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Seher Seven Oct 2015
numerically life makes sense
sequences trace the path
of least resistance, where solutions
are least tense.
numerically I can see the patterns,
they guide our breaths. I try to rest.

it gets intense. gut tense. tight. breathing helps.
the obvious release.

complete. energy replete only to rise again.
charging with my twin, seeing him. that grin.
charging for the days ahead, the weak bodies
need cures.
synchronicity leads us to Her, she has
it all.
leaving nothing behind, until it too falls.

and as the season changes, and the year
cycles again,
firmament expanding within, vision then begins to cloud
and dampen. the synergistic flow within strengthens.
visions provide the options.
the energy flow slows, perception now
mandatory. the days grow darker
rebirth on the other side of winter.
I await anxiously, patiently,

Seher Seven Apr 2017
Fertile behavior
Bright reds, showy greens, purple
Too. Body tender
Seher Seven Apr 2017
lonely moments send
me to your side prepared for
light you always glow
Power in numbers
Seher Seven Oct 2017
repeats of past lives bubble through time,
awaiting to be relived.
they circle around, gliding
ready to give the experience again.
all our things we never clear,
the moments we skip.
they just wait out there,
prepared to grip any new moment that fits.
fingers slip into these.
cycles repeat, healing relieves...
past lives on repeat,
seeing to clear.
Seher Seven Apr 2017
These days there are so many options for sharing our voices. Social media has created an instant audience for all who join. It is a large change for the older generations of the Earth, though social media holds the opportunity of our times! We are all there, together. 

I am aware that the awakening that is taking place on Earth is all being played out as it is intended. Social media alone did not bring us to this point. All of our history has brought us to this point. Every light high and grueling low. Each moment moved our lives forward and helped create the next new moments. This is obvious though the power in this reality is what healing looks like to me. 

I am using the social media world to share the plant message I have tuned into. Being able to share how my heart loves with humans far outside my physical reach is empowering beyond words. I feel such deep gratitude to be alive today and for having the awareness of this blessing. I never felt comfortable with that word. Though in reality, being a witness to life is truly the blessing.

We live in a society that the mass of us really do not understand. Our world is being created by the humans with the most access to energy (resources). The large part of humanity has committed to economics and actually, capitalism. Workers have very low energy reserves to be creators. Though we all do it anyways. The human is the most powerful being we know of! Our capabilities are truly unbelievable!!!

We are equally as powerful as all other living organisms and yet have a capacity of creation that no others possess. The human has very few basic needs. Though one of those needs is to make stuff... all kinds of stuff... all the time. We will always be advancing and building. Its what we do. The question I think many of us ask is, how can we be happy with all this stuff? There seems to be a general sense of discontent capturing our hearts. How is this affecting the world we are creating?

In the creation of this website and expansion organization, I have thought much about helping people find solutions to their every day challenges. This is how a whole lifestyle is accomplished. We have to dig into the daily habits, change those and create new healthier ones. When we change our mind, we change our world. We literally change the things we create because new thoughts are at the source of the manifestation.

To make sure I was providing the solutions my sphere needed, I created a short survey that explores the major roadblocks people have with maintaining a healthier lifestyle. The results were small, though very powerful and pretty surprising for me. 70% of the responses indicated that what they needed most to adapt to a whole food plant based lifestyle was inspiration and accountability. 60% also noted needing it to work in a busy lifestyle. These are two of the major hindrances of us. Desire and time. Both have been systematically deleted over time. Major lifestyle differences must come about for either to be possible. We spend most of our hours working for stuff that does not fulfill any human needs at all. 

Thankfully!!! We are the actual energy that creates everything... we are a manifestation of it! We are energy in motion, tuned to our environment to make changes as we desire. This is an amazing thing to be a part of and I have such a deep faith that we can create a world we desire by aligning with the healing power of plants and by just helping each other out! 

Healing is real. And it is fairly simple. When a wound surfaces, the immune system sends the info to heal. Our communities work in similar ways. We respond to the needs of neighbors and friends when tragedy strikes. We feel it is our duty. Though when it comes to our personal self, most of us struggle to uplift ourselves. We have been taught to doubt our hearts, our dreams, our self. As we grow with this person who is fearful of itself, we tend to create situations that are lacking the major and minor touches that nourish us. We are missing the fine details of our world that confirm to us time again that everything is OK.

This does not mean that everything is calm and serene for the everyone all the time. This is not what being is. Being is the movement through different cycles. These cycles exist in the dark and the light for us humans. Our core must move from the dark to the light and back in order to grow and develop the power to continue to create and move. This is what the plants really teach. This is the message that we discover when we align with these healing beings. Death creates new life. New life moves towards death. The moments in between are for our growth. How simple it is...

Our world will continue to experience tragedies. Babies will continue to die. Mother's will continue to weep. The world will also continue to become more aware and grow deeper. Babies will be born and Mother's will continue to have the capacity to love, unconditionally. Our heart beat cannot be tainted. It cannot be stopped. We are the manifestation of the Earth. We are Her children. As a Mother, I can confirm that She will work with her children and never against them. She will provide the lessons they need and will be there to direct them if needed. This is what mamas (and dads) do. We are always being directed towards expansion. This is the desire of our Mother, of time... it seems like of US all. It won't stop. Learning to move with it is where much of our peace and happiness is resting, awaiting our re-discovery. Gratitude is due.

