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Rajie Medina Oct 2020
I came this road too far
I drive forward with this car
I never taught my heart
To fear and break apart
In this world full of fright

Incase if my heart broke
I'll pick the thousands piece
Build the new walls of courage
Encourage to face life
Drive farther away home
Rajie Medina Oct 2020
I love this month, aside I was born
Contented and blessed to everything
I love this month, changing of season
Rain comes and blow, winds of change

I look back and forth, I still can't believe
I'm alive and in pain at the same time
Learn and gain through hardship battle
Manage to woke up and live this life

It's hard to remember but still aches my heart
If you let me remember then tell me
So then let me tell you I'm going to fight
I'll let this walls remind me of home
I know it's kind of late. But still support my poems. Thank you
Rajie Medina Sep 2020
It supposed to be like this
I'll hide myself and love you
'Till my heart swells and heal
Became life and truth for real.
Rajie Medina Sep 2020
The person you love the most
Will hurt you to the fullest
You can't leave, you can't leave life
You can't run, you can't make it end.

I hope I can get more courage to cry
I hope I can love you more, not dry
This is the way to alleviate my pain
To embrace these things as much as I can.
Rajie Medina Sep 2020
You've changed like a seasons
I don't know who you are
You ran places and lost ways
I saw you and you saw my shadows

You've told me the same thing
What about we have been through?
We've never crossed path along
I don't know who you are
Rajie Medina Sep 2020
Maybe we meet along the way
Or maybe in the dark streets
Or maybe under a big trees
Or maybe we never meet again

You took north and I go south
I went and played under the rain
You came inside under your roof
We are different and never meet again
Rajie Medina Sep 2020
I'm looking out of my window
Staring the deep dark sky
While the city light in shadow
Gladly alive and can ask you why

It will be okay, trust the time
Cry until you fell asleep
Let the peace come and pain away
You're not alone light enough
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