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Adasyev Jul 2018
I won't cancel my account here and delete any poems which I like... I once was a poet here with freedom of speech. It is past now. Thank you all. Black, blue, silver, green or white can't be repainted with pink, as some state paid fools would desire. Bye

Please be aware that the account with current female nickname "sara" IS NOT A REAL PERSON POETRY ACCOUNT, but a social media watching account used by the MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC.

Please don't follow this account or support it anyway. If you get or did get any private messages from this account, they are a scam.

Since 2016, this account "retardnnn" can be found on many social media platforms including and many others. Here are some characteristics of it:

- there is never any uploaded content of the user, so no poems from "sara" even on this site where an invitation poem is required to join the community (perhaps deleted after joining)
- favorites of the fictional user are completely non-sense and accidental, completed just by clicking on similar tags, resulting in a mix of poems coming from many years, this is very distinct from a real person loving poems from people who they watch at a moment. You can see it yourself on
- in other sites like, the photo of "retardnnn" or "Sara" is some kind of pretty looking teenage girl. Even not being the same ******* all sites, this is a (jail)bait. By searching the source of the profile pictures, as I did, you can go back to the years 2012 or 2013, and the source photo is matched to Russian websites. This is certainly NOT a real person.

Use your brain, not sympathy for girl names.

I claim the main reason the mentioned profile joined Hellopoetry several months ago is me. Particularly my short prose written in Czech that I published here on December 28th which mocks in a very unpleasant way corruption-driven part of state administration in Prague, responsible for supervising so-called "independent contractors" employment model which is widespread in my country (also known in UK and US I guess). It also targeted particular state official in Prague in a way that became some kind of popular after that. With this text, I achieved what I wanted and I am proud of it.

The user is now watching me but I blocked them, so is present just as number 6 but invisible in my watchers list.

I WILL DELETE THIS non poetry related text after this user GETS OFF THIS SITE. Thanks, LV

The employee rights complaint written by me dealing with Czech authorities is accessible through (in Czech language of course).

UPDATE: In an attempt to discourage people reading my poems, I have ADS IN FRONT of my poems. You can see it by logging off (at least from my IP).

UPDATE 2: For visitors coming outside, the number of views of this text IS FALSIFIED, compared to what I see when I log in.

UPDATE 3: After publishing this, ads disappeared. Also user stopped watching me. The number of views of my texts is rising again.

UPDATE 4: Ads again renewed, but this time for any poems I see from my IP (country). Guys are working hard.

UPDATE 5: After having published new header about censorship on my profile page, FREQUENCY OF ADS dropped but they are still present.

UPDATE 6: Still being the same guy (Adasyev) I have changed my profile name to a better known one, only to see if this will influence displaying ads.

UPDATE 7: After doing this, the number of views (of this text) as seen below is blocked at 251 (for readers coming outside the community, my IP or country). The number of views at my poems is also blocked.

UPDATE 8: Number of views is fixed to 540 as of August 5. This is meant from country's IP adresses.

UPDATE 9: When viewed from my country's IP, the profile is still present with 8 followers.

UPDATE 10: Number of views of this text was fixed to 635 when viewed from my country's IP. As of August 6. When I log in the current number is 715. Ads are displaying almost everywhere on this site from my country's IP. Immediately after publishing the above text number is modified to 726. Any future value will be falsified and blocked from my country, so it lacks a sense to continue with this updating.

UPDATE 11: In response to the censorship on this site from my country I have already deleted in the last days the incriminated text from December 28th and few others concerning state administration in my country.

PLEASE NOTE: With the current censorship on this server in Czech Republic, you can't be sure whether I get or did get any private messages from you. I didn't get one till now.


Link to this post is:

Shortened link (as seen in my profile's header) is:

UPDATE 2021-06-14: I got reaction by e-mail telling me that and other accounts ARE surely NOT related to Czech state administration, they belong to a young person. The events above mentioned remain unclear.
Adasyev Jul 2018
Měsíc bdí na nebi šumícím
a noc modrá je jak krev,

někde v dáli jsou ješteři v ulicích,
za plátnem ozývá se řev.
Adasyev Jul 2018
Arogantní vládnou světu,
slimák žere každou větu.

Každou větu žere slimák,
arogantní myslí jinak.
Adasyev Jul 2018
Miluju vás všechny,
nezaměstnanost je nízká,

teď už jenom zbývá
vás vyhodit z místa.

Miluju vás všechny,
i když nejseš si tím jistá,

teď už jenom zbývá
na lásku najít místa.
Adasyev Jul 2018
Ten, kdo chtěl dojít ke konci,
aby na tom byl líp než na začátku,

a zjistí,
že když došel ke konci,
je na tom hůř než na začátku,

je na tom hůř než na začátku.
Adasyev Jun 2018
Zeptal se dělník k čemu je umění,
když na mojí práci se stejně nic nemění.

Na mý práci se stejně nic nemění,
tak k čemu je umění,
umělci zkurvení.

Umělci zkurvení,
zkuste si umění
a budete tu jak němý.
Adasyev Jun 2018
Je jedna adresa na vrchu nebe,
kam jednou doručí

mě, možná i Tebe,

ale je jedno místo o dost blíž zemi,
kde topí zadarmo,

kde nejsou peníze,
tak jako v nebi.

Tam někde nahoře máš výhled shůry
a můžeš tam potkávat

nebeské můry,

ale tam někde dole Ti shoří křídla
a žízeň uhasí

jen podzemní vřídla.

Je jedna adresa na vrchu nebe,
kam jednou pošlou

můry i Tebe,

ale je jedna adresa o dost níž k zemi,
kde vaří zadarmo,

kde nejsou stravenky,
tak jako v nebi.

Tam někde navrchu jsou nebeské kůry
a andílci z KFC

maj' křidýlek fůry,

ale tam dole pod zemí jsou kosti bez stehen
a duše tam nespravíš

jediným stehem.

Je jedna adresa na vrchu nebe,
kam jednou doručí,

co zbyde ze mě,

ale je jedno místo lehce nad zemí,
kde život se v prach

pro jednou změní.
Volně inspirováno písní "Heaven and Hell" (John Entwistle).
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