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When someone must leave you
it's sad you know
Set free and whole
Don't you fret or moum
They are flying high
Looking down with a smile
So why are you so sad.
They aren't suffering
No more
They are living  
Set free
So don't be sad
Just be glad
 Feb 2020 VOID
I loved you
 Feb 2020 VOID
I feel your love,
your touch,
when the sun
chooses to shine,
my skin

I see your face,
your smile,
whenever I look
at my reflection
in the mirror

I hear your voice,
your unforgettable
as rain falls
melodically from

I remember the pain,
the unbearable
when I realized
I loved you
but I had to
let you go
 Mar 2019 VOID
Kalin R
 Mar 2019 VOID
Kalin R
Who am I anyway
When I sway
Into the gateway
Of truth and what I portray
It’s every single day
The person I convey
It’s my game I play
But then I replay
Every single payday
To my pathway
Into my dark gateway
My supply on the way
I always over pay
Then myself I lockaway
Then I hit that powder play
Then another railway
I can’t stop or pull away
I sit and stay
Till I hit the airwaves
I never feel ok
But this feeling I obey
My problems I downplay
Then to my dismay
I can’t breakaway
 Mar 2019 VOID
 Mar 2019 VOID
in my small town
last names mean everything & being a good kid means nothing
 Feb 2019 VOID
 Feb 2019 VOID
you're not gone
I just can't see you anymore
and you'll forever live on
in each and every drop of my blood
 Feb 2019 VOID
the secret world
 Feb 2019 VOID
Behind these eyes lies a universe unseen
I've forfeited my own memories for the details of these dreams
No one knows
Because I'm selfish
I don't want anybody else's footprints in the sand
I'm afraid
That if I hand it over it will no longer be mine
But if I don't, it'll never exist
And my ideas will be born and die within their nest
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