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Harriz Sierra May 2019
Take me back to the old days,
To the old me,
To our own foolish ways of being free..

Take me back when the sun rays
hit our face,
While we smiled and laugh of our
younger days...

I wish I could come back to the old days,
To the old we,
To our loving ways...

So I could set me, free.
Harriz Sierra Apr 2019
You were always behind me, I protected you from everything..
Well I guess that's why I am now hurting.

You were behind me, when we walked together..
So that's why I was always the first one to be tired suddenly after.

Behind me was you, behind you were memories...

Memories that were supposed to be written in books and novels but quickly became artifacts, that are pieces of our tragedies..

Behind me, was you...
The Everything I knew..
The Angel I loved..

Behind those things was US...
Pieces that went to rust..
Our Love, that became to me,
A Painfull Lust.
Harriz Sierra Mar 2019
It started like a Forest fire,
Burning wild and freely...

Ended like a fallen empire,
Crumbled and full of debris..

How could it end this way?!

From stacking bricks and
Building walls..
Ending like nothing ever happened
at all..

How could it end this way?!

If "I love you" was a promise,
Then you gave me a disease.
An illness uncurable, for a person
To be deceased...

How could it end this way?!

I've been burning so nice,
Can I see your ocean eyes?
As clear as the nightsky.

Can it all just fade away?
Harriz Sierra Feb 2019
My smiling frowned face,
Is carved on to the pillow I hug everytime when I get picked on these days.

You tease me, I pity you,
You hurt me, you can have my mercy too
Everything you say or do,
Can't make me more pained,
Through the scars that you drew,
That I hide from the people I once knew.

Because my smiling frowned face,
Keeps me track at pace,

Keep saying words that I had enough
Stares you give to judge
Your personality makes me cough
So I cannot hold any grudge.

So for one last time I say to you,
Keep making your smiling frowned face,
For anyone who hurt you,
Keep smiling through bad aches,

Because  there will always be one sunny morning you can proudly say "It's a good day"
Harriz Sierra Jan 2019
How did I become so Numb?
Why do I have so much Hate?
When did become so Dumb?
How could I lose so much Faith?

I won't lose this Fight!
I will win this Race,
I'll keep my eyes on Sight,
I won't lose my Pace!

No more passers by,
No more painfull deaths,
No more silent cries,
Till you run out of breath!

Where are my feelings?
I no longer feel things..
Am I still alive?

Is this the real me?
I'm so lost that It kills me..
Deep Inside.

My Battle Cry.
Numb and Dumb.
Harriz Sierra Dec 2018
Lie to me about crying...
Lie to me about you
Lie to me about everything
that you do.
Lie to me, please.

Lie to me about love,
Lie to me about hate,
Lie to me about the truth you hid
From me when we had our first date.
Lie to me.

Tell me your lies, without the truth
Separate your disguised
Sing me a lullaby that's full of disgrace.

Don't tell me the truth, don't tell me you lied.
Just tell me the reason why
you cried.

Just lie to me, cause I can't handle
the truth,
Even our first kiss was a lie,
When we kissed on the kissing
She lied to me,
I couldn't handle what's left,
Harriz Sierra Dec 2018
My heart is missing, It's not in place,
I'm feeling numb with tears,
I'm losing my pace.

I can't feel my face, running out of breath,
Seeing you leave me, made me taste a little bit of death.

I have no more reason, no more pain to bare, my chest hurts so bad,
And you don't even care!

With everything I am, I'm not yet done,
My love is just a step, towards the rising sun.

I can now accept the moon rises, before the sun sets in the evening

And I wish us luck, to our humbly new beginnings.
I love you, even if I'm the only one dreaming.
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