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 Mar 2018 GoldenGrimm
Hawk Flight

Push you down onto your knees
Your hands tied tightly behind you
My manhood waiting for your lips.
Grab your short hair push you forward
Trying not to moan.

******* my hand in your hair
Pushing you back and forth.
You whimper softly taking me fully

Can't take this torture anymore
Needing to bury my love and desire
deep within you.

hands still tied
I flip you over
Your perfect small round *** in the air
waiting for me.

you are mine no one elses*
I smack your *** and kiss it better
Before I claim it as mine.

Burying my love within you

Release my love
deep inside.

spin you around
your still in need

take you in my mouth
you quiver beneath me
stuggling against your retrains.
****** your hips pushing deeper
Loving you with my mouth
Realese your love.

Both panting hard
Both still wanting more

what will this day have instore?
 Mar 2018 GoldenGrimm
 Mar 2018 GoldenGrimm
Her legs stretched out.
His palms wrapped around her hips.
Her body clung to his.
His breathing calm.
She feels his pace,
as their bodies embrace,
paralyzed by pleasure,
encapsulated forever.
"Everyone deserves
to meet that person
that makes them quiver."
what spews
from people's lips
is seldom supposed to matter
solely idle chatter
harmless little nips
that become news

they spread their words
not really caring
who they hurt
with everything they spurt
and not even daring
to question the mindless herds

it might start as a joke
when they spread their lies
about what they perceive as romance
never giving a real chance
acting like merciless spies
minus the dagger and cloak

words can result in
unintended consequences
and even without hate
they can devastate
lead to doled out sentences
or much chagrin

they don't seem to care
who they talk about
each week
whether strong or weak
through a whisper or shout
or words spoken on a dare

they just talk
perceiving themselves blameless
spreading word of frogs or red hair
with a lighthearted air
without thought to us who are voiceless
who can do naught but gawk

it is hard to fight
something that nobody
believes is a threat
because to them,
it is practically harmless
but they would not like
to be in the places
they put us in
so i say
stop talking
about what you
know not of
i swear
the redhead and the frog
might ruin my year
the first was a mistake
the second one forbidden
though who doesn't want the forbidden fruit, if it's forbidden without reason?
there was never much left for me to say,
insofar as I didn't know how to articulate it or,
if I did, I no longer possessed the energy to do so.

Hope comes stranded, like a helium balloon
left to wander the skies once released
at a city parade.

A child not yet wise to the knowledge
that helium
is lighter
than air
imagines she can let go
to weave her little shoes
into secure knots with
both hands,
so by the time she looks up to find this renegade bulb,
it's nothing more than one of what could be
ninety-nine red balloons
floating in the summer sky.

In this sense,
it could be said hope comes
from all angles,
regardless of whether this
little drip of serendipity
is gifted by accident,
simple curiosity.

Existence always hurts.
But it's our challenge to choose
how it hurts:
will it be a chronic sickness unto death,
inspiring moroseness and jaded apathy?
Or will it feel like gym pain,
as if liquid gold has pooled
into every open crevice
of bone marrow
so the ache is nothing
friendly reminder
of our living vitality
through having
the body,
and soul
in satisfaction?
"The opposite of depression isn't happiness, it's vitality."

— The End —