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Sapien Jul 2017
There comes a point in your life when you dont understand what will happen the very next moment. When every single second astonishes you, when every other happening around you makes you question everything that you have ever done, every decision that you ever took, every path you ever choose, each word that you ever uttered. When there is darkness all around you and no hope of light. When all the motivational quotes of "finding a ray of light; hope, at the end of the tunnel", becomes as fictional as the world of potter.
But we still wait, yet we search for that fictitious light everytime, every second, every moment. Do you know why?
Because nothing in this world is stronger than your wishes, your passion, and your desire to get something that you want.
Believe in yourself and you will find your hogwarts one day.
Jonesy Aug 2016
One day I'll make my dreams come true,
I'll be that someone that "they" say I'll never be.
I'll show them "nothing is impossible,"
And to expect the unexpected,
Even if you have to "hope for the best while expecting the worst.

I know,
Sometimes I feel like its a long shot and I don't have what it takes to get to my dreams,
But I will not be discouraged,
We will not be discouraged.

This is my Dreamers' Prayer.

          Jonesy 2016©

— The End —