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Ylva Feb 26
Don’t lead me on.
Don’t flirt with me.
Because when you stop, and you ignore me.
I still can’t stop thinking you.
So don’t flirt with me, don’t talk to me at all.
Ylva Jan 31
Every girl got that one guy-friend...
that makes her smile and laugh,
that makes her belive,
that holds her when she's cold
Every girl got that one guy-friend...
that she's in love with
Ylva Jan 29
you cant blame society,
without blaming yourself
Ylva Jan 29
i am not brave
i just have a very big comfort zone
Ylva Jan 29
What am I to you?
A classmate?
A friend?
An ex? Your best friend's anoying little sister?
Or am I something more?
Ylva Jan 29
She's probably feeling the way I felt before,
Sometimes I miss you, when I don't have the right anymore.
Ylva Jan 29
Do I like him?
Do I like the play fights in the hall,
the glances in the classroom,
the butterflies when he hugs me,
the deep conversations in the cafeteria,
and the feeling when I think about him?
Do I like him? No, we're just friends.

— The End —