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9.4k · Nov 2014
Seher Seven Nov 2014
they called me here
to this home
to this time.
I listened
I've always been a good listener.
as soon as I learned the
of heed, I began.
it's my favorite word

and so I listened
and we're here
and it all just keeps working.
paying attention to the subtleties ,
the wind breeze,
the crows tease,
the bugs glowing, blue eye…
the crimson show,
the earth moved,
the air beneath this ground,
the vines lasting
stretch to protect the fruit
grown for us.
never a year before?
I truly wonder still.

now, as he said.
it's now.
I'm only now.

there is nothing to await
though impatience is a mental normalcy.

our friend in the desert
made the connections.
she must have told me
though I don't
hearing her.
I ramble sometimes
and listening is impaired.

of course I'm a work in progress…
it's mostly due to
depending on my memory
its impermanent in its
very nature.

if I lived there, I would
have it a little easier
but I'm still scared of the dark.
one of the remaining fears,
a part of the message
called me here.
the lessons continue to
self realize
and appear, right
at my eyes,
never before
always on time.
5.6k · Dec 2014
feminine sensitive
Seher Seven Dec 2014
feelings occur,
responsive to going ons,
pineal gland awakens the senses.

and almost every woman has heard it
"you're so emotional."
so electromagnetically aware
and we don't remember this,

the womb,
the beat maker,
she tunes the
energy of the babe.
mothers wave of
waves fractionally
lay a deep foundation
of the babes waves.
I tell my children
if they can't find me
to look in their hearts
I reside there…
my rhythm, my beat, my heat
lives on.

my womb
charged that spark
that started the parting
of molecules
creating its imagine
time and time again, (as we do)
until, begin again,
a new life.
rest your head upon my chest
for a recharge.

in our civilized world
we send mothers to work
in a make believe cycle of need.
babes heart searches
for mamas tone
she only cries short
cautious of overspent energy
first dose of sickness.

and EVERY woman has heard it…
"you're so emotional"
notably more so
during some part of her
moon cycle.
so obviously the moon
is more electromagnetic
than we guess.

and women are more emotional
because we are the heart
of the species.
we co-create the heart
of the species.
we require the emotional
to summon the essence of the heart.

we didn't come from a rib…
our ribs vibrate the
harmony of life through our time!
our hearts beat
the pulse of the
and the dark side of the moon
and infinity.
we are electromagnetically
inclined to emotions.
systematically processing
the energy of existence.

perhaps the first title I will accept
a claim upon my being,
the feminine sensitive.
5.5k · Oct 2014
Seher Seven Oct 2014
I've been focused on nutrition
sense before recognition
of a requirement of nutrients
for my life.

I eat for nutrition
I shunned the processed
chemical ick
a lifetime ago it seems
no longer remembering the taste
of chemically created
food stuffs.

though I know if I were to get a taste
it would satisfy my buds
they were made with my buds
in mind
hijacked my senses
lied and lied and lied
told my body it didn't need
that is could live off of
and stuff in boxes
and bags
and cans

I've become my own food processor
I have mouths to feed
now I know what to feed
and where they make feed from
so we stick to the grass-fed

I'll teach them how to eat
even before how to read
its just how I see it
once that sugar laden
chemical construction
touches their lips
they will instantly desire more
Twain and Fitzgerald
will take them longer to digest.
so these are my priorities
I am a nutrition seeker
a truth seeker
and I believe I come from
a line of healers
all who knew nutrition
is the key to life,
the basic building blocks,
the amino acids
of life,
when you're nourished
it all makes more sense
but stay out of those center aisles
their chemical composition
is too dense
my kidney could no longer clean
the code of food stuffs.

My strong little kidney
I'm so proud of it for
releasing its grip on its twin.
it wasn't for us anyways
4.5k · Feb 2016
Seher Seven Feb 2016
as a Pisces, I am swimming upstream,
the salmons last run.
fighting, pulling to grip those soft
rocks beneath.
those beasts that keep some stuck.

salmon are based in diversity
needing to have a wide gene
pool, as their kin die quickly
from those rocks.
getting stuck, swimming around and around…

insanity defined,
and time doesn't stop.
so, to the work.

swimming up stream,
dedicated to being a mother.
creator, incubator.
stored in the belly of the beast.
preparing to break free,
be set alive, to roam free.
the wombs embrace,
the face of LOVE.

currents of the calls
are so loud, rushing past my gills.
I feel the whooshing sound,
the pressure bearing down, taunting
me out.
calling me out… are you sure,
are you confident?
constant tests to check
and check and check for missteps.
ones that feel out of step.
no more time for those.

the path is clear,
the water is cold,
bearing down on my scales built,
molded for this.
built in this system of birth and death.
choosing each step from above.

below, here I feel at home and
I feel ME breaking out.
she's broken out, there will be clouds,
rain, thunder all the things.
it  be.
and the beast is free, she
has descended, dug down deep,
anchored, prepared for reception.
just like the trees, they grow so well
with others.
interdependently nourishing the diversity.
2.9k · Oct 2014
Seher Seven Oct 2014
I can't believe all of the things they say about me
Walk in the room they throwing shade left to right
They be like "Ooh, she's serving face!"
And I just tell em, "Cut me up, and get down!"

They call us ***** 'cuz we break all your rules down
And we just came to act a fool, is that all right? (Girl, that's alright)
They be like "Ooh, let them eat cake!"
But we eat wings and throw them bones on the ground!

Am I a freak for dancing 'round? (queen)
Am I a freak for getting down? (queen)
I'm cutting up, don't cut me down
Yeah I wanna be, wanna be Q.U.E.E.N.

Is it peculiar that she twerk in the mirror?
And am I weird to dance alone late at night? (Naw!)
And is it true we're all insane? (Yeah)
And I just tell 'em "No, we ain't" and get down

I heard this life is just a play with no rehearsal
I wonder will this be my final act tonight
And tell me what's the price of fame?
Am I a sinner with my skirt on the ground?

Am I a freak for dancing 'round?
Am I a freak for getting down?
I'm cutting up, don't cut me down
Yeah I wanna be, wanna be Q.U.E.E.N.

Hey, brother, can you save my soul from the devil?
Say is it weird to like the way she wear her tights?
And is it rude to wear my shades?
Am I a freak because I love watching Mary? (Maybe)

Hey, sister, am I good enough for your heaven?
Say will your God accept me in my black and white?
Will he approve the way I'm made?
Or should I reprogram, reprogram and get down?

Am I a freak for dancing 'round?
Am I a freak for getting down?
I'm cutting up, don't cut me down
Yeah I wanna be, wanna be Q.U.E.E.N

Even if it makes others uncomfortable
I will love who I am
Even if it makes other uncomfortable
I will love who I am

Don't shake 'til the break of dawn
Don't mean a thing, so duh
I can't take it no more
Baby, we in tuxedo groove
Pharaohs and E. Badu
Crazy in the black and white
We got the drums so tight
Baby, here comes the freedom song
Too strong we moving on
Baby, this melody
Will show you another way
Been tryin' for far too long
Come home and sing your song
But you gotta testify
Because the ***** don't lie

No, no, the ***** don't lie
Oh no, the ***** don't lie

Yeah, Let's flip it
I don't think they understand what I'm trying to say

**I asked a question like this
"Are we a lost generation of our people?
Add us to equations but they'll never make us equal.
She who writes the movie owns the script and the sequel.
So why ain't the stealing of my rights made illegal?
They keep us underground working hard for the greedy,
But when it's time pay they turn around and call us needy.
My crown too heavy like the Queen Nefertiti
Gimme back my pyramid, I'm trying to free Kansas City.

