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december grunge Nov 2018
death is an abysmal
that's floating in the abyss
moss on a tree's bed
the meaning behind this is hard to guess but it's really personal and I'm happy to share it.
If anyone cares i want to be more involved in the community and meet more people here feel free to pm me on here
december grunge Nov 2018
it relaxes my tense spine
breathing in the tone
how the melody heals my lungs
my organs dance inside of me
i feel afloat
but im overwhelmed with queasiness
it pulled me out of the moment
the feeling lasted only a minute
before exhilarating emotions forgotten
pain and others turned much more intense
the melody inside turned to agonizing pain
as i can't even stand much longer to be in my own body
someone help, im desperately trying to crawl out of my own skin
for i cant even do the things i enjoy most
my hands quickly hurry through the notes
my fingertips shaking on the brass keys
pushing to get my favorite thing over with
all because my skin is stabbing me
my lungs once breathing passion
now suffocated and dying
im trapped in my head
set me free
the context of this is talking about my mental issues acting up while i play music. but you can interpret it however you like.
december grunge Nov 2018
we are dreamers of dreams
dancing in our minds and singing
with our hearts to a melancholy song
speak to me
sweet works and put me to dream sweet dreams
not my particular style of writing but just an old poem from a long time ago i wrote about a song i heard.
december grunge Nov 2018
i couldnt save her
im meaningless and worthless
a leaf in autumn
hey im starting a discord server for poetry, to analyze and be more involved with poetry. like a book club. comment or message me to join

— The End —