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Adam Childs Nov 2016
Daft, scruffy, crazy hair unbounding
Bouncing piece of bursting joy.
Sensless madness going berserk
  but please take me on a journey.
I love you, really love you so very much
I am happy to merrily trot and follow  
the path they all call LOVE.
As you float like a bubbles
perfect pink ballons.
Happy I am to be lead by LOVE

While those ever so precious cats
tip toe the rivers edge cringing at
thought of getting wet.
I just jump jump and jump
While others hold back
make plans control.
I pull pull say lets go live in the unknown.
I say lets play a silly game or two.

I am submissive not controlling
I let go of my ego
as a plastic crown falls of my head
I am filled with love.
Driven by something inside me racing
faster than any wind so let me jump inside
your heart and drag you kicking
into something beautiful.

And even though I really love all my
life so very much frightened that
I will loose it all.
I Silently tentatively sit by the rusty
waters edge as spring flowers blossom.
And wait for the signal
from you too
Love and Love.
To simply let go
to love and love.
As I jump ,jump and jump
Love ,Love and Love.
With a great big
Clumsy Splash
So the whole world can hear.
We let go and go,
dissolving all our ego.

Driven on by a deeper yearning
I love and long, love and long.
As I swim in a river that
has no tomorrow or
As I surrender to you
the great master OH GOD
what ever you wish
of me I will become.
Just throw me a stick
I will truly run do anything.

There are many who
rush away from great pain
I only rush towards joy.
There are those frightened
of getting lost to afraid to let go.
But I even though I melt like softest
butter in the sun. And fall in love
deeper than an ocean.
Expanding outside of the sky
into other greater worlds.

For deep inside I cradle myself
cherish, nourish blow kisses in
my heart.
As I am never running away only
running too.
As I am touched by a tender softness
inside I always hold myself.
As I gather myself to make a leap
hold myself to make the jump
as I carry myself through a hoop.
But I never loosing myself always
taking myself with me on the journey
into LOVE.

Much can be gained by listening to
mans best friend his Dog.
As we can all live in a river
paddling, expanding in
a Blissful  LOVE and JOY
Just spent a little more time trying to improve it as I felt it needed a bit of extra attention. exploring a more positive side of codependents
And using the example of our best friend.
Adam Childs Nov 2016
Bound to the body
Stuck to the earth
Crawling across the earth
Feeling so heavy

Deep inside
I feel a memory
Something so much better
A hidden treasure

Turning back within I
search for something hidden
Twist and turn, scoff and spit
Something precious deep inside

Then one day
When lost in greed
Take over by an envy
In the darkest way

I gently push
With new parts
And feel a warm
Flash of loving light

Suddenly I feel
A space inside
A sweet essence
Like a perfume
Floating free

With the lightest flutter
Like the touch of a feather
I feel so delicate
My whole world
Opening up

A bright light shine
Down onto me
And I see Gods sun
Shine right through me

And all now is beautiful
Surrounded by my
True colours
Lightly flying full and free

With spots of
Kindness, gentleness
Soft patches of friendliness

Laced together
With a gracefulness
As I carry a
Peaceful presence

All disfunctional ties inside and out
Discarded and dropped
All should's and should not's
All swallowed by a change

All my negatives
Are now positives
The need for Love
Has now all gone

As deep inside
Slipping down a slide
my esence
I find
made of

As I love and love
Bounce and bounce
From flower to flower
Dance and play

Sharing is
My only intention
I find


is simply


Like a pink waterfall
I can only share

As time passes by
I realize freedom
Is not left of right
Or even
Right or wrong

Freedom is being
Who you truly are
Just letting
All that is real
Really shine

Its your deepest
Purest essence inside
Time for letting


Its looking in the
Mirror knowing
You are beautiful
In every single way
360 degrees all around

And loving
What you see
Is being
Completely free

By being simply

Adam Childs Nov 2016
Softly closing my eyes
As I let
The world depart

Gently close my hands
Upon my heart

As I cradle
Lord Jesus Christ
In my palms

I hold him
So very near
So very dear


In your strength
I feel so weak

So help me daily
To take a careful step

As I care for you
You care for me

So please
Draw me close
Love for you

I love you
Adam Childs Nov 2016
Black hats, purple robes
Magicians love
To serve us all
Bubbling bubbles of desire
Lift me up
Higher and higher
Somewhere buried
In the sky

I discover
A taste a feel
On my finger tips
Touching with my very hand
In an unknown land
I realize
That I can have
anything the world
Can bring

So  each and every day
Solid bricks
Fly out of me
As I build
With building blocks
Desire pushes me
Up and up
Spiraling stairways, climbing spires
Take me to the very top

And then one crooked day
Bursting bubbles, worlds collide
Broken stairs, broken bones
short end of a wish bone
Steep steps rolling down
Once again
I find I am crying
Rubble all around
Falling tumbling down

But in
Crumbling castles of desire
I find my essence purified
Like a living flower
Sweetness springs
From inside
With a song
It sings
Out loud

I only wish to hear
The sea
To feel the sand
Beneath my feet
The wind blowing
Through my hair
And take a breath
Of clean fresh air

As I am lifted
With every step
All desires fulfilled
With every stride
10 thousand steps
I walk each day
Each one filled

So in this
Crumbling castle of desire
I feel a LOVE of life
In every part
I find my wishes
Just right here
Desire so very close to me
I can only feel
So blissfully

Each and every single day !
A little on the journey of desire
Adam Childs Aug 2016
Sometimes love can be a scary thing

Like walking into an empty
Castle ruin.
Where cobwebs clinging
to a moldy ceilings.

