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Jan 2020 · 782
red heels
Allison Jan 2020
you want that tap tap tap as you walk
you got that fancy look on lock
so slip those feet right on in
cinderella with the ress and flawless skin
now all you need is a pair of heels
you're about to give everyone
all the feels
so find the pair that fits like a glove
because at the end when push comes to shove
it's the shoes on your feet
that are the beginning of love.
Dec 2019 · 158
Allison Dec 2019
struck by lightning,
losing you was frightening.
the sound of thunder,
makes me wonder.
what's on your mind,
what would i find.
even after you decided to turn,
this fire continues to burn.
i can't erase you out of my mind,
my heart is of a different kind.
under my skin, like a splinter,
you became the coldest winter.
without any reasons,
you change like the seasons.

— The End —