Mixing masterminds like your name Bernie Grundman.
Well I'm gonna keep leading like a young Harriet Tubman
You can take my wings but I'm still goin' fly
And even when you edit me the ***** don't lie
Yeah, keep singing and I'mma keep writing songs
I'm tired of Marvin asking me, "What's Going On?
March to the streets 'cuz I'm willing and I'm able
Categorize me, I defy every label
And while you're selling dope, we're gonna keep selling hope
We rising up now, you gotta deal you gotta cope
Will you be electric sheep?
Electric ladies, will you sleep?
Or will you preach?"
Queen Lyrics
from The Electric Lady

Janelle Monae -
"Queen" is track #3 on the album The Electric Lady.
If you haven't heard this yet, you should! The beat sings to you and demands you get up and DANCE!!!
2.6k · Oct 2015
warrior 2
Seher Seven Oct 2015
the warrior way is becoming anew
boiling up and down our spines
we all feel the surges
some pretend they don't hear it

the warrior knows the rules of the game
the warrior knows the way
the light always leads home.

the call is growing louder
day after day after
you call it by many names
give it energy that bounds your
warrior ways
the warrior to survive
the pump of your heart.

when we begin, we are focused
many things alter perspective

when we live we are love

the singular subject.
love can only create again
defining lines fading…

erase them, foolish time spent
focused on the diff er ence
we are warriors of a heart beat
energy forced out repeatedly,
constantly, until it stops, suddenly.
love returned above and below
to create again.

the warrior tribe is coming…
they are calling, crawling, gripping, groping,
WE are tipping and tapping
singing and dancing,
walking side by side, a long line
of warriors, walking side by side.
we're coming...
2.2k · Sep 2015
revolution and patience
Seher Seven Sep 2015
The essence of patience
The patience of light
The travel it takes, knowing
It must last for eternity,
Beaming forward, granting anew.

Patience the virtue.
The status to achieve, allowing now
So that next can just be, as it will.
The patience to leap.
Courage carries patience clear,
Fears weight sinking below.

Patience for death, for one again.
The longing for You, to know us again.
Patience to see clearly, open my heart
To now.
Moments always planned out.
Patience for the ******.

Patience for the touch of your skin,
The relation of kin, of natural senses.
Of the things that flow, easy.
Of titillating tickling of the, everything.
Your smell will bring me in.
I know it well… the musk of Earth
Wrapped in the forest, deep dug in my gut.

Dug down patiently to prepare my ground
To rise my crown, patient now
As maturation continues to take place.
Dug down, spine curled out
Back arched, heart opened…

Patient, awaiting your trail

My tribe hunts and gathers,
We know we need each other,
And so we hunt, and we create
And we locate…patience for
The revolution taking place…
Cyclical naturals, cycles of nature.
Back to the Earth we all go.
All things have a cycle.
2.1k · Oct 2015
Seher Seven Oct 2015
time changes
and I realize the world needs my LOVE.
so I want to write more love poems
and infect heartstreams,
bursting valve seams, repairing flows.
carrying capacities need expanding,
deep breath felt.
simplicities stacking, and all else is.

decension, the reflection of ascension,
is being dug.
the perspective has always been from above.
time to root down, bury down, dig deep
in the ground and bring the LOVE down.
in the darker side, where light struggles sometimes,
here, this minor level, that many feel is
this place needs the panting of love
to be rained down.

souls duped to believe
evil is abound.
cycles are always dark and light
and layers are thin.
pay closer attention to the place
where to the two meet again,
that point, moment, peace.
listen to its speech, the flow of a new
sprout on a tree,
the fungus sprawl through its wood.
stretching its love from underground,
above, to feed and seed and heed
the lessons here.
biodiversity, nourishment, interdependence,
just being loving. nurturing,
to      your     self, the total inclusiveness...

our carry capacity for LOVE is infinity.
eights will flow infinitely, so we just let it be,
walk easily, stop and discover those on our path.
discover the magic of home.
2.0k · Jun 2015
Seher Seven Jun 2015
The path of
A peace warrior
Is often misunderstood
This power, focused intention
Must be endured
By the peace warrior
For she is commited to peace

To love, to that above
To us
She, the warrior of light
Of sanctuary, peacefully
Outstretched before we
Lined with sparkling things.
She guides thee,
Her wings light and free.
Soaring through the heavens
Watching carefully, closely,
Whole heartedly. Dipping
Fingertips, sensory system abled,
Deep into the surface of  the woes
The heart aches
Soothing through the presence of self.

Energy focused, clarity surfaced.
Stand the tests alone...
Until another from the Sun arrives
Open your heart, for the
Unity is the rise, the prize of the day!
Nourished just under the presence
Of skin,
Just beyond the weight of wind.
The system that touches us all,
Releasing all degrees of separation.
Illusionary precognitions.
Only One.

The peace warrior knows the way
Her counsel gathers round her
And fixes to smother her burn,
Only to encourage new light
To emit.
Squeezing out the rays
The ways of the
Peaceful warrior,
To be spread along with the wind
And the breath of God.
I welcome all that is within.
I set myself on fire!
Focused on the light

I choose this path
The steps clearer now
1.8k · Nov 2014
Seher Seven Nov 2014
anticipation mounts
as time lapses,
real time movement
quick, power, force
inertia spread for hundreds of miles
announcing its arrival.
its call. its loud. I feel it.

he’s beautiful.
I remember always
to look for
his speck of bright orange.
he knew a day or so
ahead of time.
since youth I heed the warning signs
signaling darkness.

my connections are sharpening.
this time I didn't need
I watched the dark roll in

the darkness of creation,
of cells multiplying.
the darkness of your blood
rushing at the feel of
the storm coming in.

the task of light is commendable…

the geometric puzzle
can have no missing pieces.
the destructive force of
the storm
is necessary for new life.

if darkness is truly desired
one must dig ever so deep
beyond the identity
and the memories,
the causalities even
the perceived authorities.
to the spark that
still isn’t you.
analyze that space
darkness will truly come true.

fear not.
this darkness is you.
you percolate into
the presence as the light.
1.8k · Oct 2014
Caged bird - Maya Angelou
Seher Seven Oct 2014
The free bird leaps
on the back of the wind
and floats downstream
till the current ends
and dips his wings
in the orange sun rays
and dares to claim the sky.

But a bird that stalks
down his narrow cage
can seldom see through
his bars of rage
his wings are clipped and
his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing.

The caged bird sings
with fearful trill
of the things unknown
but longed for still
and his tune is heard
on the distant hill
for the caged bird
sings of freedom

The free bird thinks of another breeze
and the trade winds soft through the sighing trees
and the fat worms waiting on a dawn-bright lawn
and he names the sky his own.

