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Rajie Medina Sep 2020
Some memories are hard to forget
It was like a fresh wounds wide open
The ache stays yesterday and today
Both painful and thankful, I'm still alive
How can I move on? If it is beautiful?
Rajie Medina Sep 2020
I love the sun when it touches the horizon
The winds blew across my face
Yet the darkness arrives soon
I’m still utterly fascinated by the stars
Melancholy joined with the solitary moon
So it does time changes, today is yesterday
While tomorrow is another day
And the sun will rise again
Life always wonder
Rajie Medina Sep 2020
I woke up early in a cold morning
It's 5:30, my heart aches twitching in pain
Even my body is crumbling, my hand can't touch my chest
I'm still horror from the morning I can't forget.
Rajie Medina Sep 2020
There’s igniting low fire into my bones
Releasing energy inside my veins
Exact heat keeps my heart pounding and alive
I claimed it as my personal faith and hope.
Life always wonder
Rajie Medina Aug 2020
I want to be free
I wish one day in my life
I could shout in the forest
I could fall in the crest
I could run into the wild
I could dive into the unfold
I could burn pieces of memories
I could play in the rain and fire
But I couldn't be free
I hope so
Rajie Medina Aug 2020
When I was a young, my grandma told me
'When I die, I will become a butterfly
I'm soaring up above the blue sky
Living the life I aways wanted to be'
Hi, finally, I'm back to writing.
Rajie Medina Apr 2020
Again I'm sitting in my favorite place
With a journal and flashlight in my hand
Fascinated by the hundreds stars above
Hope against hope, tying ties in the end

I thought I will never wrote about you
I denied, bargained up in the darkness
And finally accepted everything thou
Then sooner or later it grows on us

The sun rises how the days passed by
We looked back but we can't go back
We might trapped again one of these days
But remember we are looking forward
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