouds clear
And time soon heal up the CALLOUS TRANQUIL NIGHT......
Giving a thought to the differences we as a society create between fellow beings.
Adyasha Behera Sep 2017
'Look up, Pretty lady,
Your gown’s stained, so has your future
For you have cut yourself deep
With values and customs you couldn’t nurture’
Mocked the satirical society hard
Upon every girl that grew up strong
Willed to prove them all wrong
For many a lives laid back
Many a tears seeped through the skin
Until no more did they flow
‘We decide the course of wind
Enough to sail your raft of life
For storms come the path
Of those who drift apart'
The traditional society that wishes to see the daughters of Eve draped in the beliefs and truth it sets, would it ever let a girl live her life to the fullest?
Well that's a matter of thought.
Adyasha Behera Sep 2017
Yellow pages of a tale crunched
To the hold of fingers playing along
The soft fabricated pieces of a story
My mind drifted away into its ecstasy
To a world woven to perfection
By the beautiful tailor of words
Starting off by the small brook of life
It led me to infinite sea of beatitude
Sailing along its strings of fable
Of love and romance
“How could Thee hurt me,my love?”
Tears dropped down the cheeks of maiden
Of the novel that held me awestruck
My eyes hurt from the rays of light
Looking up to the mirror my eyelets had strung
Together and wet from cascade of emotions
I had not noticed the sudden rush of grief
Feeling quite doleful I craved further
The story took me on a coaster ride
Rich in compassion and equal dismal
“Oh! The enchanted damsel of my heart
I vow before Thy never would I ever grieve Thee.
Those valuable tender eyes will shine forever”
Pledged the honest voice of her sweet beloved
My mind filled with heavenly gratitude
Bliss had overcome the dark clouds of glum
A sweet smile manifested on my lips
Unnoticed had I cheered too?
Such a delightful end to an exuberant tale
That spoke of mistake regret and repentance
That engulfed me into a tale of love
And not mistakenly the tray of words
Braided by the most magnificent author
Unmindful of the magical paradise
Have I too been into THE TALE OF TRANCE?...
Ever been into a world created by the magical pages of a novel?
Then come forward to read my tale of trance

— The End —