But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams
his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream
his wings are clipped and his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing

The caged bird sings
with a fearful trill
of things unknown
but longed for still
and his tune is heard
on the distant hill
for the caged bird
sings of freedom.
As this was her last year and this is my first year sharing my words… This was my first inspiration. Written in my birth year, it was waiting for me to find it and for the flame to be sparked then. The seeds are planted
1.4k · Dec 2014
rationally speaking
Seher Seven Dec 2014
both magnesium and iron
are plentiful in the crust
of the earth.
magnesium in abundance in the sea.
and then it hits me
rationally speaking,
plants were birthed from the ocean
and we from the land,

the Earth gives birth
to her infinite babes.
life on other planets?
oh most definitely.
planets give birth
as all Mother's do.
Her babes peal away from her
being. Plants from the ocean
with magnesium in their blood.
and we from the dust.
walk the Earth. Plants prepared
the air
so we could walk the Earth.
The Earth and its babes
look the way they do
because of her
presence in the system
she revolves in.
She, we call Mars, her babes
must represent her place in space.
life on other planets will
always look like their
Mother too.

this one is heavy for me too…
and yet it has to be true.
our Mother is no different
than her sisters. Her Mother
a creator. The Heat Source
for her children. Her *****.
circling around her as
my children do me.
rotating endlessly.
until its time has passed too.

all things have a time

and then they explode!
I had to fold before I could break out
but I'm broken now…
no turning back.
1.3k · Jul 2015
her sons
Seher Seven Jul 2015
I have sons spread around the world
birthed by different girls
foundation built in my arms.
recognition of the need of men
of the Love of a woman,
for a woman to guide his heart,
to open his eyes to his start.

she whispered,

the power of the son.
he is of she, penetrates the sea
and births anew.
she the prototype, the official
original, the womb.

woman, her scent alarms the masses.
and we scream now.
we scream and we cry
we live in angst in our homes,
our men are concerned.
yet our pheromones sense things,
weather and other perturbations.

mothers voice in the heart of her children,
daughters tend to stay closer to home.
women, we hear the call!
as we quiet our longing drawl,
the pull we feel to somewhere, we know not of
a place beyond the beauty of our eyes,
we know,
we remember,
our requirements as a creator.

ours, the power of the reflection
of the full moon,
the trees dance in the monthly celebration,
though in the desert, I've seen a few
when the moon is too full,
too reflective of its presence,
they fold to hide from the light.
knowing whats best for themselves, I trust.

I just can't help but to choose to stand
with Her.
stand in Her light, my mouth
opens for the gift.
the thirst quenched.
head tilted back, think of
the men of the world.
if I could just hug them.

as Ms Badu claims
I bet you LOVE can make it better …
I bet too.
I bet I can heal you.
open your heart, peal the bitter,
drain the water, raise the alter.
praise the lover, embrace as a Mother.
pour into the builder, the sender.
release his true endeavors.
release the tension in his body,
helping him to know
mind over matter.
plugging him into the true
creative power
of his ***, his gift of Love,
of his body penetrating another.
what his self is communicating,
what his seed is sprouting.

he needs our healing.
his heart is calling, and he's stomping around
like a little boy! I have sons, they stomp around…
they need mommys love,
mommys extra love.
she, calls us to her sons.
new normals, open our hearts
health always to follow.
1.2k · Dec 2014
Seher Seven Dec 2014
reality is
that plants and man
go hand in hand
that plants mans
right hand man
that mans hand
is strengthened through
plants blood
feeds man.
mans bones
feed plants.
no plants no man.
the relationship is

reality is
freedom is a birthright
of all born.
freedom to do as
one yearns, pulled toward.
concrete somehow tricks
our feet into believing we are free.
though we do not hear
the message of the beat
the tune of the heat
emanating from the earth.
we miss steps, tricked by concrete.
our egos need a check.

reality is
all are symbiotic relationships.
no you no me.
I only see me because
I can see me next to you.
same with plants.
life is not linear
or clean, the dirt you sweep up
is meant for you to breath.
vibrissae deal in exclusive ways,
only allowing nutrients
and B12 in.
mysophobia is a dis-ease of the mind.

reality is
we are cut off from our home.
from our air
from our dirt
and our plants.
they too miss us.
the wisdom of life is long
the proof to **** linearity.
the trees call us to honor our bond
to sound the alarm
calmly, in the dream state
so all touch the vibration.

they call to us always.
their dreams need our ears
our hands release the inspiration
of us, together, symbiotically
1.2k · Oct 2014
Seher Seven Oct 2014
existence is
truly divine
thank you for that description
the paths are immaculately
so delicately
it makes me smile
and release.
I trust in infinity,
am not bothered by the
of reality
faithfully excepting tomorrow
with its new life
for all.
is far.
yesterday can be a struggle
its your starting place
Do you feel its grip?
cut the cord
on existence
it only moves forward
learn to dance
centralize your energy
and speak YOUR song!
write it, draw it, put it to a melody
or mix it with watercolors
and quench your sources thirst
for PositiveMovement
for creation
never forgetting
or those that existed
but allowing it to stay
where it belongs
and sending yourself
and divine
forward into existence
1.1k · Jul 2017
feet in water
Seher Seven Jul 2017
Standing in the river today
Bits of me still longed to go.
Float down stream.
There was a slight voice, a murmur now,
This feeling that now feels foreign,
Thoughts of disappearing with the currents movement.
Following my natural inclination to

This voice was once a constant,
My response to the things that got hard.
Move on.
Be contained by the Shores edge and
Flow. Change, allow the wind to push
You along.
Race with the fishes.

My fish friends, never understood why
People eat them.
They are founding members of us.
Hold within them things we've long lost.
They race with me though,
Dipping and diving around the soft rounded river rocks.
I love how they feel along my skin,
My watery core capable of all dimension.
My malleable soul.
No one knows how comfortable it is
With change.
I was broken in,
Made to embrace it.

Though today , I didn't feel so
The longing to reunite with the oceans
Oneness, it's collection of me.

My call is quieting.
Softening, healing is being felt.
Infection is spreading,
Stretched out over Her body.
My feet graze over the Shores pebbles,
Feeling lazy.
Swimming isn't necessary.
Today we must stay standing,
At the edge of the river.
Holding each other up.
Coaxing a belief we can make something
We all can trust...

This faith in me is what I really have to offer to us, to our collective rising...
I believe in humanity.
I believe in me. And you, that WE
Have the ability to create anew.
That our hearts, together, see the steps
Begin within.

And as friends on this
Journey of US,
We meld hands, fingers wrapping
Around knuckles and rings.
Hold tight darling,
This river can be strong.
Your hand slides on my softened skin,
I hear the connection, I breath.
Thank God you're home.
For my love
1.1k · Apr 2017
Seher Seven Apr 2017
The day has been heavy.
Deciding to release low energy.
The winds came in and swept them away.
Temporarily made it hard to hear my voice.
It continues to tell me,
Go for what you desire.

As a child my home was confusing.
The love taught there was temperamental,
I had to accept love that felt thin.
Now I can embrace the immature love
I was raised in, and it's why I felt
Ready to leave home.
And I am not ready to go back.
I've preferred cultivating my own love,
One based on interdependence.

And nourishment.
This is the love I desire.
I know now this is what relating is,
And nourished sometimes looks thin.
Though I have been working out,
My muscles feel stronger and I am
Ready to try something different.

Today,  I feel a sadness.
I know I must create space.
I know nourishing energy is not here.
Friendships continue naturally,
I love you.
I just need my energy.
This is a lesson, indeed.
And I wish it were different.
Though going forward,
I am committed to the plant message.
My future will be focused around
Embracing our diversity, nourishment
And interdependence.
And that feels best.

The storm seems to have passed.
The winds are dying down,
Fences broken, trees have fallen.
And I just take another step.
Muscles developed.
892 · Dec 2015
Seher Seven Dec 2015
some topics are taboo.
it seems this is so,
at the root, these lies,
discover you and me.
our natural true beings.
so there they stay
cloaked in a definition of taboo,
almost respectfully,
sitting for centuries,
gaining energy, changing mind.

