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he carries bruises
on the right side of his chest
from the knife handles
he gladly takes
in order to hug the stabbed
among him
i had a knife
in my heart
when you found me

i’ve got a scar
and you’ve got a bruise
to prove it
tell me how
she has a soul so large
it fits into nothing
but a suitcase
covid’s been hell
for all of us

but especially for those
of us who feel lost at home
and most at home when lost
like a feather
falling gracefully toward
your lips

every time we got close,
you blew me up, up and away

you had to know
it was only a matter of time
before a breeze would
come along to carry me
up, up and away
from you
 Dec 2020 Toya the Ruthless
 Dec 2020 Toya the Ruthless
the way you call,
to see if i still get jealous,
to see if i still like you,
then run to someone else,
breaks what was once,
my heart.
Come on, open up your eyes.
Stop looking at the screen.
There's a whole world out there.
Don't read a story.
Write one.
Live one.
It's time to wake up.
It's time to live your life.
I dwell on failures,
drowning in embarrassment,
forever sorry.
I did not stop loving you
I still do
I still love you
from afar.

In distance, you wouldn't reach
In ways, you couldn't imagine
In thoughts, you wouldn't understand.
My family thinks
I am very smart
but not so very wise
because when I think of
something smart to say
I am not wise enough
to just shut up.
I need to be here
I need to be there
I have to do this
And mustn’t waste time

I rush from this
And jump to that
A hot tin roof
A sore paw cat

With this and that
My day bundles up
With parcels of time
That are no longer mine
1st Dec 2020
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