So, today's post is what my heart felt was an inspiring message! I want to be able to help serve the people around me that need healing. I receive the same energy from all of you! My awareness here will make the exchange effective, inspiring and nourishing! Remember, nourishment is a requirement of bonds here. We must nourish each other in our interactions... and definitely in our death. Its a natural law. There is a release here you can feel if you struggle with these feelings. We give and take equally, either in this moment or another. Everything ends up balancing out, coming back to the center/core and creating the dark/light, positive/negative, love/hate experiences again. What if we created new habits that disconnected us from all this back and forth? What if we learned to tune into our inner voice, our core and exercise the desires of this space? What if we encouraged each other to at least think about it? Does worrying about a war that is not fact seem more productive to you? Or continuing to participate in a system that is creating a world we do not desire? Obviously we must make these changes over generations, though what are we prepared to change about ourselves in order to instill these changes in our offspring? Its a reset. And it begins within. It sounds like self acceptance and love. It looks like that love being extended, honestly, from the insides out. It means recognizing the energy you are in all others, honoring that creative force and treating it with compassion and forgiveness. This does not answer all the troubles of the world. This answers the desire within. Once the humans of Earth are tuned to their desires, we will see the troubles look like what we wish too. They help us create the experiences to learn compassion. To learn unconditional love. We are not here to live in the dark. The light is always ahead. Creation is sparked in the dark.

Why not? Why not try? I know it works. It will look different for each of us. Though healing is real, unless its your time. Then you do not have to worry about it anymore. Until that day, we can learn to use our creative energy to develop exactly what our hearts desire. They are universal goals we share and we are intended to encourage each other along the way. We are all just walking each other home. Home is where the heart is. 

Thank you for the beautiful humans that participated in the survey! Your responses mean so much to me. I will continue to add in my perspective of inspirational blog posts and podcasts. It is great to know that the fire I feel within can be shared to light another's wick. I promise to do my best for my self, my children, my family ... for us all. These moments of my life matter to me. We all have the ability to know this and to act accordingly.  Let's go!!!
This was share on a blog I've created. You can find it at as well as more info to help you align with the healing power of plants! I've never shared something like this here.  Today just felt right :) it felt like I could be having a conversation with any of you. I  appreciate and love you all @hellopoetry
Seher Seven Dec 2015
with the release
my fingers relax
my back stays straight
my mind rests
energy increase.

with the release
the heart can see clear
practicing things to prepare
for the days to come.
when I release with my heart
open, prepared for the days to come.

these days skim the crest
of my creations. my high mind
decisions of my details.
how I see what is required, to release.
to be free, ultimately.

my girl told me…
be secure in your safety.
you can do no harm.
trimming the fat, toning the arms,
the core, the heart.
its a cold world,
love alone warms.

exposed to receive
and instantly, gracefully, creation
just keeps on…….moving forward
creating again and again.
the beauty is not to be missed
it is to be seen, and released
and seen...
Seher Seven Nov 2015
Ive never been in to selecting pain.
naturally not
a woman that chooses to suffer.
three times birthing another,
the transition so temporary,
this pain I sit in.

the tension in relations
have always been my escape.
from here, your mind seems so far.
confuses me naturally
as I want to just understand who you are.
why… the attraction, the singular pull
to you.

you hold back, intentionally
because you choose too.
and I see, I see….
I just cannot reciprocate.
nor relate. my heart grows in your absence.

I may know its just practice,
my heart whispering, just practice
the dance of give and take, of
just allow what is, in this very moment.

so in this moment, an apple tree winks at me
the crimson art show reminds me
my garden grows slow as fall peaks
the ground still alive.
in this moment the air breathes
she embraces me, tells me she loves me
for you.
she knows its what I need.
to hear I Love You keeps me here,
free to keep doing my work,
the LOVE calling me home…
I longing to answer.

my suffering always related to love.
its where I choose, repeatedly,
to embrace pain for the heart.
I can stand in the rain and
receive the downpour of You.
at night, when it dries
I sit in deep thought...

my virgo is rising
the star self conflicted
by water and earth.
knowing what it is to flow
and to stand ones ground,
open to change over time
as the river beats the rough edges down
to dust…
molding the strict rules of dirt.

things will be.
I will finally see, the questions settled.
you will still be there,
either consciously next to me
or off on your journey.
ultimately, I will be free
of the need to have anything that keeps me
here, interested and invested in now.
you keep my mouth, my heart, my mind

now I will move to the next moment.
holding thought of you close.
wishing you were right here
so I can read this to you.
so I can press my lips upon you,
and whisper my whole self to you,
and you, the first…

the chance to not be misunderstood.
Seher Seven Jan 2017
new feelings are being manifested
new thought forms have arrived.
senses picking up the light
traveling from afar,
reaching for my heart.
the call is loud, the pounds rhythmically move.

these new thoughts reside cradled
in a clarity of You.
a see through type of verification.
clearly realizing my own self
is but an aspect of You.
a piece of the whole.
this piece is preparing for steps
back to the dark.

where You are known.
rocked at the breast, yet fully grown.
puberty at rest,
maturity known.
that choice in each step to go it alone.
this confidence, previously unknown,
though now I trust this path home.

I know that my hearts requests
are being asked from generations previously known.
the pieces of You from before, the pieces of me I
still know.
I feel you when we catch eyes.
Your gentleness is known.
Your grace coaxes me in
and I cope with however your expression
deals its dope.
its stimulating, intoxicating show.
the pieces that draw me in
to examine. the pieces I just must know.

all these pieces are calling us.
they are in us.
they course with our soul.
our world is an illusion of such a
massive proportion that we must
put out the call to rise up!
we must... the dust of the stars makes up our bones!
we owe it to our home,
She calls us to know, again.

memories sit still, awaiting discovery.
they manifest as new feelings.
I act upon them.
Seher Seven Apr 2016
Everything I thought I wanted
Is right here,
Particularly when the sun
Is making such a comeback,

And the lilac engorged
With purple has recovered
From its severe pruning,
And you will be back soon

To dispel whatever it is
That overtakes me like leaf blight,
Even on a day like this. I can still
Hear remnants of the rain

In the swollen stream
Behind the house, in the faint
Dripping under the eaves,
Persistent memory.