I say let's dig out these, too.
re-defining will take time,
though today a word,
a thought, a stream of us
came through,
can I hash this out with you?

victimization - it's synonyms are
deception, fake, con, fraud,
deceit, dodge.
the antonyms, truth, reality, honesty,
dodge peace,
sure this is only a piece,
it's these things I need to talk through,
is this revolutionary for you, too?

****, victimization is a hoax,
well, of course, suffering is choice,
we are the power of the stars,
ok, let's see...
it seems, WE,
needed a break from the murky
waters of Pisces, like WE
need expansion in all forms of
it doesn't free though because we
think we can be victimized, governed.

now, hold on,
we create what we see,
so we victimize ourselves? (I choose to govern me)
instead of choosing to suffer
we can choose to create a new reality.
the subtleties are deafening now!
groping at my sleeves
begging to get out,
to be launched down
inject the network with our worth.
birth to death to birth,
we are God, source,

new definitions must be formed,
new books written,
new paradigms were living,
be free or not,
it's your choice.
833 · Sep 2016
four paragraph letter
Seher Seven Sep 2016
you once said to write a letter
to get my emotions out.
to spell it out, cast my desires in the air.
trust there they will be dealt.
I've written many since though none to you.

I wanted to make amends,
because its your voice that woke me,
I heard it and it spoke to me,
sung to me,
whispered to my soul.
I knew you after we kissed.

still much growth,
we met early before for healing.
your heart needs protecting
and I am a nurturer.
I also think of you, still now.

I just wanted to spell out
you too are a reflection of me.
we meet time again.
we bump and rub to create intense friction
for the next round.
ours a slow and steady dance
of life long friends.
and I love you, always.
when you are ready to share,
I AM here
823 · Aug 2016
Seher Seven Aug 2016
the winds change
and you are suddenly
in a new day.
they just change,
and your life begins again.
behind clouds and a cold wind
you feel your bones
within. shaking.

the air shifts
and the heat of the sun is
it pours down, penetrating skin
warming the core.
releasing moisture to join again.
the faint wind comes back
and brushes your hair
it slides over your chin and you
you know this is why you are alive.

she shifts so quickly sometimes,
answering prayers. clearing for the future.
764 · Mar 2016
being aware
Seher Seven Mar 2016
I remember,
younger days, being depressed.
feeling the weight,
on my chest.
breathing slowly, aware of a change.

that pressure, that
melancholic low hum,
just buzzes and hums,
consciously capturing
my thought.

breaking free takes work.
awareness is first. just
aware of your thoughts
and how you react.
it a healing power
we all have. we can heal.
we can…….
748 · Nov 2014
Dust to Dust
Seher Seven Nov 2014
sometimes its hard
to remember the truth
since the truth is only
the present.
I can see how we
lose grip of the memories.

we are made of
star dust.
rock dust.
gold flecks.
titanium specks.

Dust to Dust
learn to trust in
the magic of things.

I've spent years in the desert
in dust storms
and in the heat.
the plants of the
amaze me.
their leaves, so tiny.
resource management
is the skill of the desert.

when those haboobs
roll in, the world
goes dark.
(at least over the desert)
if we weren't in our little boxes,
our eyes would
burn from our own particles.
burn to see
the phenomenon the brain
coaxes us to believe.

Dust to Dust
learn to trust in
the magic of things.

we are star dust
learn to trust
in the magic of things.
726 · Feb 2015
Seher Seven Feb 2015
working definition, society or civilization
in its entirety.
provide an example otherwise
I am open!

power too strong to control
focus is on mind
and time and divide.
the true brilliance of being,
here, ever,
proves its a hoax.

and all of it.
not most or some
but all of it is
to keep this power
beastly energy God

the whole packet of
is too cryptic.
when one finally recognizes
and reorganizes
with Mother Nature,
simplicity begins the chain.
when I fully reclaim
this will be my nature
my peace
it always has

we are not here
and so
suffering is habit formed.
agony is ego stroked.
tales are told,
sold, or cold, ******
imprinted on our souls.
written on our memory
planes… pains, panes… regardless we remember.
circumcision of the heart and brain
self proclamation
with names and culture,
and all these different languages!
keep us stupid…
brain led and plainly disconnected.
from ourselves, our Earth family
and God.

I never embraced that word.
these days I understand differently.
I see the intelligence in propaganda
and its own beastly energy
and I step aside, lose interest
and breath
Thinking of you Of the Sea :)
718 · Jul 2015
pieces of me
Seher Seven Jul 2015
you see I'm a Pisces
and so pieces of me are
lost at sea.
bobbing in the oceans glee,
swimming with halves of
other Pisces. trying to balance things out.
made with the end of the other
in the mouth.
designed to serve
and move like water.

you see I'm a Pisces
and so parts of me are in you.
naturally, its the last Zodiac,
the finale before, reborn again.
Pieces of me sense the end is near,
the end of the separation, the twin
is to return.
she is to swim upstream and reunify
with other pieces of me, and
reassure me
I am ONE.

pieces of you infect my mind
replay constant stories, mostly lies.
the truths are overly
inspiring, and so I thrive.
I miss you.
I wade in the shallow end.
I know you are preparing for me… and so I wait.

I wait while I move, stillness
only during contemplation.
positive movement is my
dedication, my natural flow.
though my muscles tire too.
especially Pieces of me that
take upstream home,
slow and steady, they moan.
never too impressed by the journey
tunnel vision, only thinking of her own
time in the currents, just missing
the cycle of things.

yet only able to allow the cycle of things
to take their course,
as they naturally do.

and so pieces of me will wait for you.
708 · Jul 2015
Seher Seven Jul 2015
powerful thighs quiver
as new life ruptures
from the core of her.
body goes limp once
life arrives.
temperatures settle and
she stands.
then things get back to normal.
660 · Feb 2017
center point reflection
Seher Seven Feb 2017
I wonder
What happens to the fire
When the water is gone.
Once it's heated it all,
As the liquid turns to vapor.
I wonder does that fire still burn.

Does it stay lit,
For the eternal ticks of US.
The repetitive movements
Of energy and such.
Once the water is lifted and
The steam takes off.
I wonder do water molecules survive.

Do they all give to the intense pressure
Of the fire.
Do some maintain?  
I envision it, how the light demands
The process. The water releases it's
Continual force. She relaxes into a state
Of mutation.
Her body reforms and her spirit flys.

I wonder how it will feel
To be released back down from the clouds.
Smack down upon the ground again,
Realizing at the same the moment has passed.
I fell again, I search for you then.
More of you to become one with,
WE merge, follow the streams, molding
Things, pushing through the world.
Waiting for the fire to come
And provide our rebirth.
It always comes.
656 · Feb 2017
westward gaze
Seher Seven Feb 2017
I was pushed today,
farther than I have been in many years.
I felt no tears, nor fear. I was aware.

pressure within was building
and needed to get out.
though I knew I could control it.
I did, with a slight jab of the fist.
though I only hurt myself.
I realize there is still some anger to be dealt
with, I am a work in progress.

though this pressure also allowed me to
know, that I am my best bet. I am
the one capable of maintaining it,
this beast within.
I tell her what to do.
I push through.
I teach her how to act.

