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Mrs Mortician Aug 2016
It must be maddening
to float around in the sea
Which is probably why
whales go up on the beach

Blue is the void
That rests bellow
And blue is the sky
That floats up high
It's a miracle all whales don't suicide

A nice warm beach
Bounces energies of fun
And is attractive whales
Who I can't say arn't dumb

A curious difference
Draws them near
They have only seen blue
For the past ten years

But the beach is to whale
As a siren is to me
Because whales can't live
When they go up on the beach

Luckily I'm human
So when I feel the need
I can travel to lots of places
To see what I can see
I always thought being a whale at sea world would ****. Then I saw a picture of a bunch of whales on the beach and a video of people blowing up a whale with dynamite because they didn't know how to get it off the beach and I thought maybe we're doing them a favor in sea world lol jk.

— The End —