And all the things I didn't think
I wanted, cut like the lilac back
To the root, push up again
From underground

Linda Pastan - Traveling Light c2011, Norton
Seher Seven Nov 2016
your tone sparked within
My personal attention
Since then, I wander
Seher Seven Apr 2017
watching these ways change
rising temp my skin feels free
she pulses with life
Seher Seven Mar 2017
now that the seven is here,
another cycle,
another year, now that it is aligned
with sevens tune,
my steps will feel lighter.
a smoother move.

these next days I have awaiting,
the moments of the tomorrows,
will continue to progress in clarity.
the stories of my youth, of before
being re-created for me to unveil
with hands strong.
the habitual works of me.
breaking up with these is easy to do,
awareness is key.

like last night,
the plants just reminded me.
I heard the whispers, they were within.
they mentioned my dad and his mother
and their green hands.
they mentioned the vine around my nose.
why my mother witnessed those,
why they were there.
what is required of these steps...
more details of my quest.

moving from moment to moment
alongside you,
trusting your guidance.
knowing Us. feeling an ease.
shifting, magic making.
opening. I open to this energy,
my clear knowing of you.
submitting to the pace of the walk.

combining with you,
massaged again into form.
nourished by womb,
sexes creation, sixes and nines
create endings, and beginnings.
womb pierced with light information.
spark, I stand forth anew.
my knees weaken, they tremble,
my soul lifting from the core.
I remember, just keep walking.
the tone comes in the form of a song,
and my pace keeps up.
We continue the walk home.
Giving thanks for growth and friends ... the relationships that make us possible.
Seher Seven Oct 2016
you provide a nourishment
few other moments contain.
you join me with the moment.
you root me to now.
your reflection allows me to see
my own beauty and I love you.

your energy is what expands
to meet me, to touch my soul.
I feel it surge within, healing
some bits of me.
your true care, your protection
secures me and I love you.

my friend, you extend your self,
my self, ourselves, WE have been before
and again.
I will recognize your eyes then, too.
my friend, I love you.
An ode to friends and especially to my friends and their cat Bob
Seher Seven Nov 2014
justice eludes reality
for in its elusiveness,
it cowers in the darkness of its origin.
the ego is its master.
a voice that chants I matter...
I mean something, not necessarily
more or less
just something.
justice uses the voice of the many
speaks in the tongue of the people
bred to seek justice. so that justice
has a voice.
concepts cannot actually speak.

ripple effects of
conversations of justice
and of death seek
all who seek their frequency.
ripple effects shock
me at night,
vibrate my senses.
I seek ripple effects.
I am charged in the current
of inspiration
and creation,
cooperating with the flow
of things.
all things have a flow.

all things have a flow.

conversations of justice
and peace
(anywhere outside oneself)
create a charge of energy
and we feel it
as it passes through
our senses.
since the conversations of
peace and justice began
people have been
we no longer understand
the language of
the senses.
we get hung up on words...

my heartbreaks for his mother regardless
Seher Seven Dec 2016
Today I met a girl.
Her stance was America is not
For Donald Trump.
America is embracing all the differences,
As the sign read above.
We accept all creeds and colors.

Another stepped up and
Asked what was being spoken
And this young girl said,
The hatred of Trump.

I stopped her in her speech
To correct my conversation.
Hate is not something I send into creation.
She smiled and said well you know
I said no.
I love him as we just discussed.

And here is why we truly suffer.
Why we keep reliving another's story.
Primarily we look for what we don't see.
Secondly we accept based on the
Physical reality.

These two things can create
Mass confusion.
If we desire to have a system
Ran by humans
That are not of the isms,
Guess what love, it starts with you.

Trump just had the guts and the team energy to tell it as it is.
And trust the majority of us are good.
We want to love and accept one another.
Don't be fooled.
Though we accept based on the matter
And although it's what we use
Our love comes from us.
From within. Our true burn is to create
Again and again.
We lust to give.

This next year is a blessing.
The reflections are a lesson,
One we all want.
One we all need.
One I need your help to sprout.

Love unconditionally.
Assist in the upgrade.
Lean in. Enforce yourself,
Your friends, strangers.
Reach your span.
We got this, as time does again
And again and again. ..

We go around again and stretch
Our core.
We strengthen our limbs
Reconnecting hands,
Reminding each other
It's within. .. the answers are within.

Be clear, rise above the low vibrations.
Go within.  Learn self love.
Learn to forgive.  To love again,  anyways.
Trumps goals will be accomplished.
And our message will be carried on the wind.
Seher Seven Apr 2016
jupiter dances
with the moon tonight as if
they were binary
Seher Seven Apr 2017
homage we poets
celebrate our magic now
creation with words
To the poets of and of all time... Happy national poetry month! To a month long celebration of our way of sharing our hearts :) i love you all !
Seher Seven Oct 2014
I've always been told I had a big head
like literally
a five-head
my head and my feet
the rest of me took some time to catch up
after the race, I can now breath

in grade school they would ask me
to move my big head
so they can see the black board
since we grew up with jokes
in our pocket
it never hurt
though it did help me realize
I have a big head

my mama does too
and her two other kids
and my kids
I think its our heal-her
showing up in cranial size
we all have a message
I choose healing (if choice is real)

change over time
is a guarante,
this, and death,
everything else you must wait
to see play out
the patience that takes
makes some of us
go insane
but we wait anyways
until the day