Its a delicate balance where I
have much room to develop,
what else are these days for?
what else could this time here be to show?
I've asked for my days, the why.

though I think its coming to me,
not in entirety though enough
to piece something up.
its these moments, these fluxes
of space.
its when I feel something and I wish
for another thing to take place.
its control of the fire I burn with.
I burn within, few seem to know.
fewer are burned by me.

I burn, into the night and well past the day.
I burn, the intensity always keeps pace
and there is a balance on most days.

though today, I did pretty well.
there was a moment when I turned my
head to the west,
I glanced and the sun captured me.
I was caught in its glare.
then I felt the peace again.
I knew what I had to do.
time to give birth again,
a new me awaits.
639 · Aug 2015
my core
Seher Seven Aug 2015
the pull to your core riles my attention
the pull is dedicated, though not to you.
your core is what I'm after.
you represent an immature version
of us, I add in my growth and we
continue to develop.

though you are merely a fraction,
we are spread far. the pieces
rile my attention, create a tunnel
that emblazons my affection for myself.
for us all. in each meeting,
I am looking for you.
my thoughts are captured
in the essence of the trueness of everything,
the fragility, the permanence of nothing.
flowing in this interaction, the balance.

it seems life must be short.
my daughter calls me to live long,
I wake each day to embrace another chance
to sit in myself, in this body,
to witness this vantage point.
I get lonely in here, my tribe spread thin.
I know that the energy of
the spread of a galaxy realigns us constantly.
we create the things that communicate to
hear our own memories.
and I am just thankful,
all other emotions lacking substance.
637 · Apr 2017
a blog post
Seher Seven Apr 2017
These days there are so many options for sharing our voices. Social media has created an instant audience for all who join. It is a large change for the older generations of the Earth, though social media holds the opportunity of our times! We are all there, together. 

I am aware that the awakening that is taking place on Earth is all being played out as it is intended. Social media alone did not bring us to this point. All of our history has brought us to this point. Every light high and grueling low. Each moment moved our lives forward and helped create the next new moments. This is obvious though the power in this reality is what healing looks like to me. 

I am using the social media world to share the plant message I have tuned into. Being able to share how my heart loves with humans far outside my physical reach is empowering beyond words. I feel such deep gratitude to be alive today and for having the awareness of this blessing. I never felt comfortable with that word. Though in reality, being a witness to life is truly the blessing.

We live in a society that the mass of us really do not understand. Our world is being created by the humans with the most access to energy (resources). The large part of humanity has committed to economics and actually, capitalism. Workers have very low energy reserves to be creators. Though we all do it anyways. The human is the most powerful being we know of! Our capabilities are truly unbelievable!!!

We are equally as powerful as all other living organisms and yet have a capacity of creation that no others possess. The human has very few basic needs. Though one of those needs is to make stuff... all kinds of stuff... all the time. We will always be advancing and building. Its what we do. The question I think many of us ask is, how can we be happy with all this stuff? There seems to be a general sense of discontent capturing our hearts. How is this affecting the world we are creating?

In the creation of this website and expansion organization, I have thought much about helping people find solutions to their every day challenges. This is how a whole lifestyle is accomplished. We have to dig into the daily habits, change those and create new healthier ones. When we change our mind, we change our world. We literally change the things we create because new thoughts are at the source of the manifestation.

To make sure I was providing the solutions my sphere needed, I created a short survey that explores the major roadblocks people have with maintaining a healthier lifestyle. The results were small, though very powerful and pretty surprising for me. 70% of the responses indicated that what they needed most to adapt to a whole food plant based lifestyle was inspiration and accountability. 60% also noted needing it to work in a busy lifestyle. These are two of the major hindrances of us. Desire and time. Both have been systematically deleted over time. Major lifestyle differences must come about for either to be possible. We spend most of our hours working for stuff that does not fulfill any human needs at all. 

Thankfully!!! We are the actual energy that creates everything... we are a manifestation of it! We are energy in motion, tuned to our environment to make changes as we desire. This is an amazing thing to be a part of and I have such a deep faith that we can create a world we desire by aligning with the healing power of plants and by just helping each other out! 

Healing is real. And it is fairly simple. When a wound surfaces, the immune system sends the info to heal. Our communities work in similar ways. We respond to the needs of neighbors and friends when tragedy strikes. We feel it is our duty. Though when it comes to our personal self, most of us struggle to uplift ourselves. We have been taught to doubt our hearts, our dreams, our self. As we grow with this person who is fearful of itself, we tend to create situations that are lacking the major and minor touches that nourish us. We are missing the fine details of our world that confirm to us time again that everything is OK.

This does not mean that everything is calm and serene for the everyone all the time. This is not what being is. Being is the movement through different cycles. These cycles exist in the dark and the light for us humans. Our core must move from the dark to the light and back in order to grow and develop the power to continue to create and move. This is what the plants really teach. This is the message that we discover when we align with these healing beings. Death creates new life. New life moves towards death. The moments in between are for our growth. How simple it is...

Our world will continue to experience tragedies. Babies will continue to die. Mother's will continue to weep. The world will also continue to become more aware and grow deeper. Babies will be born and Mother's will continue to have the capacity to love, unconditionally. Our heart beat cannot be tainted. It cannot be stopped. We are the manifestation of the Earth. We are Her children. As a Mother, I can confirm that She will work with her children and never against them. She will provide the lessons they need and will be there to direct them if needed. This is what mamas (and dads) do. We are always being directed towards expansion. This is the desire of our Mother, of time... it seems like of US all. It won't stop. Learning to move with it is where much of our peace and happiness is resting, awaiting our re-discovery. Gratitude is due.

So, today's post is what my heart felt was an inspiring message! I want to be able to help serve the people around me that need healing. I receive the same energy from all of you! My awareness here will make the exchange effective, inspiring and nourishing! Remember, nourishment is a requirement of bonds here. We must nourish each other in our interactions... and definitely in our death. Its a natural law. There is a release here you can feel if you struggle with these feelings. We give and take equally, either in this moment or another. Everything ends up balancing out, coming back to the center/core and creating the dark/light, positive/negative, love/hate experiences again. What if we created new habits that disconnected us from all this back and forth? What if we learned to tune into our inner voice, our core and exercise the desires of this space? What if we encouraged each other to at least think about it? Does worrying about a war that is not fact seem more productive to you? Or continuing to participate in a system that is creating a world we do not desire? Obviously we must make these changes over generations, though what are we prepared to change about ourselves in order to instill these changes in our offspring? Its a reset. And it begins within. It sounds like self acceptance and love. It looks like that love being extended, honestly, from the insides out. It means recognizing the energy you are in all others, honoring that creative force and treating it with compassion and forgiveness. This does not answer all the troubles of the world. This answers the desire within. Once the humans of Earth are tuned to their desires, we will see the troubles look like what we wish too. They help us create the experiences to learn compassion. To learn unconditional love. We are not here to live in the dark. The light is always ahead. Creation is sparked in the dark.

Why not? Why not try? I know it works. It will look different for each of us. Though healing is real, unless its your time. Then you do not have to worry about it anymore. Until that day, we can learn to use our creative energy to develop exactly what our hearts desire. They are universal goals we share and we are intended to encourage each other along the way. We are all just walking each other home. Home is where the heart is. 

