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Harriz Sierra Jun 13
The Happiness you wanted, The person I am..
The Pleasure in the madness, the beauty of being scammed..

I gave you..

The Pain of enjoyment, the laughter of cries..
The giggle between the moments, when someone you love dies..

I gave you..

The All that I had within me, the everything of my nothing..
The dark side you lifted inside me, just got darker when I felt losing..

I gave you..

The Heart and soul of my body, the very inner person I hid..
You let him go freely, even after all the terrible things he did..

And I gave them to you,
So I could recieve none..
Harriz Sierra Apr 20
If you can't accept yourself,
If you don't like what you are..
For You, I will..

If you hate being like that,
If you can't stand for who you are..
For You, I will..

If you're feeling weak, and
in need of strength
If you doubt yourself and
see no end..
For You, I will..

If you are feeling lonely, and
need someone to be with,
If you are in a dark place and needs to turn on the lights switch..
For You, I will..

Because You are my necessity, You are my bond..
You are also my strength, my love that fonds..

You are my Will..
And YOU Will always drive me crazy..
I love you so much.. no words, no poem, no perfect sentence or perfect description can ever tell you how much I Ioved you since day 1.

Because when you are weak,
I too get weak..
When you feel pain,
I too feel your pain.

So with every beat of your heart..
With every breath that you breathe..
With every pump of your lungs..
If you cannot love yourself,
For You Baby..
For You, I myself Will..
Acceptance is a great thing to give to someone you love so dearly.
Accept him/her for who he/she is.
Harriz Sierra Mar 11
I miss you, I'm sorry..

I miss you, for a lifetime of pain,
I'm sorry for the bad days of rain..

I miss your softly touch on my skin,
I'm sorry for my unforgivable sins..

I miss your heavenly voice, soft but pure,
I'm sorry I didn't listen, coz I wasn't sure..

I miss your face, those ocean eyes of yours,
I'm sorry I got lost again by the shores..

I miss you, with every bit of lust,
I'm sorry if you can't give me anymore of your trust..

I miss you badly, but they acuse me of the bad guy..
I'm sorry if I let you went through all that, just to let me say 'goodbye'.

I miss you.. but I'm sorry.
Harriz Sierra Nov 2019
You tried to find love, you've searched it in the utmost utile places,
You tricked everyone but yourself, lying to them these days..
it keeps bothering you everynight without any traces,
smiling towards the cold air with your smiling-frowned face.

You hate me, your love for me
is gone now..
you always knew when to point out,
You want to erase me, If I only
knew how..
you already knew what I was about..

My heart is telling me this is something real,
and I just can't ignore it..
It's shouting your name
repeatedly in thrill,
while I'm still shattered in
pieces of ****.

I revealed myself and I was lessened,
You took me in place..
Protected me from things that wanted
me to be threatened,
because you saw that I've
lost my ways..

I love you with all my might,
The sky is a graveyard of stars,
all beautiful things that makes
you so bright,
even if you're already full of scars..
Harriz Sierra Nov 2019
I'm too drunk actually..

Too drunk to be sad,
Too drunk to be happy,
Too drunk to feel anything..

I'm too drunk...

I'm too sad to be drunk,
Too sad to be happy,
Too sad to be feel this thing..

I'm too sad...

I'm too happy to be sad,
Too happy to be drunk,
Too happy to not feel everything..

I just wish I am happy..
Harriz Sierra Sep 2019
I lean unto this garden of garbage,
Oh how I am much oblige.
A view to see the passing people through these salvage,
Through Hunger and thirst, I strive.

I lean unto my car's windshield,
Oh how I love to drive.
Passing people through this garbage field,
What more could I thrive?

I'm hungry with no money,
Can you give me some food
to fill my tummy?
And some juice to end my thirst,
Or some toys that I could nurse.

I'm so full and still have money,
Should I feed some people who're hungry?
Give beverages to the thirsty?
Or give some old toys, oh that would be lovely..
#Rich #Poor #Satisfaction
Harriz Sierra May 2019
Behind these poems,
is a kid who needs some time to sleep...
Behind these Words,
is a kid who needs some talkings that are deep...
Behind these letters,
is a kid who needs some love, and him to keep..
And behind this message,
is a kid who needs to stop his awful weeps...
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