Alaase is my muse.
I believe we have been evoked
with the power
to change over time.
I create myself
time and time again.
the layers are too thin
my nails are too long
obviously they will fade

or be stripped … I got hungry, so I scream
Marley says
"why can't we roam (oh)
there's open country
why can't we be what we wanna be
we want to be free"
many of my ancestors were enslaved
in chains
I imagine their thoughts
their faith
that kept them alive
on that journey over the lake
I know we are of deep understanding
and of people who knew they
are not this body…
so I imagine they prayed
and meditated mostly
until they got hungry
then they screamed
and turned around
in feces

Ase young minds
to us and our ancestors - never forget the wisdom that resides in you
Seher Seven Sep 2016
the eyes are said to be
the portal to our soul.
the door within.
where truth is told.

images pass through optical lenses
enter our realms as electrical
beat, beat, beat to our brain.
processed, and vision occurs.

the belief we create
what we see
is deeply seated here.
our eyes convert matter
to pulses of light and currents
that our brain can envision.

in those intricate delicacies
of what WE are,
in those most complex layerings,
our truth sits.
we have to watch closely.
so many details are missed.
lost in the abyss of what fear

so, how does this work then?
the electric tick of fear
must just keep expanding. its wave moving faster.
its in abundance and the visions are clearer.
the perspective is available for you
to align with.
those currents run continually,
tune in and then see what you wish.

and this is generational.
natives of any land say
its 7 generations ahead.
our work is not for our part of the path.
we are experiencing Attunement
and indeed it is heaven sent,
it travels on the wind.

this movement of air we exist in,
this moment to moment experience
where each new one is gifted.

as each moment is shifted,
we know something is happening.
our hearts are bleeding out stagnancy,
creating space for loves vision.

we rise, our insides being forced out,
the outside coming in on electrical currents.
Seher Seven Aug 2015
like a young child from a fresh lesson,
the ones that spark imagination
that takes them through the
next 10 years,
giddy, cheesy grin,
self realization. it makes the universe unfold
at your eyes.

and its not my prize to claim,
its my birthright to claim.
I, the expression of
the music of the spheres,
the dances of the strings,
the whole of things.
expression to witness the pure glory
of things…pure.

the excitement overthrows
all the shadows of the world.
their existence, Im fully aware of.
personally. emotionally attuned.
they exist because of the Sun,
there is no getting away from
and so I can just allow them to be.
when they creep over me,
I hold high, as I know they always pass…
or I am dead, and the glory of that
is only of my imagination,
I do think of. I wonder if feeling
still exists. though I take my time to verify…

open towards the sky, child.
open towards the sky.
Seher Seven Apr 2016
Its national poetry month
2 years ago i wouldnt
Have called myself a poet.
2 years ago i would have
Spoke it, wrote it, though
Never claim poet.
Angelou raised me, to
Feel compared to her
Was never aligned with me.
To be called a poet, was beyond me.

Then it happened,
A shift took place,
And I heard that my voice
Is my poem, my poetic embrace.
My pure thought is the poem.
The universal love poem
Of us, of what is.
So I know I AM a poet.

So I write it.
My voice.
The one no one knows
Yet is their own.
The prior One.
The comfortable One.
My home.

This place, my heart dwells, it longs
To rest again.
To be re-strained through
This sieve of us.
To elect to rest, just a moment more.
Unless my children call,
Ill return.

Though the quest feels near
Its return. The hero heart
Feels awoke.
Dragons slayed, battles won...
Only to find me again.
Bare, alone, aware of One,
Yet alone. Prepare for
Change, evolution.
Only to find me again.
Bare, alone,

Aware of One.
And my poem moves along,
And I write to move my thoughts
Along. The mind gets sticky
Tough, thoughts like glue.
Though, when I release
Its gone. Not the love,
The incessant thought fog,
Registering all my eye sees.
Sifting through the pieces of me.

And You. All I know is I miss you.
And the embace of your dance.
The hold of your hand.
I dig deeper yet,
And we meet again in my heart.
Aware of our heart. I feel the beat,
I tune and take heed.
Seher Seven Aug 2016
the afternoon is settled
and the last bees are humming,
buzzing, quieter now,
from flower to flower.
less competition.

the long summer sun
has allowed them to
hum along forever it seems.
the heat grows, leaves tips droop,
and they are collecting with fervor.

their initial hunt begins
with the early rising day.
they head out over the city
in search of her milk.
her nourishing sweet life growing

the search is directed by the colors
of her display.
her richly tuned shades of violets
and yellows call them in.
they dart in and out, quickly,
focused, drawn in to dance.

that dance of her.
the one that encourages the let down.
the one that taunts the flesh.
her perfect dance.
it sends chills through my bones.

these drones fly drunkenly
by the end of the day.
they have beat their
wings against the same
pressure we feel, the same wind
we hear.

they grow weary as the sun shifts again,
we say good night, a short rest.
we process her nutrients in the dark.
Seher Seven Mar 2016
I remember,
younger days, being depressed.
feeling the weight,
on my chest.
breathing slowly, aware of a change.

that pressure, that
melancholic low hum,
just buzzes and hums,
consciously capturing
my thought.

breaking free takes work.
awareness is first. just
aware of your thoughts
and how you react.
it a healing power
we all have. we can heal.
we can…….
Seher Seven Nov 2016
in past lives we danced
to beats created with our feet.
we stepped carefully over Her back.
we pranced, leaped. we slept embraced
by the breath of the trees.
we leaned in, desired more.
the heat burning right underneath.

this love is one to delicate to define.
words miss its entirety.
this love tastes, feels, refines all.
in perpetual movement.
circling, shifting coast to coast,
paddling through the waves.
we grow weary searching for
strokes that do not burn.
they all work the muscle.
exercise the beat.
tune her. its a skill none can compete.

sitting here, remembering how it feels.
the feverish chills, the trace along my back.
dig down deep, bury into the death.
mine the sands of time, uncover the healers
tongue. release. fear of dying.
release fear. be free. be me. be me. be me.
Seher Seven Apr 2017
Though this time the sounds felt free,
Less questioning.
No need for defining.
This day I had clarity.
Power increasing , rising to soar.
Working harder to clear this hearts calls,
Releasing it's pressure. Slowly allowing a roll
A soft unfold.
As the new blooms boldly open to the warmer air,
my tone carries on the wind.
This time, I called upon the wisdom I own.
This time, I aligned with you.
And the outcome felt good.
Seher Seven Oct 2014
The free bird leaps
on the back of the wind
and floats downstream
till the current ends
and dips his wings
in the orange sun rays
and dares to claim the sky.

