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Life is dotted with ironies
Giving us nothing but worries

With sensual ****** and throbbing of waist
Life is giving, joy renewed and nothing is waste

We bring life into this world with funfair
But the begotten arrives in agony because nothing is fair

Some roam the streets from dawn to dusk and still end up on empty stomachs
Others without having to move a finger have the best of life’s goodies yet stress and ulcer niche in their stomachs
Where on earth is the balance between life and death?
Where on earth is the state of equality between riches and dearth?

Show me my beloved where equity exist on earth
And I will show you where the worries of life berth
And you
Forever grateful !
What are the ingredients of a lasting marriage?
What are the ingredients of a lasting friendship?
It is honesty, trust, openness, patience, hope, humility and love
Honesty is the first principle; the first policy
Trust is the salt and the oil needed to eat the yam of friendship
Openness like trust is the engine room and fragrance
Humility maintains these engines and invigorates them
Patience is the safe-fall mechanism; a virtue
Hope is the expectation that all will be great
Anchored on the heptads that are there to manure the soil of friendship
Hence, they keep the vegetation lush even in winter

Love is not the only bastion of long lasting relationship
Yet love is paramount to a sustainable relationship
It gives meaning to the sacrifices and self denials
It is at the centre of the vortex of passion expressed in those votive wordings
The wordings of commitment and exchange of hearts
Love cannot support the heptads of relationship alone
It can only open the door for its off springs:
Kindness, respect, faithfulness, and affection  
They come in to strengthen and secure the bond of friendship

When lies and mistrust creeps in
When one party trades but in these woes
It weakens the heptads and erodes it of Trust
Honesty is murdered and openness buried
Patience slacks and love cringes
Humility scurries away and Hope is gone
The same applies to the off springs of love
That loves turns into hatred and resentment
In truth, the depth of love is always the depth of hatred
It can bring down every good thing it once erected
That it takes grace if not divinity to mend the walls again
Love is needed but without these others relationship crumbles
We need love in our relationships but we still need other human virtues to water it. If not the love withers like hibiscus in winter.
For being right.
For knowing more than you are expected to know,
For doing what is right.
For knowing who you are,
For knowing your worth.
For taking pride in your being,
For not being ignorant.
For being innocent,
For holding on to your beliefs,
For being hopeful and having faith.
For being loyal.
For being different.
For being an introvert,
For being an extrovert,
For being an ambivert.
For not being understood.
For choosing your own path.
For being your own best friend.
For loving yourself.
For leaving behind things and people for your own good.
For choosing to put yourself first.
For listening to yourself.
For being a woman,
For being a man.
For crying.
For believing you deserve the best.
For accepting who you are.
For being a cheerful person,
For being a quiet person.
For being beautiful,
For being confident.
For being realistic.
For being optimistic.
For being blessed.
For making yourself happy,
For taking yourself seriously.
For loving someone.
For being a human being.
If it is who you are,the only person to be sorry is the one trying to change you.
the way clouds swirl
like milk in grey tea
when it rains
I ‘m an adult
I live and love life
Just like every sensible adult
I live and love life

I ‘m into a woman
I love and cherish her
Just like every lovely man
I love and cherish her

I’m in love
I love my love life
Just like everyone else who values love
I love my love life

I ‘m a father
I love and provide for my family
Just like every caring father
I can die for family

I’m a husband
I have kisses for breakfast
Just like every romantic husband
I make time for breakfast
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