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VOID May 10
I will keep all your demons inside My soul make a haunted house of it
I will display your pain on portraits and paintings and hang them on the walls like an art museum
I will handle your anger like a blade to the chest
And with my last breath apologize for the blood on your hands
I will soak up your tear like sponge and never complain about the wet that Consumes me
VOID Apr 15
Fireworks tears and whiskey
Turning a page on a new chapter
A new year has begun maybe things will change
Little did I know this will be the last night I spend in your arms
We say hallow I love yous
We only kiss in the dark
Trying to hold together what little we have left
I will always  miss you
think about you when I'm sad
Slideshows of memories play in the back of my eyelids before sleep
I still sleep in your shirt but it no longer has your pheromones on it it is washed and drenched in fabric softener to drown out the smell of you
I will always carry love for you but no longer in my heart and in my bones but in in the creases of my elbows and backs of my knees so my next lover does not notice the burden I carry for loving you
I once convinced myself you were my future but now I understand that people just outgrow people
Our love got spoiled like milk left out overnight
and who am I to blame I left it there, on the counter waiting for somebody to pick it up and fix it
I'm sorry I abandoned you
Let our love wither away like a wilting flower, I should have held on longer
But who am I to sell all my love and time on someone who wouldn't do the same
VOID Apr 9
I would quiver into dust for him
Convert back into the atoms and stars I once was
I would melt between the crack in the warm pavement
turn into nothing but a puddle of water  to be stepped in
I would be burnt into ashes
Become nothing but a rusted gate
I would give up every thing I possibly have
Just to hear him say I love you like he said right now
VOID Mar 25
As my fingers caress your scalp
I watch your eyes slowly shut
God they are beautiful,
Lashes stretched out like hands  busy protecting your vision
I would do anything to guard you from the horrors those eyes have seen
Finger tips wander along side your hairline where several scars are tucked away
Energy calm
Your head leans into me as my fingers run across the back of your ear
This is intimacy
Voices in my head whisper line of poetry when we touch in silence
My spine pulls into you naturally as we rest
Your wisdom has been the missing piece to my mess unorganized brain
Love seems possible again thanks to you
VOID Feb 24
Burning with lit passion of fire and heat
In the morning you are the first and only thing I need
Sending bubbles of addiction through my gut and up through my thoughts
Knowing it will turn to Ash
But I admire the slow burn
Smoke clouding judgement
How can something feel so good but fill my lungs with tar and shame
Once we burn out I'll throw the stained yellow  filter  away without second thought
Just to grab another from a pack
Because love this good was never built to last
VOID Feb 15
Heart being pulled in every direction possible
He makes a smile grow that I believed was lost
Undiscovered feelings develop in the dark
And I want to hide from my own emotions
Never admit I'm falling in love with you
A soul that will never belong to me
Skin that will one day forget my touch
Lips that will never say my name in vows
I accept the fact that I'm not made for you
Shoulders weren't made to carry all your hurt
But they were made like umbrellas for your tears
I will try my hardest to guard you from my sensitivity
I know you wanted me for fun
But I'm too attached
Not to say
I'm falling in love with the thought of you
VOID Feb 9
collarbones exposed to the sun like open hands worshipping God
words spoke as soft as wind
as gentle as the cold of the snow
the warmest smile you've ever felt
an abandoned home of a soul
giving in every way
selfish but only when expressing self-love
intentions as rule ridden as the laws of the land
nobody shall conquer this body
for it belongs to the lord
soul sold years ago
to a life far from touch
disappearing fingerprints
constantly changing into a person unrecognized
self-expression becomes more than words
skin like communication
eyes deeper than rock bottom
******* deeper into a void of the past
but shoulders built to hold a house of broken promises and disappointment
bags under eyes packed full of regret and shame
showers wash everything but the past
but still standing stronger
at peace
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