But a bird that stalks
down his narrow cage
can seldom see through
his bars of rage
his wings are clipped and
his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing.

The caged bird sings
with fearful trill
of the things unknown
but longed for still
and his tune is heard
on the distant hill
for the caged bird
sings of freedom

The free bird thinks of another breeze
and the trade winds soft through the sighing trees
and the fat worms waiting on a dawn-bright lawn
and he names the sky his own.

But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams
his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream
his wings are clipped and his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing

The caged bird sings
with a fearful trill
of things unknown
but longed for still
and his tune is heard
on the distant hill
for the caged bird
sings of freedom.
As this was her last year and this is my first year sharing my words… This was my first inspiration. Written in my birth year, it was waiting for me to find it and for the flame to be sparked then. The seeds are planted
Seher Seven Oct 2015
time changes
and I realize the world needs my LOVE.
so I want to write more love poems
and infect heartstreams,
bursting valve seams, repairing flows.
carrying capacities need expanding,
deep breath felt.
simplicities stacking, and all else is.

decension, the reflection of ascension,
is being dug.
the perspective has always been from above.
time to root down, bury down, dig deep
in the ground and bring the LOVE down.
in the darker side, where light struggles sometimes,
here, this minor level, that many feel is
this place needs the panting of love
to be rained down.

souls duped to believe
evil is abound.
cycles are always dark and light
and layers are thin.
pay closer attention to the place
where to the two meet again,
that point, moment, peace.
listen to its speech, the flow of a new
sprout on a tree,
the fungus sprawl through its wood.
stretching its love from underground,
above, to feed and seed and heed
the lessons here.
biodiversity, nourishment, interdependence,
just being loving. nurturing,
to      your     self, the total inclusiveness...

our carry capacity for LOVE is infinity.
eights will flow infinitely, so we just let it be,
walk easily, stop and discover those on our path.
discover the magic of home.
Seher Seven Sep 2015
Silence experienced merely
From the reflection it imprints
Upon my ears.
Sensitivities finely tuned in
Feel the initial contact,
Embrace for the second wave.
Silent interactions pulsating waves
Of rays of silence. Movement.
Pureness riding currents of time,
Always coming from going.

Thought, and ripple created.
Thought, and silence separated.
Experience anew, perspective gaining surface to grip.
The attachment of lips, always
Prepared to part to create again.
The forces sole mission, you and I.

The master minds, you and I,
The We, released with the breath,
We choose what we see.
Indefinitely, subconsciously,
Directing vibrations to be reflected
In appropriate directions.
Mirrors and the reflected,
Lending to creations canvas,
Continually, possibility reigns as true.

As true as the possibility of you.
And I, my, vibe, it spreads wide.
It's perspective prefers flight.
Self trained pilot, charting her course.
Excited by it's reflection.
Seher Seven Feb 2017
I wonder
What happens to the fire
When the water is gone.
Once it's heated it all,
As the liquid turns to vapor.
I wonder does that fire still burn.

Does it stay lit,
For the eternal ticks of US.
The repetitive movements
Of energy and such.
Once the water is lifted and
The steam takes off.
I wonder do water molecules survive.

Do they all give to the intense pressure
Of the fire.
Do some maintain?  
I envision it, how the light demands
The process. The water releases it's
Continual force. She relaxes into a state
Of mutation.
Her body reforms and her spirit flys.

I wonder how it will feel
To be released back down from the clouds.
Smack down upon the ground again,
Realizing at the same the moment has passed.
I fell again, I search for you then.
More of you to become one with,
WE merge, follow the streams, molding
Things, pushing through the world.
Waiting for the fire to come
And provide our rebirth.
It always comes.
Seher Seven Dec 2016
2017 brings the energy of the 10.
The energy that birthed me.
That in and out weave.
This new cycle bends the laws of the 10.

This power surges within.
An awareness of creation
That speaks from my soul.
The layers here are often misunderstood,
The 1 and the 0 whisper softly.
They interplay, the wombs receive.
They create time again.
Tentative aligned with another number.
Intention rests in the 10.

With this round I plan to write it
All out.
Commit to getting them all out.
Releasing my I upon you all.
Feeling no time to stall,
Moments in need of definition,
Times call.
It's just so loud.

I wondered for years would I tune in.
My quest has been found.
This truth is the point of vision
From here.
Nothing sound to question now.
Darker notes lightened,
Time feels well spent,
Days empowered to crown.
Days given, with gratitude.
Knees spent for the courage of
The opposed foes. The moments of lows.
Thanks be given to the brave souls
That answer those calls.
Though, they too rise.