Thank you for the beautiful humans that participated in the survey! Your responses mean so much to me. I will continue to add in my perspective of inspirational blog posts and podcasts. It is great to know that the fire I feel within can be shared to light another's wick. I promise to do my best for my self, my children, my family ... for us all. These moments of my life matter to me. We all have the ability to know this and to act accordingly.  Let's go!!!
This was share on a blog I've created. You can find it at as well as more info to help you align with the healing power of plants! I've never shared something like this here.  Today just felt right :) it felt like I could be having a conversation with any of you. I  appreciate and love you all @hellopoetry
Seher Seven May 2017
There's a temptation I wrestle with,
Each and every day.
A tickle in my side, sometimes in my eye.
I desire to confess my truth.
Like how I see there's no stopping our truths,
There's nothing we can do.
Our power rests in the movement of the clouds,
And the Earth's too.
We act within Her play.
Maintaining our groove,
She handling her own business.

They move, across the Earth,
Dropping water wherever they do.
Nourishing the life that will not perish.

There's nothing to lose,
Except your power to chose
Which will be expressed.
Align with your best, answer your hearts call.
We will rest when we are done.
Our future selves insist,
As the light pierces through the veil.

Press upon your sphere,
The clouds will not stand still.
They will continue our cycles here.
Focus on the whispers,
Learn to trust those.
We, the saviors of our self.
617 · Apr 2015
Seher Seven Apr 2015
Energy games these days.
Synergy claims.
Learn to relay, signals
Impounding on my ears.

Listen closely my dear.
It's all in here. There's just
Nothing to fear.
Tear fully, submit consciously,
Celebrate the oath of life.
Taste the flavors of the Earth.

She is here for us. And all.
And everything.

Questioning may continue
For a short time more.
My desire to know for sure,
Though will out soar,
Will implode the weak,
Low vibrations, Til they barely dim.

Peace is within, the faithful
Chant. I now sing this hymn
My heart has the beat,
And when I watch,
My mind finds the keys,
The steps, the recipe.

Faith is only the beginning...
I must be my best me.
Perfection is reality, no need to strive.
Standing up, Notice the toes on my feet,
Just being me. As I have no other
Releasing IDs,
Sculpting energy,
614 · Apr 2017
small treasures
Seher Seven Apr 2017
my gold chain, charging.
She placed it around my neck
604 · Jan 2016
the fight
Seher Seven Jan 2016
the commercialization of yoga
is unfortunate, it will keep
many of its participants
truly from experiencing what
the practice can reveal.

like how to balance.

the steps before balance is sought after,
the ones that prepare for the posture,
those steps matter.
each one drawing nearer,
providing clearer paths.
each one climbing higher,
marking the journey to Self.

once balance has been decided upon,
the sounds of bare feet
meet the glance, awareness of stance.
foot planted firmly, toes spread out.
really feeling, holding, curling into ground.
grounding, roots searching for the water
they were promised.

the flow balance offers, it must be fought for.
when alone, on one foot, toe, on the palms of hands,
balance takes constant,
over and over again.
eyes focused only on a single point,
constantly adjusting the foot,
working the muscles of the journey to
balance. the fight of the sages.

constant minor adjustments
achieve balance.
adding just a little bit, here or there.
right at the point of breaking down.
right then, make another minor
change, shift the weight yet again
and create more balance.

thats all it is, just minor adjustments
until the pose is achieved,
then the mind sees it controls matter
and the mat feels like home.
596 · Jul 2015
Seher Seven Jul 2015
loving me
allow me to lay
me into you.
open me how only you do,
press upon my being
my necessary lesson.
to lay myself in We, only.
loosen the worldly grip,

melt and fade away.
my outline merged, stretched,
consoled, coaxed to join the whole,
consciously, again.
I testify to be absolved of
the grim
realities of time.
submit to reunion.

I write my submissions
and provide documentation
of time.
I assist energies plans,
providing a helping hand when I can.
when I'm not caught in my mind,
planning my energies span.

I open my heart in submission.
I open my life to the illumination, within.
I need not technological advances
to tell me the time.
I look up, and see the times
before us, upon us,
coursing through us, setting
the future.
and I fear not.
for my heart has felt the truth,
it submits naturally
once the focus is set
on submission
to God
590 · May 2017
Moons light
Seher Seven May 2017
My toddle begins to stride,
Prepared for the necessary curvature of my way.
Likened to a wave, dancing, moving under
The moons glow.
Her slow steady trance. Never ceasing.
My pace adjusts to this one too,
With much new Earth still to form.
Much sand to spew forth, build upon.
I, master of the storms.
Generators breath keeps tickling my throat.
Grasping intently on the edges of
My vocal cords.
The roar is heard aloud.

The time is now, the moments are these,
They prepare me for my victories,
When my hearts beat is fully read,
When these words get out.
Floating around, flitting,  lightly calling
Prompting me to study it's source.

Now, fully aware of our course,
Our intent to be reborn,
The force that moves forward.
I relaxed, I've calmed down.
My fears are much less now,
There's more room to see clear.
The stars finally come out,
WE begin to remember they're always there.
Even behind the clouds, they await forever.

The moon chants along.
Her light skips along my back
Enlightens my waves pattern,
the lighthouse in the dark makes her power matter.
I just relaxing into my groove.
Very sure I trust Her light.
588 · Oct 2014
Seher Seven Oct 2014
there's the cancer and
then there are all the ism's
we know them
the ones we all have a stance on
and they're all different.
(recognize conquer and divide when it's in front of you)
but they are only the
symptoms of the cancer
I thought I would fight for them
and raise my daughter to, too.
now I understand
knowing how to clean water
and build basic buildings
are the skills we need

all these isms deflect
from our united light
experience here, fully supported
by the orchestra of sound. it's
what happened when we
stopped roaming the Earth.
stuff began to appear
I imagine the first steps were
a roof and food and water storage

somewhere soon began the unconscious (I trust in intention)
attack of the chromosomal female
lineage and all it's power
and wisdom of this universe
and beyond!
(Awww My Raaz)

Slowly began the,
yes, we have to be real,
systematic degradation of the soil.
then the species began to decrease,
a few in betweens,
and we're here.

Hello Poetry - how sweet your option is
to send the words out
that are making me quiver
to be a giver of myself
whether understood or
that doesn't matter.

I am having a hard time
falling asleep this last week
and the suckling baby is not
the only reason
I feel myself mentally heaving
you see I think I'm actually
successfully breaking up with
my brain
I think it's calling out for
its using it's visions
and the birthright wisdom
of life
to spew words from my fingers
a new place
a new space
but I'm no fragile writer
I've beat the soul of
most of my beasts
and lived to tell it.
so I'll tell it
and swell for it
and spell it out
LaNita is my real name
and yo! my mom just checked me out!
570 · Mar 2016
my sounds
Seher Seven Mar 2016
my sounds will penetrate your
skin, soak deep within
and begin a tuning.

my sounds will dig and bury
causing an infection
one that needs no healing
the sound of One.

the sound of love, of creation.
the sounds pound along
the waves, gliding along
the stage of life.
this play,
this sound game.
someone's mental ways.

my sound resonates with
you hear me. you know its true.
we are vibrations
pulling together for the You.
for We, just to be anew.
this love game, creating
for beauty.

the sound a bird can make,
like the perfectly tuned
the horn that sound makes.
the steps an ant takes, those whisper
shuffling quickly, walking the Earth.

sounds make everything, your voice,
the creator.
speak what you want and invite it in.
call in the love.
it awaits our reunion.
569 · Oct 2015
mere entertainment
Seher Seven Oct 2015
things are getting interesting.
the sky has elaborate paintings,
I'm back dating
and my smile feels settled.
it no longer teeters, on the fence
to appear... worried to offend
someone. a smile.

its just me.
since I can truly claim it
I can just smile.

