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 Feb 2021 Cmi
Charlie Black
 Feb 2021 Cmi
Charlie Black
You're my awful addiction
I'd let you break my heart every day
Just to see you smile
 Nov 2020 Cmi
Jay M
 Nov 2020 Cmi
Jay M
A feather


To the ground
C r a c k i n g
the ice
Of a long frozen river

Below the frigid surface
Lies a long dormant creature
Stirred from their slumber
Once more to rise

- Jay M
September 24th, 2020
Don't remember what the true meaning was, it's been sitting in my drafts. Tell me, what do you make of it?
 Nov 2020 Cmi
Sheila Haskins
Strong Man
By Sheila Haskins

You stand strong, your back to the wall
When you stand strong, I can recall
The days of your youth, now so far away
Sometimes returning when you have a good day
You lead the way a proud resolute man
I catch my breath; you do all that you can
A teardrop glistens, takes me by surprise
Your strength is not missing; it’s there in your eyes
Some things that you do are not temperate or clever
I ask myself when were you these things, were you ever?
You do what you do right or wrong
You do what you do to be strong
Stay Strong
 Oct 2020 Cmi
Sarita Aditya Verma

Riverfront path, lined with trees
The Temple, fresh flowers and incense
Peculiar the fragrance
Sound of Incantations and ringing bells
From a different time
Distant, yet so closely familiar
The memory of this place
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