And I ask for giveness from you,
To give me the grace I need to affect you.
It's my truth too.
Our divine dance.
At last! The words break through.
I chose to heal seeps into the realm.
Infects the system.
These words must come out.
Release them.
Seher Seven Sep 2016
as she reaches her maximum,
reflective, potential for this month,
I feel her illumination.
its like this most months.
her glow reveals my deepest desires.
my true call home.
what my heart wants.

though, here I seem wired to serve,
as her sides round out I hear her .
its so **** loud.
she reminds me of what I long for.
since so young, I just wanted to be home.
it must be getting close
Seher Seven Mar 2016
new body movements
muscles stretching that
were missed.
growing strong yet
barely been kissed.
or held, caressed. barely
felt the grace of presence that
dug in. attached, resisted
the pull apart.

fully aware, now.
this embrace can only come.
if I miss it, it will be, ...
intended so, though
love has me in her range.

I can feel the arraignment.
the path my feet take
to it.
the pain my heart endures
for it. this love of home.

the feelings, all energy games
and I worry little about them.
aware of the pawns, the pieces,
attention short lived.
just struggle to keep it.
because these feelings change
instant, on to another moment.
these are the times I focus on.

the moments and the lessons
the preparation, the refinement.
like wine spent decades
richening, deepening the taste, yet
its still an infant.
baby steps to infinite, full
embrace of this moment.

this moment, I know it.
I remember the taste,
the fragrance. the
the moisture a new day brings,
that moment when light becomes
fully abundant, and we reach for it.
we ***** our SELF into it.
rising and reflecting it.
charging with each
******* fresh life in,
expelling the used out…

love liberated,
cycled back around.
the down pour begins to
rise around my ankles,
the embrace commences.
Seher Seven Jul 2016
mining my jewels
tapping into a new field
one undisturbed
one layered for this time.

tunneling through each.
permeation of the rocks and such.
traveling deeper into my core.
burning my oil.
releasing its essence to be free.

being my own resource.
charging my self.
internal viewpoint is path
of least resistance.
trusted, tested, outlasted.
looking within, depending on she.
trusted, tested, outlasted.
confidence in my stance, here.

planting seeds, watching others grow.
sprouting using stored energy,
moments waiting to be.
infinity and, still too...
moments of me... as I search for you.

that grace of the waves
that smell, of energy being made.
charged, welcome, at last
home is recognized.
the resource.
Seher Seven Jul 2015
Body relaxed, reserved energy
For travels a far.
Eyes fixed, focus thin
External stimuli dim.
Breath deepens,
Situations replay again,
Like are they really real, again?
Like how come so few can view them?
Like what is really happening?
Contemplating reality.

Mind separating the data,
Sifting the *******
From the gold.
Weighing and weighting,
Inventory control.
Heavy duty lifting,
Mother Earths story to be told.
Infected, protected, selected
To be told.

Considerations and validations,
Take so much time.
Sorting cosmic energy
Permeating our space constantly.
The compass takes a spin,
Silence... We are confused again,
Walking slowly and rather dumbed.
Bought in, and then few will decline
These are the times, history
Seher Seven Feb 2017
as I listen to you move around
I feel your intense measures
your perfect pleasures
the dark side too

and I watch you
skip from beat to beat
missing nothing. I dance with you slowly.
Seher Seven Sep 2015
complete within
she encompassing both,
and source.

beat again
simple expectations almost always
impossible of completion.

expect and be a deaf again.
muted, bound, except

the twin,
so I'll date my self,
figure her out, again.

let's see, how should I…
excuse me, could I,
no, miss, you look familiar,…
naw, yo! baby girl! whats your number?…

seven… and the chart is alignin
with every cycle there is…
my cycles, self aware of their taste.

rusty with my warm embrace…
this time hold my hand and
caress my face, look
deep through my eyes.
hold that stance, whisper
my love do you want to dance?
oh, yes… yes, I want to dance.
I can fulfill all of my desires,
satisfaction guaranteed.
I take my own lead, balance
and stand as a woman. A mother,
among the mothers, ready to create
Seher Seven Dec 2015
dedication to the lives that surround me
I see you all, sure its still murky.
the lights are obvious
beaming forward, motion - clearly.
the hearts beat rhythmically to the breath.

I step into the relating whole heartedly.
it is a weakness, settling into trust.
so I do it timidly and consciously.
I chose to open my heart, repeatedly.
my hinges are made of gold!
so I can give me without fear of

to those in my vibratory reflection,
I dedicate this to you!
I give thanks that you commune with me.
you all shine exquisitely, so bright
your light actually touches me.
warms me from beneath.

ignite new fires, every moment
we interact, whether I know you now
or in the next act,
our union exists in the waves,
gently riding side by side,
sometimes reluctantly,
side by side regardless.
this whole thing is about US!
reflections only to be seen by another.

these vibrations are our relating,
our interactions, here.
warped by differing expressions,
all leading back to you.
never a moment to lose
in this perfection of creation.

soul communication
my dedication to you,
eyes that arrive at my vibes,
my words, I Love You.
Because I know to.
Seher Seven Sep 2016
In this world
People take a love like mine
For granted.
In this world they teach
Work as habit.
To earn love one must work,
Jump, leap, impress.

Second chapter of the book
So many attest
Claims the glory of the first
Is second at best
And work is introduced as
Deliverance, a path to love.

That love is a contest,
Something to win, hold,  capture.  
Something we must run after.

This is the thing about in sight,
When we look within we see
History and what's been written
Has an agenda,
Generations long.
Deliverance, indeed.

Our current world has been created
For us to literally see.
Cloaked with options
That create division and
Defame neutrality.
In the light though, we see
Both are needed and necessary.
From ONE WE come,
From unconditional love we come forth.
And so to my point,.