Im happy in happenstance,
the shift of the feet, quickly aligning
to please only me.
I can smile because I see,
the beauty of the beast.
the beauty of you.
like I had sat there with you
for centuries.
like your smell was what I
knew it would be.
like hey here's me…     please
try not to categorize me.
I fall through sieves
and flow with the sea,
with the bits of We then permeate
the pools and the aquifers.
no box deep enough for her.
expansion always necessary.

now its just getting interesting.
your smell got me,
though I could forget it
not subconsciously,

there we are One.

here I could forget you
easily. and be free to explore
the outside of entrapment,
of attachment. just be me.
and still love you.

expansion. trust what I see.
patience. just be the real me.
less options now.
555 · Nov 2014
Seher Seven Nov 2014
I grew up in an atheist home
no prayers at dinner
or biblical references
in the bathroom.
my mother insisted
it was impossible;
there's no "man in the sky".
I was insistent
she wasn't necessarily wrong
but there was something
going on.

since then I've
myself to the possibilities.
All of them.
I've caught on to the
I'm making them happen.
All of them.

I have a hypothesis
on the devil's origin;
those dark voices
we just weren't ready
to add in
that these voices are us…
so we created a martyr.

our thoughts,
our concentrated energy
does self realize.
what you need
walk right up to your front door!

with this weight loss,
only the next notch on my belt,
I just choose light.
tranquilly moving
553 · Jun 2015
Seher Seven Jun 2015
cry for peace
for the love of God.
tears push through my lashes
I see the truth, clearly now,
the only discovery, myself.

smile at the grey sky
laugh with the thunder
of Earth, of our souls.
embracing the clouds that
keep us cool, and with water.
grey clouds used to
bog me down, like a lead foot,
held to the ground.
to have eyes to see through those
to see you and me and our Sun.
she greeted me this morning.
I cry.

I cry for every I love you,
every embrace,
each new bond created,
all weaknesses overcome.
I cry for God, the tears of love.
the tears of the clouds.
my body combining con del mar
lifted high above, released on skin.
lighten the load, cleanse the core.

I cry, I release my God essence
to the whole, never disconnected,
loaner tears.
never mine to share
nor mine to keep in,

I've come out, deliverance desired.
my tears rush out, overwhelmed
I have nothing to offer, we are one.
all I know, you have. I am you too.
self realized, patterns breaking.
consistency is the key.
I walk and I cry and I smile and I laugh and I love
I love. the specifics of source
only to be understood at
reunification, and so I walk
and I cry, beyond faith,
into the truth of God.
549 · Jan 2017
Seher Seven Jan 2017
new feelings are being manifested
new thought forms have arrived.
senses picking up the light
traveling from afar,
reaching for my heart.
the call is loud, the pounds rhythmically move.

these new thoughts reside cradled
in a clarity of You.
a see through type of verification.
clearly realizing my own self
is but an aspect of You.
a piece of the whole.
this piece is preparing for steps
back to the dark.

where You are known.
rocked at the breast, yet fully grown.
puberty at rest,
maturity known.
that choice in each step to go it alone.
this confidence, previously unknown,
though now I trust this path home.

I know that my hearts requests
are being asked from generations previously known.
the pieces of You from before, the pieces of me I
still know.
I feel you when we catch eyes.
Your gentleness is known.
Your grace coaxes me in
and I cope with however your expression
deals its dope.
its stimulating, intoxicating show.
the pieces that draw me in
to examine. the pieces I just must know.

all these pieces are calling us.
they are in us.
they course with our soul.
our world is an illusion of such a
massive proportion that we must
put out the call to rise up!
we must... the dust of the stars makes up our bones!
we owe it to our home,
She calls us to know, again.

memories sit still, awaiting discovery.
they manifest as new feelings.
I act upon them.
548 · Jan 2017
Seher Seven Jan 2017
all these paths
cross and intermingle.
they swoop through my times,
they tickle my senses.

the units appear to be clear,
yet I feel this is just the beginning
of things.
the middle of other things.
my interest is fully peaked.

parts of me, like the ones that you carry,
are so **** interesting.
seems like some natural thing we do.
seems like family.
feels like home.
when I left home, I left confidently.
I knew the road was opened for me.
I took those steps smiling.
I saw you in the rear view waving goodbye.
you released me.

now you call me in.
your presence is in me.
I feel your need.
you need some pieces of me, devour them.
your hunger grows.
your heart is sending beams that reach me.
I hear you.
I understand what you need.
I need those pieces too.
the ones that were intentionally
left from within.
those that grab my attention.

those parts of you I crave.
I imagine these days,
our laughs give way to
passionate moments of love making
and crying out for more.
I know you know my tone.
you hear it in your dream state.
you think of me then too.

all these paths.
moments to be filled.
each one containing a different you.
another piece to mend.
to heal.
to love.
to be within. a new moment.
I get excited for them.
thoughts just continue and I am.

I am in this moment, releasing its grip
and now in the next.
when will I see you again.
my heart seems to be patient.
it is squared with clean edges.
the fourth chamber holds you close.
each forcing the flow.
each doing the work.
each direction felt.
each element dealt within.
we encompass all of them.

perhaps it will be in the next premonition.
the next vision will be clear.
our path will commence
and I will bear the pressure.
I will provide my lips, my hips,
my womb. I will birth anew.
I will open, to you.
that moment I will open.
I will know, in that moment.

and before,
before I will continue
to examine and discover
new trends.
you create a spark within.
I listen.
546 · Feb 2017
road trips
Seher Seven Feb 2017
it is quiet now.

when you reach out for me,
you grab my attention.
you let me know it is real.
those moments of clear.
purely cleared. where the fingertips
come in the form of pictures my brain
cannot ignore.
these pictures are attached to feelings of One,
and I hold onto these moments.

I think of them, under the vast blue sky.
how the mountains moved with me.
how the freedom felt in front of me,
beside me, behind me. I was free to roam.
free to chose which way, again.
those moments, these were the ones
I would reload.
it is quiet out there.

once, in the middle of no where,
there was a storm.
the lightening struck down all around,
my fists clenched the wheel.
the desire to go home was pulsing
through my knuckles.
I only moved forward.

once, in the middle of the winter,
there was a storm,
the snow blowed and the road
was inches thick in ice.
my fists clenched the wheel,
I felt free to live.
I knew life would meet me on the other side.
I drove slow, and allowed the embrace.

this gypsy soul knows no home.
its the road, the path of my feet.
the beat is kept by the breeze and the free.
to explore this space might be home.
the searching for the next new moment.
learning its tone, then on to the next.
leaving bits behind.

its so quiet, the silence might be home.
I would moan into the quiet,
piercing its peace.
low, slow rolls of me.
these are the points where creation speaks.
in these quiet, lonely places.
the voice comes out on the wind.
my heart breaks free, quietly.

and again,
the blue above guides me,
I listen and fall in love over and over and over...
543 · Feb 2016
Seher Seven Feb 2016
tuning in
tuned in, skyward.
One mind, onward.
engulfed in now.
knees raw.

