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GoldenGrimm Mar 2018
Time stops, and miracles disappear.
Happiness falters, smiles fade.
Stuck in 9-year-old lost memories,
Lost in a 6-year-olds forgotten thought,
Drowning in the tears of lost innocence.
All motions are frozen to a shock.
No deliverance between good and evil,
No difference between right or wrong.
Life suddenly loses meaning,
As time draws on.
Until tears run dry,
Smiles become fake,
And personalities are plastered on for society.
Everything becomes a phase, and nothing is right.
Until we only become what society wants.
Yet once you are in need of help,
You are pushed back,
Back inside that cell,
Of 9-year-old lost memories.
Stuck in a 6-year-olds forgotten thought.
Dead in a pond of broken-hearted tears.
I woke up to some old haunting memories and needed to rant.
GoldenGrimm Mar 2018
I smile and smile through all the pain,
I scream in my dreams and cry in my sleep,
What do you want from me?
I try and try as hard as I can
Yet I am breaking, and shaking, and dying inside
What are you expecting from me?
I tell you things that are bothering me,
But it’s all a phase to you.
How am I supposed to get better?
I try to be everything you need
Yet you call me a disappointment
What more do you want?
I tell you I have Depression,
And Pain.
You smile and say it’s fake.
Why do I deserve this?
When you yell at me,
Anxiety screams back at me,
Making it hard to speak.
Why don’t you understand?
I try so hard to be the kid you want
But Depression drags me back,
To things you don’t know,
To the things, you said I lied about.
So I scream and don’t tell you anything,
Until the death of me, you won’t understand.
Why don’t you let me breathe?
GoldenGrimm Apr 2018
I use to smile for you
Laugh and cry for you.
I pushed off all the promises you broke
Thinking about all those cute messages you wrote
If time could only show it was just a fling
Then perhaps I would know I wasn’t your everything.

Sometimes I wish we never met
Don’t you know how emotional I can get
I smile and try to laugh it away
But, no one can get rid of this pain

Do you know how many times I screamed for you?
The amount of nights I dreamed of you?
All that time I spent wasting my thoughts away
For a guy who doesn’t want me to live another day.

Through all the times I shared with you
All the love I gave to you
I thought my life was done for
I thought I could’ve done more
In the end I smiled through the pain
That was singing my life away.
GoldenGrimm Feb 2018
Some Say Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets Its Wings

Some Say Every Shooting Star Is An Angel Falling

But What If They're Wrong

What If Angels Look Like Us

Talk To Us

Walk Like US

Laugh And Cry Like Us

What If There Is No God

And Lucifer Has Gone Crazy

And Is Locked Up In A Cage

And Demons Are In Us Roaming Around

Waiting To Be Awakened

Waiting To Be Set Free

If You Think About It

No One Is Innocent

No One Can Do "Justice"

We All Do Wrong At One Point In Our Lives

Maybe These Angels Are Getting Locked Out Of Our So-Called Heaven

What If We Are Nothing But Worm Food When we Die

We Could Be Living Our Lives Just To Die

And Then Nothing Happens After

We Could Probably Be Swimming In A Dark Void For All Eternity

Or Just Reliving Our Lives Over And Over

Because The Saying "Your Life Flashes By Your Eyes'

Seven Seconds Is All It Takes
GoldenGrimm Feb 2018
She escapes to a world beyond reality,  a world full of fantasy peace and happiness, and there he is. eyes the color of the sky painted with love. beauty beyond imagination. But when she opened her eyes. She is hit with darkness, she screams and reaches toward the light. but is pulled farther into her abyss. She closes her eyes to see him on last time. The smile that she knew his eyes, the touch of him close to her.   Fades away, She didn't know consequences of taking those pills. The thought of losing everyone never crossed her mind, She felt the pain of her loved ones pass through her. At this time she knew her life was Simply Due

— The End —