And spiders eyes pierce
through clammy darkness.
Skeleton hands touching the back
of our shoulders.

Floating across an empty ball room
I find myself remembering  
where all was buzzing,
bubbling and fun.
As I danced all night with
the queen of the ball
I bath in the memory of her
scented smile.

Drifting sideways through a wall
I enter a kitchen, with
a beast is chained to a wall,
and stand behind a large table.

A bright moon climbs through a
broken window and glares right
into my soul.

Pushed back I fall onto a collapsing
wall that sticking out of the ground
like a great crocodiles jaw.

Scrambling to my feet I hear the
sound of creaking floor boards,
where there are none.

A timeless essence pervades the room
as I am comforted by a distant

A soft silver energy spills into the
room and takes the shape of
A beautiful women.

The angry beast still chained
to the wall growls and howls
louder and louder, I shudder.

But as the lady softly speaks
the howl of the beast quickly

Held in a straight jacket
we are braced by a
consuming silence.

Bewildered by her power
all my strength
collapsing onto the floor.

But slowly I observe fur
falling of the beast,
muscles begin to appear.

A giant stands up tall carrying a strength
greater than any dragon or beast.

All fragments of fur find life
rolling up together and
turning into a wolf.

As we all sit with each other
sunbathing in a silver moon
seeping into the room.

Lost with a beast in an abandoned
castle I am found and tamed
by this beautiful
fare maiden.

Gently together we are suddenly awoken
in a busy castle as we start remembering
something we had long ago forgotten.

How precious a love,
a gentle,
falling in love
can be.
Just experimenting I would be grateful for any feed back on whether it worked or not.
Adam Childs Jul 2016
As an instinct flies
in a place of beauty
an untamed nature
footprints in ground.
Where frosty stares in the still air
will frighten the devil.
We hear the haunting howls
within the wilderness as we
search for all that is
wild inside us.
In each stride a dark beast
inside us roars
sharp claws scratch prison
walls and paws rattle
the jail house bars.

I am the mad man in the
lunatic asylum who howls
at the full moon.
Barks at the visitor
I am the crazy one.
I am the werewolf
Look into me and I will scare
every bone in your body.
As a band of brother we all give
birth to a fresh madness .
Bound together we feel the freedom
of just being in our nature.

And I am so so sorry that you
always feel like a prisoner.
As he is wild and on the outside
you hold yourself captive.
As he is the wilderness
you are the farmer.
And all of his territory surrounds you.
Be careful in the land of the untamed
beast listen for his frosty breath
a cold bloodied steam.

Frozen in the wolfs glare you feel the
force of nature.
A thousand armies may try to penetrate
and conquer.
But stone walled by an eye
they are kept on the outside.
As they hear a voice
from a bearded old man
Some call nature
others call GOD
With thunder in his spirit and chain saws
in his growl you know he belongs to God
not man.

They place you in a prison
calling it
Freedom of choice
I will crack you open
break you free
and give you instinct
with no choice.
Burdened by the baggage
of decision i will set you
a path which has
but no reason.
Strangled by the mind I will
I will give a ferocious growl
that carries you right through.

Gliding through the wilderness you
race free following your instinct
breaking fresh snow each day.
Gain the thrill of your own wildness
and learn the power of running with wolves
in the wilderness.  
I takes courage to follow your instinct you almost have to be slightly mad
something wolves may help us with
Adam Childs Jun 2016
May I tell you a little secret
But please don't let anyone know

That I am not strong
But actually weak

That I don't know
where I am going
Lost in rough sea
I cling to my tiny boat
With no life jacket

That if you look at me closely
You see my house  
Is made of cards
And not brick

That every day I turn of the sound
Holding cotton to my ear
As the world sings a song
My mind doesn't want to hear

That the bravado of a ******* man
Swinging a shirt above his head
Hides a little boy
Who was bullied at school

That I am like the little girl
Who slept with every guy in town
But was actually scared  
To sleep with just one

Or the guy who could
Have every single girl
But to scared to take his pants off
So hid in the Loo

That every day I close my eyes
As I walk a narrow path
With a shear drop on either side

That I scale a rope bridge
Across a great raven
Made with a decaying wood

That I sometimes do things
I wish not to do
I will even be your play thing
If it helps me fit in

That I do not possess Rhino skin
It is actually paper thin
Every word can break my skin  

That my heart doesn't roar
But hides like a
Little Lamb stuck in
A Lion's den

Thank you for letting me
Share my little secret
But please don't let anyone know
That I am not strong
But very weak
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