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  Nov 2017 vinny
Mark Wanless
"Painful Slavery"

                    Ah Satan, are you but a notion
                    Of the mind?
                    Can the terrible enemy of man
                    Be but a childish attempt
                    To avoid responsibility?
                    When mother ate the fruit
                    Was not her cry,
                    "The serpent tempted me."
                    The true falling away?
                    To deny her own dark desires
                    And blame them on a source
                    Outside herself,
                    Was not this the real evil?
                    And father,
                    What of him?
                    His words,
                    "She offered it to me, so I ate."
                    His own words condemn him.
                    He gave away the glory, the Eden
                    Of free will,
                    For the painful slavery
                    Of excuses.
vinny Nov 2017
i fell in love with a liar
and her itchy
trigger fingers

showing me her world
the brilliance within
elevating to extremes  
then pulling the pin

i fell in love with a liar
and balanced there
for just a second

then one day she had a scratch
and i happened to be within range
she relieved my of my burdens
man i miss those chains
vinny Nov 2017
you've built quite the brand
hordes of rabid fans
frenzied awaiting
your instagram

impenetrable outer shell
created to protect
the fragile core
you'd love to forget

when it all comes undone
and leaves you stranded
alone with your truth
you'll be
vinny Oct 2017
so many words
never enough action
almost closed the deal
then lost all traction

never saw the bottom
before it dropped out
navigation failed
north became south

so i dug in deep
the ultimate reward
felt the tips of your wings
and watched you soar
vinny Oct 2017
i tossed you a line
before you were consumed
but you kicked and screamed
and sank further

own your mess
live it for awhile
embrace the pain
walk the mile

i know it hurts
it always will

the next time
you're thrown a line
just be still
  Oct 2017 vinny
tea that steeps too long
leaves a bitter taste
the very same way
we held on too strong
to something gone
we wasted months

I soaked up
years of your self hatred
and now I am here.

Cavities now rot my teeth,
I spent months trying to sweeten
the tea we let steep
for far too long
vinny Oct 2017
dreams can deceive
distort reality
exposing weakness
for all to see

dreams can inspire
if properly controlled
nurture with respect
a seed well sown

so follow your dreams
false promises bluffing
see how far it gets you
or end up with nothing
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