My voice, my truth.
Love is.
Its embrace is YOU.
be your self.
Love unconditionally,
Be true to you.
It's so simple it sounds basic and silly.
Though if you follow my lead,
The light within will begin to
Bleed out.
Your heart will be overcome with
Acceptance and understanding
And your mind will begin to overcome
You will begin to feel free,
The gift of what is.
Love anyways,  unconditionally.
Seher Seven Mar 2017
hearts calling grows intensity increase,
beating quickly now.
having seen in singular vision,
neutral path.
knowing each side is a distraction.
my heart seems to be pulling me.

deeper tugs towards One.
focused fully on Us.
my children keep me grounded,
dug in. that light that entered
holds me here.
they need me here, so I hear the call.
some balanced time of me.
receiving all I desire.
healthy options to switch between
and my path set on sharing you.

the love discovered,
there is no challenger,
no experience greater.
once this feeling of unity is felt
under the skin, in the core
it is understood,
innerstood, aware becomes fine tuned,
once this love affair becomes clear.

this movement we do.

yes I call for the fulfillment of my desires
the intimate walk with you.
I desire to sing my song,
to release these parts of my soul.
knowing parts of me will always soar,
bits are intended for the wind.
thats when I relax some.
enticing you to create the first note.
you think you don't remember.

There are ways to remember,
mostly becoming aware of the need
and just asking. awaiting the response
knowing it shall come.
trusting when the heart calls.

it calls, it directs the paths we wander.
time seems to know when it will ring.
things are always as they should be.
its the trust. believing, knowing
that all answers are available to you.
we can access all we are,
One creation, manifestation of One.
without hesitation, when we ask,
and know the response is to come.

it comes.
Seher Seven May 2016
I'm bored with division
Distraction from One.
Tired of being told
that defining lines matter.
Or that matter is higher
Or lower, or whatever.
I'm worn thin, stretchy at the joints.
Stretched to maximum,
Acceptance of voice,
and each perspective, I see.
I hear your rotations viewpoint.
I respect why you are here,
Yet I am over feeling fear,
Separation ... its been made clear
We are ONE.

So I go on  retreat.
I journey the darkness of me.
The Black Swan pokey, Shiney
Things. The distraction
From the rest. Its a part, and it
Though my attention here is free.

I call in my personal team.
The ones that see me,
That love me, unconditionally
Whom hear my hearts call.
I am feeling reclusive again,
And yet I know there I end.
Too deep within, and I rejoin.
I know I AM... that which makes IT
So I keep balancing, one foot in.
The other trailing behind a cloud
of star dust and dreams.

I'll dream of you, welcome you there
And here.  Embrace your truth
Plenty of room for us all.
I'll send healing, loving energy to your
Wounds, calling them to seal.

My heart has no capacity.
Unconditionally free,
As for ME, I just got bored.
As for you, keep replaying what you need.
Results may vary
Seher Seven Feb 2016
as a Pisces, I am swimming upstream,
the salmons last run.
fighting, pulling to grip those soft
rocks beneath.
those beasts that keep some stuck.

salmon are based in diversity
needing to have a wide gene
pool, as their kin die quickly
from those rocks.
getting stuck, swimming around and around…

insanity defined,
and time doesn't stop.
so, to the work.

swimming up stream,
dedicated to being a mother.
creator, incubator.
stored in the belly of the beast.
preparing to break free,
be set alive, to roam free.
the wombs embrace,
the face of LOVE.

currents of the calls
are so loud, rushing past my gills.
I feel the whooshing sound,
the pressure bearing down, taunting
me out.
calling me out… are you sure,
are you confident?
constant tests to check
and check and check for missteps.
ones that feel out of step.
no more time for those.

the path is clear,
the water is cold,
bearing down on my scales built,
molded for this.
built in this system of birth and death.
choosing each step from above.

below, here I feel at home and
I feel ME breaking out.
she's broken out, there will be clouds,
rain, thunder all the things.
it  be.
and the beast is free, she
has descended, dug down deep,
anchored, prepared for reception.
just like the trees, they grow so well
with others.
interdependently nourishing the diversity.
Seher Seven Oct 2014
existence is
truly divine
thank you for that description
the paths are immaculately
so delicately
it makes me smile
and release.
I trust in infinity,
am not bothered by the
of reality
faithfully excepting tomorrow
with its new life
for all.
is far.
yesterday can be a struggle
its your starting place
Do you feel its grip?
cut the cord
on existence
it only moves forward
learn to dance
centralize your energy
and speak YOUR song!
write it, draw it, put it to a melody
or mix it with watercolors
and quench your sources thirst
for PositiveMovement
for creation
never forgetting
or those that existed
but allowing it to stay
where it belongs
and sending yourself
and divine
forward into existence
Seher Seven Apr 2017
magician engine ignited,
the roar underneath burns loud.
hear the flames crack, intensely now.
past existence
can be heard burning at its core.
at the end of days for then,
those moments.

magic moments, that have taught
the magician way.
circumstances laid in ways that create
these lessons.
being able to see the teachers notes, transparent.
absorbing, a sponges inherent path.
a minor experience, based in the basic
bringing it all in,
naturally attracting the liquid around.
embraced by a wombs insides.
ready to create magic.

under my spell, I am.
choosing to live as I feel is needed.
I create what I desire to see.
the magician breaks free.
spark in the water, the healers heart is activated.
and I get to have these things.
my will is fulfilled.
claiming my magic energy.
One, is to be understood.
spell has been enforced, foundation is being laid.
patience, results appearing.
Seher Seven Mar 2016
It seems that
Pisces is known to dream.
Most of our other characteristics
Are left alone.
Our true home of comfort
Among you all
Is not known
Outside our tribe.
We truly feel you all.

Though it seems that dreamers
Are how you see us.
How you’ve come to deal with
Our secrets.
The way we transform,
Mold, bend, adapt to each
Stage. We’ve been a round,
I’m sure more.

