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Abe Bonnevie Jun 2017
I envy the sea
For how quickly it erases
Footprints on the beach
Like no one's ever passed by it,
Because it takes more than
The moon and the whole ocean
When I erase the footprints
And tiptoes you've made
On my shores,
Making a sand castle of your own
To live in,
And God knows when the waves
Would come by
Abe Bonnevie May 2017
I love your eyes
Not because it reminds me
Of the glimmer on a dew drop
Early in the morning garden,
Nor because it is shaped
Like a perfect crescent of the moon
When you smile for joy.

I love your eyes
Because they see all these colors
Racing here and there,
Because you need not to squint
Them to see clearly,
Because you see what I chose
To blind myself from,
And that is to grant your gift
Of vision
To someone else.
Fun fact: I'm literally color blind
Abe Bonnevie May 2017
Let me be the waves
Crashing down on your shore,
Ready to make anew your sand,
Eager to erase the footprints
Of who you thought would stay but
Made more and more footprints
From you.

Let me be the sunset, the horizon melting away all your fears
Of what could happen
When you fall in love
For darling believe me that this sun will always shine
For you and you alone.

Let me be the sky
So that everyday i could paint
You a masterpiece,
And all you have to do is look up and see where my creations end
For darling that is how much
I love you
Abe Bonnevie May 2017
My dear i saw a world
A new beginning
A shining sun in its horizon
My only hope of peace and paradise

My dear i saw a world
And yet how can i reach this place
When still my world is you?
Abe Bonnevie May 2017
I wished for every star to align
But the Night Sky meant not to create a constellation
In the shape of
You and I

— The End —