One mind, keep in mind,
you tune in.
we are tuned in,
the reception clear.
what do you hear?
what does your heart hear?
it tunes the waves
sends them for sensing
and decisions made.

what do you hear.
I hear the waves.
the cosign's stage.
the actual day. it is
filled with answers.
waves of intelligence,
magnetized for reception.
heart communication.

all the answers are there,
every discovery.
we merely tune,
channel another piece of

to see, to be free,
turns me on. touches me
inspires my song,
my wind song, floating on the breeze,
strangling defeat,
doubt, release, be free.
WE create what we see.
see free, be free.
meet me in the trees.
543 · Mar 2017
an evening walk
Seher Seven Mar 2017
now that the seven is here,
another cycle,
another year, now that it is aligned
with sevens tune,
my steps will feel lighter.
a smoother move.

these next days I have awaiting,
the moments of the tomorrows,
will continue to progress in clarity.
the stories of my youth, of before
being re-created for me to unveil
with hands strong.
the habitual works of me.
breaking up with these is easy to do,
awareness is key.

like last night,
the plants just reminded me.
I heard the whispers, they were within.
they mentioned my dad and his mother
and their green hands.
they mentioned the vine around my nose.
why my mother witnessed those,
why they were there.
what is required of these steps...
more details of my quest.

moving from moment to moment
alongside you,
trusting your guidance.
knowing Us. feeling an ease.
shifting, magic making.
opening. I open to this energy,
my clear knowing of you.
submitting to the pace of the walk.

combining with you,
massaged again into form.
nourished by womb,
sexes creation, sixes and nines
create endings, and beginnings.
womb pierced with light information.
spark, I stand forth anew.
my knees weaken, they tremble,
my soul lifting from the core.
I remember, just keep walking.
the tone comes in the form of a song,
and my pace keeps up.
We continue the walk home.
Giving thanks for growth and friends ... the relationships that make us possible.
543 · Oct 2014
Of The Sea
Seher Seven Oct 2014
Hello friend
the sweetest greeting I've known
hello friend
the word carries
the emotions
we all feel to need to receive
with my time here linked
to the community
they are words I always
need to hear

Hello friend
oh sweet friend
your heart I see
your mother's influence
I feel
and I love her too.

I love her for making you be
for allowing herself to receive
and I know this is new
but the confidence
and commitment you have to me
makes hello friend
sound good to my ears
oh yea, there are people
who like Me

throughout the years there haven't been many
or so my eyes see
though in these days of my
I know the relationships
would have blurred my vision
they would have had me
spending my days
talking about what she said
and who she thinks she is??
drinking and falling asleep with a man
that I don't like the smell of
but he put that work in
my body settled
I sit up wishing he would fade
with my feelings of alone

but friend, I don't know why,
and I dare not ask
as I'd rather just embrace what is to be
you somehow awakened me
your message of creativity
(though I know you don't remember actually giving it to me)
answered this question
I've had of me
what do you really have to contribute?

Hello Poetry, once again
as I feel I would say hello to you
for ever…
or at least until my heart says
I could say hello friend
as you too are committed to me
you stir my juices
in a biodynamic sort of rotation
blowing air in to help the
spread out.
over the soil

that's why I'm here
you taught me a new way to say
hello friend
with arms wide open
the embrace on the opposite
not as important
in reality
cause I'm here with My messages
and here to hear yours
we claim to know too much
the wise trees tell us
no child, you are
an observer
your depth yet to be fully realized
by yourselves
your roots too
dependent on city water systems
you grow along the ground
interrupting concrete with your
power I am working on harnessing
and sharing
cause thats what I do
and my friend, thank you for sharing YOU
my personal piece of the sea my friend
539 · Sep 2016
Seher Seven Sep 2016
In this world
People take a love like mine
For granted.
In this world they teach
Work as habit.
To earn love one must work,
Jump, leap, impress.

Second chapter of the book
So many attest
Claims the glory of the first
Is second at best
And work is introduced as
Deliverance, a path to love.

That love is a contest,
Something to win, hold,  capture.  
Something we must run after.

This is the thing about in sight,
When we look within we see
History and what's been written
Has an agenda,
Generations long.
Deliverance, indeed.

Our current world has been created
For us to literally see.
Cloaked with options
That create division and
Defame neutrality.
In the light though, we see
Both are needed and necessary.
From ONE WE come,
From unconditional love we come forth.
And so to my point,.

My voice, my truth.
Love is.
Its embrace is YOU.
be your self.
Love unconditionally,
Be true to you.
It's so simple it sounds basic and silly.
Though if you follow my lead,
The light within will begin to
Bleed out.
Your heart will be overcome with
Acceptance and understanding
And your mind will begin to overcome
You will begin to feel free,
The gift of what is.
Love anyways,  unconditionally.
523 · Aug 2016
spiders dont scare me
Seher Seven Aug 2016
Is imprinted on the back
Of a dollar bill.

The outer edges are webbed.

Excitement to find the hidden
Codes in the corners
During school days.
Those days of entrapment.
The slave training days.
Hey, awareness is my only
To breaking habit.

Those days, we scanned the note
Forward and backward
Looking for games.
Knowing make believe
When we see it.

Those days, when we were freer
Those days are staged with
Cob webs,
Like what do you want to be when you grow up?
And, black people were slaves.
This intricate Web so delicately
Entrapping truth,

WE are ONE.

It's the 1, the 1st, the real truth.
It's freedom, abundant love,
It's You. See WE in you.

The only work to be done,
The tribe is human.
We are scattered across our Mothers chest
She nourishes our breath.
We receive.

Those days I was imprinted with
Images of dollars in my head.
Now I prepare to break free.
Cob webs and spiders no longer
Intimidate me.
Bring it, I see. Clearly.

WE are ONE.
In WE I trust.
518 · Nov 2016
its in my blood
Seher Seven Nov 2016
There are scars opening
Ones I knew were still there
Though the love kept blossoming
And my immunity was holding up.
Though now these scars are bubbling up,
The blood beneath the skin is acting up.
It's ready to be cleansed.

And I feel high now still, and
Below, on lower limbs I feel
The air touching my skin.
I feel breezes of time
Opening. Portals being defined
And this time, I see.

This time around I can see fine
Clearly aware of the cycles repeat.
The rebirth of lessons missed.
Deep explorations of my depths.
This time I trust me.
Then I had yet to see.

Then the basics had to be
The base was weak.
The little girl me was hurt early.
Early captures of my vulnerability.
Fear implanted then.
Here is where by breakthrough began
At the edge of free.
Lessons to learn in the sand, in the dirt.
In the breakdown of life.
As the death is settled in,
These truths I stand in.
Balance of fear and love.

Habits still to be shut,
Neural paths to be re-spun.
Neutrons path to be felt.
Neutralizing these low vibing memories,
The ones that I alone live through.  
Tearing open these scars,
Clean the blood. Rinse generational
Wounds of appendages and organs
And hearts. Cleanse us.
Bring the healing energy down.
Mend the scars.  Create new
Warrior Marks.
514 · May 2015
Seher Seven May 2015
you create a ripple of
all the good.
transcending, exploding within.
feast on my memories.
bake them with your light.
allow me in. barriers are none.

our souls meet, every night.
I dream of those days,
how my head will feel resting on your lap.
how your palm feels on my neck.
barriers are for fools.

we need no control
the freedom we exude is our nature.
we came here to share
freedom in nature.
I still walk beside, and become alive
at your sounds. the sounds that
come from you
make me want to learn to play the sax,
I want to replay the emotion of your voice
for you.

I've never done well with barriers.
even tinting my windows can cause me angst.
please don't think, before you do.
just give me you. Ive wanted this gift for years.
I've learned the lesson of reception,
no turning back … the perfection of rebirth,
move forward.
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