It amazes me what circles put out.
Round and round, energy gained.
Stored for later use
Yet the pisces goal is attained
Through service.
**** US!
It’s an uphill battle
To get us to rise.
The energy for vertical
We rather spend dreamin.
Seher Seven Nov 2014
sometimes its hard
to remember the truth
since the truth is only
the present.
I can see how we
lose grip of the memories.

we are made of
star dust.
rock dust.
gold flecks.
titanium specks.

Dust to Dust
learn to trust in
the magic of things.

I've spent years in the desert
in dust storms
and in the heat.
the plants of the
amaze me.
their leaves, so tiny.
resource management
is the skill of the desert.

when those haboobs
roll in, the world
goes dark.
(at least over the desert)
if we weren't in our little boxes,
our eyes would
burn from our own particles.
burn to see
the phenomenon the brain
coaxes us to believe.

Dust to Dust
learn to trust in
the magic of things.

we are star dust
learn to trust
in the magic of things.
Seher Seven Dec 2017
Some years ago,
in December, I died.
my breathing skipped, the blackness came in,
and I was dead.
in the next few instances, a few moments past,
I took my first breath, again.
the light returned, my son was born.

before meeting him,
the days prior, I had yet to really see me.
I was living an identity, something taught over
taught to me, molded on to me.
it never fit well.
the closest moments to this rebirth
were filled with these recognitions,
awakening to the parts I had shunned.
the magical parts.

December, the month of the star.
the month of the dark. The moments of death.
in some parts, no god light.
the stars show up, guiding our paths.
walking us to the grounds that
await our rest.
the parts that refresh things.
my energy has always known this depth,
where all goes to die.

that darkness was waiting for me,
captured in my womb,
waiting for me.
no moment before could I break free,
soaring took time.
the peace to be felt at that level of the light,
gliding side by side with the powers
of the sky.

they came alive that night,
the beginning of things,
the ending of things,
nines divine right.
circling until the next cycle ignites,
no fear for death,
proven it births light.

my son's eyes opened bright,
a baby lion's stare.
aware, prepared for the work.
they will keep coming forth,
the call is loud.
the womb is birthing warriors in the dark,
quietly, carefully plotting it out.
eyes are watching, careful now,
pull the dark out and allow it to
light the path of One.

pull it all out.
standing I gave birth
and I will not sit down except to
rest, steady now, following my heart.
Seher Seven Oct 2016
Spirit paid me a visit in the forest.
He came down a bend
from around the way.
He surprised me.
He told me some things.

I had just asked for my turn.
my sign of the spirits entry into me.
my co-spine.
though I know the partners are many,
there is a space especially for me.
so, as I walked, I asked through fungus
from the trees, my friends.
I knew they would communicate for me.

He walked right past me. he obviously heard my call.
His graceful movements created an arousal,
an awareness of His power,
the wild stallion He is.
the way His hoof pressed into She.
each one stepping so lightly, his presence felt.
His dark appearance providing contrast.

I felt His heart.
He wanted to visit me, closer yet.
and I asked when I would see him again.
my heart is anxious and ready to expand.
He is near, Spirit said, and
disappeared into the forest.
He left a trail to You I
follow in earnest.
Seher Seven Nov 2014
they way the brain works
if one of us can do it,
we all can.
that means we all can

have you seen the story?
young man born blind
learns to see
using echolocation

learn to see.
that's why perception is so valid.
why experience is so scared.
why our messages are necessary.
we can learn to see,
what we choose
and the truth.

the truth of origin
has to lay within
and you.
we are parts of the whole -
shattered glass pieces
will never become plastic.
that's how I see

To be a simple observation…

we are only
observationally connected
within the atmosphere of our beings
we speak the tongue of essence.

as I peered through the
crystal clear lens
I recognized the tiny protective hairs
and the curve of the lid.
I was amazed that this
was new.
I wondered when I would
see it again.
and I wonder and I wander.
because that's what the brain does
when its not echolocating,
or meditating.

illusionary cultural beliefs
accepted and embraced as personal
have desensitized our

commonly, the senses
are rounded into five.
though echolocation would obviously be
vibration communication
the list goes on…

eyesight is indescribable.
Thanks! be given to the power to see.

so many have "bad" eyes.
recent technologies like
are changing that though.
who needs echolocation anyways?
Seher Seven Feb 2017
the way in which your image
itself upon the matter that makes stuff up.
the colors I see.
the texture my skin is
made to be touched by.

how your image is seen time again,
how I end up spending my days
watching your images.
all of them.
they all inspire my voyage.
my message.
each light beaming source.

I just want to touch it all.
ultimate desire is to merge.
as the moon approaches her turn,
I begin to feel quite fluid.
Seher Seven Nov 2015
I've got to get good with electricity.
its coursing through me.
I am a novice in self awareness,
generating waves that are
confirming all of this.

Yes, I see it, too.

as I went to part with you
our fields got the clue.
sent me right back to you.
directly at your feet,
prepared to serve the needs
of my time.

regardless of me. my perspective
still too slim, tunneled, weak.
needing still more energy to charge.
interesting balance, me and peace.

for me, peace is in the trees,

the call is too deep…
coursing, electrically,
forcing focus externally,
temporarily, while the energy
surges, magnetizes
and revitalizes the mass around me.
temporarily though, because my feet need to be free.
of attachment to now, to me, even to peace.
the free of the breeze, moving
when and where I please.
theres open country waiting for me…I must sing my song.

rebels music,
the vibrations of the tongue.
all night long I call to you,
and too at the break of dawn,
you stir within my spine
demand me to sit up straight and
do the work.

the words start to bleed, I will be free...
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